How to Solve “External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac Disk Utility” Error

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Overview of External Hard Drive Not Showing Up Mac Disk Utility in Details

At times, the external hard drive doesn’t show up. This can be frustrating, particularly when you have to transfer something important, instantly. Furthermore, there is a risk that the data or file on the external drive, USB pen, or flash drive is corrupt. It means you won’t be able to transfer the data between devices at all. The VikMajra team has prepared a list of 100% working methods to resolve the external drive not showing up error message and performing Mac Data Recovery.

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After using the below methods, the external drive will definitely show up. As soon as you connect the external drive to the Mac’s USB port, you will see it mount the desktop. Apple makes sure that it’s easy to find. So, it appears on ‘Finder’ under the option ‘Device’. One reason Mac isn’t recognizing the external hard drive is that there is corrupt data that exists on the external drive. Nevertheless, this isn’t the sole reason it happens.

Overview of External Hard Drive is Not Showing Up on Mac OS X or macOS in Details

So, first, let’s check out why it’s happening. Then we will move on to how to fix the problem of the external hard drive not showing up on Mac. Here are the possible reasons the connected hard disk isn’t showing up on Mac.

  • Issues with USB connection
  • Damage of partition map
  • The device isn’t compatible
  • Not setting a preference in your macOS
  • Physically damaged hard drive

How to Solve the External Hard Drive is Not Showing up on Mac Problems and Recovering Mac Data Intact?

Now that you learn about the reasons why your hard drive isn’t showing up on Mac, let’s move on to the next section. Here, we will discuss the troubleshooting methods for this Mac issue.

#1)Check If USB is Connected Properly 

The hard disk might not be adequately connected to Mac’s USB port. To solve this problem, you can follow the steps we have listed below. 

1.1)Try to reconnect the external drive to another or the same USB port that is compatible. 

1.2)In case the above step is not able to fix the problem, change the USB cable of the hard drive and then reconnect it once again. 

1.3)If there’s another Mac device at hand, try reconnecting the hard disk to it. 

#2)Update Mac Operating System with Its Latest Version

Update the macOS Catalina for fixing subtle problems of the external hard drive issue. However, before you proceed to do that, back up the Mac HD with help of Time Machine. This makes sure you don’t lose any important data. Check if there is an established connection between Mac and the Time Machine. 

Now, go to the option ‘Time Machine’ and click on ‘Backup Now’. Once you have created a backup, follow the instructions given below to update the Mac operating system.

2.1)Go to the Apple menu and then click on ‘System Preference’.

2.2)In this window, click on the option ‘Software Update’. Now, the system checks for updates. 

2.3)In case an update is available, hit on the option ‘Update Now’.

2.4)Click on ‘Download and Restart’. Don’t close the window or do anything until all updates are complete.

#3)Enable External Hard Drive Visibility

Enable external hard drive visibility from macOS Catalina. To set your preferences, you need to follow the instructions we have discussed below.

3.1)Go to ‘Finder’ and click on option ‘Preferences’. Under this, there is an option ‘General’, click on this. In the listed options, there is ‘Show these items on the desktop’. Check the ‘External disks’ and ‘Hard disk’ box. 

3.2)Now, go to ‘Finder’ and then ‘Preference’ to find the option ‘Sidebar’. Under this section, you will find the option ‘Show these items on the sidebar, check the ‘External disks’ and ‘Hard disk’ boxes. 

3.3)Next, go to ‘Finder’ and then ‘Application’. Under this option, you will find ‘Utilities’, click on it to find ‘Disk Utility’. To view the non-mountable and mountable drives, from “Disk Utility” go to ‘View’ and then click on ‘Show All Devices.

#4)Use Disk Utility to Repair External Hard Drive

If your Mac doesn’t recognize the external HDD, you can choose Disk Utility for mounting and repairing the external hard drive. 

Here are the instructions to follow. 

4.1)Open ‘Finder’ and click on ‘Application’ and then on ‘Utilities’. ‘Disk Utility’ is listed under this option, double click on it to launch.

4.2)In case the external HDD is listed in gray in Disk Utility, go to the sidebar to select the external hard drive.

4.3)At the top panel, you will find the ‘Mount’ tab, click on this option to mount the external HDD. 

4.4)In case the external HDD is still not accessible, open the ‘First Aid’ option present at the top panel. After that, click on ‘Run’ to begin the external hard drive repairing process.

4.5)Now, wait for Disk Utility to repair the external hard drive. In case the method doesn’t work, it will display a message it cannot repair the drive, and you have to create a backup and replace it.

#5)Use Terminal to Repair the External Hard Drive

If Disk Utility is unable to repair the external HDD, use Terminal present in macOS for mounting and repairing the affected drive.

To repair it using Terminal, follow the instructions we have listed below. 

5.1)Open ‘Finder’ and go to ‘Application’ and then open ‘Utilities’. You will find the option ‘Terminal’, double-click on it to launch.

5.2)A command-line appears, and you have to type diskutil list. After this, click on ‘Return’. Note down the external hard drive’s disk# 

5.3)Again, enter diskutil mountDisk /dev/disk# and click on ‘Return’. 

5.4)Next enter, diskutil repairVolume /dev/disk#, and click on ‘Return’.

5.5)As soon the repairing process ends, go to ‘Terminal’, and click on the option ‘Quit Terminal’.

#6)Use a Professional Best Mac Data Recovery Software

If you can’t access the external hard drive data because of a corrupted file system, data recovery is possible using a data recovery tool like VikMajra Mac Data Recovery. It will help you in restoring the data in less than 5 minutes. Simply download the software and run it to restore your data.

Sure, there are ways to repair the external hard drive or restore its data, but how about preventing data loss altogether? Let’s find out how you can do it. 

6.1)Use a backup strategy to protect your data against data loss. 

6.2)Don’t delete the external drive data immediately when it does get recognized by Mac until you recover the data.

Final Conclusion

If you want to avoid all these hassles of solving the error of the external hard drive not showing up on Mac, use VikMajra Mac Data Recovery. It’s available for free download. This is award-winning software that restores data with 100% accuracy. It comes with many unique features for your benefit.

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