List of Best Must Have Applications for MacBook Pro, iMac and Mac Mini

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Overview of Best Application for MacBook/iMac/Mini in Details

Below is the list of the best essential apps for MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini computers.

#1)Sophos Clean Anti- Virus

This antivirus app looks after the security needs of your Mac machine. It removes the viruses, flags, as well as cleans up the attachments detected as malicious right from the moment it reaches your mailbox. The application is straightforward and powerful. The malware scan app comes at a compact size of 11 KB and doesn’t need to be installed on your system. It helps detect spyware, Trojans, viruses, and malware.

#2)Memory Clean 6.2

The application monitors and frees up space on the hard drive, therefore, optimizing the performance of Mac machines. It detects all the junk files stored on your system and acts accordingly. The memory clean 6.2. the application demands minimal system specs that include Intel 64- bit processor on a machine running over OS X Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8), Mavericks (10.9), Yosemite (10.10), and El Capitan (10.11).


A freeware bundled with Mac OS X, TextEdit is a word processor available in a simple to understand interface. It is the best and most helpful app for novice and advanced users; as it assists in word processing requirements. It allows changing the font of the text, color, size, theme, etc., as the application provides support for rich text formatting.


A fast, convenient & flexible Calendar and Reminder app, Fantastical 2 provides you with the option to switch between light and dark themes, as per your choice. With this, you can customize your font sizes, expand text snippets, make a quick call, send emails, message invites for events, and much more. Here, you can search and locate your past, present, and future schedules seamlessly.


Disklens performs a thorough and extensive search on existing files to look for a particular one. It has the capability to bring up huge search results within a short time span. To magnify your search, all you have to do is select search categories, hover your mouse over it for more specific information, and link it in Finder. You can also tap space to have a quick preview of the file. Finally, drag-and-drop the search results at the location of your choice.


If you spend quite a considerable amount of time zooming windows on your Mac, this application is worth a try. Install this app and next time whenever you hover the mouse over the green zoom button on any window, Moom’s control overlay will display. The app provides the option to manage the size and position of the window precisely to one or more cells of a grid.


Pocket’s app serves as a personal library for saving your favorite articles. Additionally, it allows for adding videos and other components from the web that can be watched anytime later. Once the content is saved on Pockets, it can be accessed from any Apple device — iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, etc. This ‘Read it later’ app is available in a simple and straightforward interface that is quite easy to operate for beginners.

#8)VikMajra Mac Data Recovery

Have you deleted or lost access to your valuable Mac files? If “Yes”, then use VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software to successfully retrieve deleted files from the MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini computer machine and regain access to lost/deleted video, music, photo, archives files. Besides, normal deleted Mac files recovery, you can this data recovery program for advanced features like partition recovery, video & photo repair, external hard drive recovery, mac hard drive repair, and many others.


The cut-down version of BB Edit is free and provides a number of efficient features. You can display and can hide the section of codes through features like code folding and syntax coloring. Direct access is offered to the files stored on the FTP Server. Even if you require editing any CSS file on your website, you can directly modify it on the server using TextWrangler or FTP app. In short, TextWrangler is a text editor application available for free.

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