Mac Data Recovery After MacBook Pro Booting Stuck Halfway [Error Solved]

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Overview of MacBook Pro Booting Stuck Halfway Error in Details

In this article, we are going to tell you about the Mac booting process and what to do if you get stuck halfway. We are going to discuss the troubleshooting methods and how to recover data from them. If you use a MacBook Pro, you might seldom have to troubleshoot your system as there are fewer chances of encountering a problem. However, there are circumstances when the users might experience certain problems, and the Mac system not booting or stopping halfway is a few of them.  Luckily, many startup options will help you to get your Mac up and running yet again. This is what we are going to discuss in this article. However, some of the methods given here can also erase all your data. Hence, prior to proceeding, make sure you backup your files. In case you forget to take a backup and lose important files, VikMajra Mac Data Recovery will come to your aid.

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List of 100% Working Solutions After MacBook Pro Booting Stuck Halfway and Data Recovery on Mac

So, let’s find out what you should do if your MacBook booting stops halfway. 

#1)Start the MacBook Pro in the Safe Mode

Restarting the Mac using Safe Mode can resolve the Mac problem as it can keep the applications from loading automatically and takes care of directory problems and the system cache files that have been deleted. In order to start up MacBook Pro in Safe Mode, you will have to follow the steps given below.

  • Restart the MacBook Pro and then press and hold the ‘SHIFT’ key, immediately. 
  • When you see the login window, release the key. To log in, enter the right credentials. 
  • Reboot the MacBook Pro and solve the MacBook Pro no booting problem. 

If MacBook Pro shuts down, restarts, or hangs when using Safe Mode, takes care of the Mac storage drive with the help of ‘Disk Utility’.

#2)Listen to the MacBook Pro Start-Up Tones

The sound when the MacBook Pro boots tell a great deal about its condition. So, you need to listen to the MacBook Pro sound when it boots.

Check out what the MacBook Pro startup tones mean. 

  • One tone repeating per 5 seconds: No RAM has been installed
  • 3 Successive tones: RAM does not pass the data integrity check
  • 3 long, 3 short, and 3 long tones: Extensible Firmware Interface ROM is corrupt. 

Remember, if your model dates back to 2016 or earlier, it is going to make a chime sound. 

#3)Reset the NVRAM/PRAM of MacBook Pro

At times, the Non-Volatile RAM of MacBook Pro or the Parameter RAM might experience glitches that can lead to booting problems. Both RAMs store details that the system requires to load the Mac operating system. For resetting PRAM or NVRAM, just follow the steps given below.

  • Restart the MacBook Pro and then press Command, Option, P, and R buttons at the same time. 
  • Until MacBook Pro boots up again, hold the key combination. The RAMs will be reset. 

In case of resetting doesn’t fix the problem, try to reinstall the macOS.

#4)Use Disk Utility to Repair Mac Storage Drive

Disk Utility disables or enables journaling, verifies the integrity of the disk, and will repair the Mac disk when it is damaged. For running Disk Utility, you will have to follow the steps given below.

  • Restart your MacBook Pro and then press and hold Command and R keys simultaneously until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • In the windows of macOS Utilities, choose ‘Disk Utility’, click on ‘Continue’ for launching the app. 
  • On the right panel, choose the Mac drive and then the ‘First Aid’ tab for repairing it. 

When Disk Utility reports that the Mac hard drive is going to fail, back it up, immediately. 

#5)Using macOS Recovery Mode to Reinstall macOS

As your last resort, you can create a backup and reinstall macOS for fixing the MacBook Pro booting problems. The steps for this are given below.

  • First, you have to restart the MacBook Pro and then press and hold Command and R keys, simultaneously until you see the Apple logo on the screen.
  • From the macOS Utilities window, choose ‘Reinstall macOS’ and then press ‘Continue’.
  • Follow the instructions given onscreen to reinstall a new macOS version on your MacBook Pro.

#6)Create a Recovery Drive to Recover Data 

When you don’t have a backup for restoring the data you lose, a data recovery app will come in handy. So, you need to have an updated backup of the files, else you can use VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software.

The professional software for Mac data recovery that you can depend on to bring back the lost data. The software can restore all types of files from SSD, external disk, etc. You can check out how it works by downloading the trial version. It can recover your files effectively.

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