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What is VikMajra

Introduction to VikMajra

VikMajra is an industry-driven and elite platform that researches and reviews IT Firms in order to maintain a high-end selection of services between service providers and buyers online. In the meantime, our intermediate platform also focuses on the growth of IT companies by uplifting market share value, acquisition statics, as well as online brand reputation. For the most part, VikMajra acts as a productivity booster for world-class IT companies and startups worldwide.

Over the Internet, customers meet and review an infinite number of companies before inventing their final decision. VikMajra acts as an analytic platform for both clients and companies to create a perfect match for their requirements.

Thus, in the eternal world of the Internet, VikMajra is the vanguard of information concerning I.T. Companies & firms that will work best for clients according to their project requirements. In the meantime, our platform also works as a pronounced representative of brands/IT companies to strengthen its station of services online in a single mouse click. Above all, our groundbreaking research and reviews on every potential firm result in  100% customer satisfaction.

VikMajra Vision

Information Technology is leading the world of service takers as well as service providers towards a smooth field. However, VikMajra visions of making this field smoother via its all-in-one software solution. That’s right! Our main goal is to develop accessible and useful IT service providers that serve users worldwide without any tech barriers. It does not matter if you target your customers based on a technical factor, economic factor, or physical factor. We at VikMajra create definitive statistics for you and your brand. We connect you better!

Why Choose VikMajra?

Do you want to connect with your customers better at a global level? Well! It is time to leave all the rationale(s) behind and give your IT firm a kick-start of prestige among your potential buyers via VikMajra. To begin with, the ethics of “buying & selling” have changed. Now, customers no longer proceed from one-store-to-another inquiring about the performance of brands, products, companies, or software. Nowadays, customers explore information about the Firms online and then make up their minds. VikMajra is one step forward towards the online foundation for IT companies.

Here’s How Does VikMajra Works?

  • We process authentic research and offer reviews regarding companies online; hence, both clients and companies (service providers) can connect at a better level.
  • We act as a trustworthy platform for both customers and firms/software to maintain a tradeful relationship. 
  • With our in-depth research and reviews on top-leading companies, customers come across actual facts and figures and thus, make a risk-free decision.
  • We are the Real World Evidence 
  • We unlock all the possibilities of success into and out of Analytic stats.
  • We maintain your reputation online by putting an equitable report of your competitor’s brand. 
  • Our world-class team of digital marketing experts ensures the finest traffic-generating experience.
  • VikMajra drives your company’s online revenue by persistently attracting customers online.
  • We put forward- what’s true!

TAKE THE FIRST STEP TOWARDS YOUR COMPANY’S ONLINE BEING: Connect with us at VikMajra and talk to our experts online.

VikMajra Leadership

Poonam (Founder) Based in India, Poonam is a former software developer and digital marketing expert who harbors a keen interest in web and mobile application development as well as researching on emerging technologies like Blockchain, Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data & Analytics, and others. Poonam believes in the power of communication for building long-lasting relationships. To connect with him directly, please fill out the below contact form.


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