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Overview of Mac Partition Recovery in Details

Losing files is quite common, but losing the whole partition on a Mac drive is real trouble. Most people worry themselves sick thinking about how they are going to get it all back. In this article, we are going to talk about how you can recover lost or deleted partition on Mac. We will tell you about the Mac Partition Recovery using data recovery software is the easiest option you have at hand.

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Overview of Partition Loss or Deletion Problems on Mac

At times, we erase unwanted files from the hard disk to make more space without thinking about its implications. What you don’t consider is you might end up deleting important files in the process. 

Sure, formatting the hard drive is the simplest option you have at hand but restoring partition is not easy. Only if you use data recovery software like the VikMajra Mac Data recovery tool, you can make the task a little simple. When you delete, format, or unexpectedly lose the partitions, the data stored in Mac partitions are removed permanently or become inaccessible. 

If you use the right Mac recovery software, you will know how effective and simple Mac partition recovery is. 

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Mac Hard Drive Partition?

But before you start recovering the Mac partition, here are a few things that you need to do. 

  • Avoid writing any data on the hard drive. This helps in avoiding deleted partition files that are corrupted. 
  • Avoid doing any operation on the partition other than for Mac partition recovery in the following part. 
  • Do not repartition it on Mac or reformat the partition.

You should not do the things that have been listed above because the lost data and the deleted files are still out there. They are just invisible and have been marked as useless. These files are waiting to be overwritten by all brand new data. In case you take any action, the data will get overwritten. As a result, they will disappear permanently. 

So, the partition of Mac might turn out to be a failure. 

Using the Best Mac Data Recovery Tool to Recover Mac Partition

Recovering a lost or deleted partition isn’t something that you can do using a built-in app. It needs a specialized tool like the VikMajra Mac Data Recovery tool. This is one of the most trusted options to recover deleted data on Mac. With this, you can recover almost all your corrupted or formatted data within just a few minutes.

Now, let’s move on to the steps to recover lost or deleted partitions on Mac. But first, make sure you have downloaded and installed VikMajra on Mac. When you are done, follow the instructions that have been listed below.

Step 1: Choose the Desired Mac Partition 

For recovering the deleted partition on Mac, choose the partition where you had kept the lost files. In case you cannot find the partition, just click on the option ‘Can’t find your partition’. Next, click on the ‘Start’ option present at the bottom-right corner for scanning the partition. 

Step 2: Scan Mac Partition

VikMajra will perform a detailed scan of the partition that has been chosen. It searches deeply and will dig out the lost or hidden files.

Step 3: Check and Recover Partition on Mac OS X or macOS

As soon as the scan is complete, a list of files that the software has found will be shown on the screen. You can preview the files and retrieve the lost files simply by clicking on ‘Recover’. 

See, how easy it is to recover partition files using this Mac Data Recovery Software? 

Tips for Mac Partition Recovery

So, you have recovered your lost or deleted partition on Mac but do you know which scenarios lead to such instances? No? well, we have discussed it below. 

1.Corrupted partition while you were reformatting or reallocating the primary hard drive. 

2.An interrupted or failed software update that can erase the whole hard drive.

3.Wrong command usage which messed up with the partitions

4.Third-party disk cleanup software.

5.Unauthorized access to the mac that erases the hard drive.

List of Free Tips That Will Make Mac Partition Recovery Easier

You now know the basic details about how to recover Mac partition files. Here are a few tips that will make the recovery process much easier.

  • While selecting the recovery destination, make sure that it is in the drive apart from the drive that had been before the deletion. This prevents overwriting of the data. 
  • Don’t shut down Mac improperly. For instance, don’t disconnect the power supply instantly, particularly if you are formatting the hard disk or developing new partitions. 
  • Once you know that any partitions or data that you need have been deleted, are lost, or accessible, stop using the hard drive, instantly. If you don’t do that, the file recovery process might become impossible. 
  • Make sure that you use only trusted software for partition recovery on Mac. If you use any and every software available in the market, it might not only be inefficacious but can also lead to further damage. 
  • Before you create hard drive partitions or format, make sure what you are doing. 
  • Don’t use any automated or third-party software to clean up the hard drive. 

If you use these simple tips, you can make the most of the Mac Data Recovery Software.

Final Words

A lot can go wrong while creating a partition, particularly if you are new to it. But you know if you lose or delete partition files, you can recover them using VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software.

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