How to Partition External Mac Hard Drive Without Data Loss

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Overview of Partition External Mac Hard Drive in Details

Mac Users across the world are making effective use of VikMajra Mac Partition Manager Software for partitioning external macOS hard drives. Having some extra space in Mac comes as a boon for the users. This is because they can use this space for storing their downloads along with other files without having to worry about space constraints. However, for creating this extra space you need to delve into partitioning External Mac Hard Drive. The external Mac drive helps users in cleverly editing, merging extra spaces on their Mac. The users also get the scope of controlling the divisions. The planned partitions in their Mac offer them the scope of storing photos, documents, videos, audios, and movies.

Overview of Partitioning External Mac Drive

Partitioning external Mac drive assists the users in creating and resizing the partitions on their Mac HD. The tool possesses the potential of creating a bootable USB for the creation, resize, and removal of partition on the boot volume. Mac comes with different file systems and prior to working with the Mac operating system, it is necessary for the users to format their external hard drives with the supported file systems. The different file systems include HFS+, HFS, HFS Wrapper, and so on.

It is necessary to format or initialize the new external drive for separating volumes or partitions of different sizes using varied file systems. The partitioning external hard drive helps in creating an entirely new partition in Mac; in resizing or removing pre-existing partition; in resizing partition by the optimization of free space; in resizing boot camp partition; in resizing NTFS partition and in supporting the latest macOS Sierra.

How to Partition External Mac Hard Drive Using the help of Mac Partition Manager Software?

It is necessary to format the new Max external hard drive in order to use it in the right way. Once the drive has been formatted, separate volumes or partitions of different sizes can be made using varied file systems.

There are some steps that need to be followed in using partitioning external Mac drive.

1.Open the folder named “Application

2.Select the option that says “Disk Utility”. You will get this in the “Utilities” menu.

3.You will find all attached drives and the new external hard drive listed in the left-hand side of the column.

4.In this list, choose a new hard drive and click on “partition”.

5.Now click on the + sign or the – sign for adding or removing partitions. Here, you get the option of assigning a file system and name to all the partitions.

6.For specifying the partitions, you need to click on “Apply”.

Benefits of Partitioning External Mac Drive

There are large-scale benefits of partitioning external Mac drive and they are as follows:-

1.There is absolutely no need for the users to copy data out if they need to format their Mac hard drive. This is because data exists on some other hard disk partition. So, the users need to format the chosen OS partition.

2.Users also get increased security of their stored folders and files on partitions with external Mac drive partitioning.

Final Conclusion

The Mac Partition Manager Software is a one-of-a-kind software that helps you use extra space on your Mac hard drive without going through any kind of hassle. Share your experience of partitioning external Mac drive with other VikMajra users via below comment section.

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