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VikMajra acts as a collaborator with clientele as:-

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  • A Credit Point Program Participant

What is VikMajra Sponsorship Reseller Program?

The offline market is getting smaller by the day, and the online world of marketing and reselling is boosting by the hour. Do you see the contrast? Our Sponsorship Reseller Program cooperates to fill this aperture by enrolling Sponsors who can extend our network by bringing us the right vendors. Our program allows sponsorship resellers to employ their skills of networking and avail of the benefits in return. 

Who Does VikMajra Prefer? 

VikMajra invites and fully corporates skilled bloggers, contributors, journalists, marketing agencies and organizations, IT Firms and Software Trade Organizations, Company’s clientele, and self-employed individuals.

Why Choose VikMajra Program?

#1)Precise Traffic and Eligible Leads

With VikMajra, Sponsorship Resellers can develop an exclusive reach to its potential patronage through a concise and constructive representation of their products. Our program is specially built to boost traffic and eligible leads that contribute to its online growth.

#2)Online Reputation Management

In the absence of the right approach, it becomes quite challenging for companies to attain customers’ attention online. Even if they attend to get customer’s attention, the course to earn their trust is exigent. What to do? Leave everything to VikMajra. As a sponsor of our platform, we ensure that your reputation on online sources such as social media platforms is always likely to succeed.

#3)Branding and Promotion

Do you want to create an ideal image for your brand? VikMajra can do that on your behalf! VikMajra online platform receives visits from thousands of customers and clientele throughout the month. Meanwhile, VikMajra maintains an engaging visual representation of your brand, demonstrating all the critical information to potential customers.

How VikMajra Program Benefits a Sponsorship Reseller?

  • VikMajra welcomes prolific suggestions from sponsors and giveaway perquisites in return.
  • For every successful engagement between VikMajra and the referred company, the respective sponsor will receive 15% of the financial benefit (revenue) depending on the referred company’s plan.
  • The referral bonus remains valid for three months only, irrespective of the referred company’s plan. 
  • In the event that you are participating in a sponsorship reseller program as a company/agency(for example, Exclusive Inc.), the agency will receive the 15% worth financial benefit in the form of a discount in the upcoming subscription plan. 
  • In the event that you participate in the sponsorship reseller program as an external consultant, you will receive 15% worth credit through Paypal (excluding currency exchange cost that is deducted by bank in case of international money transfer).

What Exactly is VikMajra Affiliate Member Program?

VikMajra is an interactive review and research platform. In the event that you have excellent affiliate marketing skills, you can grasp a lot of financial benefits by participating in our Affiliate membership program. This program keenly focuses on employing affiliate marketers to maintain our platform’s uniformity, online perceptibility, and originality. 

Who do we prefer?

VikMajra invites and fully corporates skilled bloggers, contributors, journalists, marketing agencies and organizations, IT Firms and Software Trade Organizations, Company’s clientele, and self-employed individuals. 

How is our Affiliate Membership Program beneficial?

By actively participating in online Affiliate marketing undertaking(s) such as promoting VikMajra on Quora, you can earn bonus points and much more. For details, you can summon us on ——.

What is the Affiliate Membership Program all about?

  • Write PR(s) for us
  • Elevate us through blogs
  • Express your positive reviews about VikMajra on Quora
  • Write about us on Medium

What is the Credit Point Program?

Credit Point Program is one of the top-leading programs on our platform, mainly designed for IT Firms, Companies, and Software Products. By participating in the credit point program, you can get huge discounts on your payable subscription fees. In exchange, such as IT firms and software expert teams have to perform specific tasks online. Up to 20% of financial benefit is transferred through this program in the form of a deduction on membership fees.

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