Top 2 Best Mac Partition Manager Software

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Overview of Mac Partition Manager in Details

The below-mentioned blog post will prove helpful for those macOS users who are looking for a Top-Rated Mac Partition Manager Software. The macOS Partition Manager discussed below will help a user to create, delete, resize, format, hide the partition on Mac hard disk drive (HDD) without any data loss problems.

List of Top 2 Best Mac Partition Manager Software to Create, Delete, Resize, Format Partition on Mac HD

In order to successfully creating, deleting, resizing, formatting the Mac hard drive partition, you need to use any one of these below-written software applications.

#1)Stellar Mac Partition Manager Software

This is the Best Mac partition manager software for Apple macOS users. The partition management app lets users create, delete, resize, hide, and reveal the partition on Mac hard drive without depending on external help.

Some of the notable features provided by this Mac Partition Manager Utility are written below.

Create a New Mac Volume

This option helps the user in creating a new HFS, FAT, ExFAT partition from the available hard disk space.

Delete Volume/Hard Drive

This feature will let a user delete the HFS+, exFAT partition from the hard drive (both, internal as well as external drive).

Repartition macOS Volume without Data Loss

This option will let users repartition-ing the Mac drive without giving file loss problems.

Repartition Boot Volume

The option will help Mac user to create a bootable USB drive for re-partitioning the boot volume.

Resize the Mac Partition

This option will let a user increase, decrease BootCamp partition, internal and external hard drive.

Format Mac-Volume

The option will help in formatting the Mac volume/partition as per the user computer file system.

Partition External Hard Drive When Connects to Mac Operating System

This feature successfully creates, delete, resizes the partition on an external hard-drive.

Resize BootCamp Partition

This option will help in resizing the BootCamp partition as well as Macintosh HD. 

#2)GParted Mac Partition Manager Software

GParted is a free utility for managing the complete Mac hard drive partition. Using the help of the GParted partition tool for Mac, a user can copy, move, and resize the partition without facing any data loss errors. Some of the exciting features offered by this tool include the below.

1)Helps the user in creating a new partition table onto the Macintosh hard drive.

2)Create, resize, delete, label, copy and delete the partition from HD.

3)Provide a step-by-step guide for enabling and disable the partition flags.

4)Align the Mac-hard drive partitions as per traditional cylinder boundaries.

5)Recover the lost or deleted partition.

Benefits of Using Mac Partition Manager Software

A top-rated Partition Manager Software for Mac provides plenty of added advantages with comprising the data security& avoiding data loss problems. Some of the benefits of the essential while using this Mac partition manager program are:-

1.Provides easy to use formatting

2.Increase the data security on macOS

3.Provides option to Create, Delete, Repartition, Format the macOS hard drive (internal drive, external hard drive, BootCamp Partition)

Important Features to Look Before Using a Mac Hard Drive Partition Manager Software



3.Support with latest macOS Version, i.e. macOS High Sierra, Sierra

3.Technical Support

4.Easy to Use

Final Words

You can use any one of these Mac Hard Drive Partition Management as per your requirement & budgets. However, after searching a lot on popular Apple MacOS forums and blogs; we recommend using VikMajra Partition Manager Software. This Free to Download App is the perfect choice for thousands of Mac users and one of the top-selling Mac Partition Manager Tool.

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