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Overview of Photo Recovery Mac in Details

Looking for ways to recover your deleted or lost photos on Mac? This is just the right article for you as we will help in Photo Recovery for Mac. We have listed a few tips that will help in recovering deleted photos from Mac. In this article, you will also learn about where the deleted photos go and how you can recover them using different methods.

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Recovering Photos on Mac

When you have to restore a deleted photo from the Photos app, you have 30 days in hand to recover to. In case you change your mind or realize you have deleted an important photo before 30 days, check the Recently Deleted album to recover them. Now, follow the instructions we have given below to retrieve the photos. 

1.Open ‘Photos’.

2.Next, choose ‘Albums’ from the left column and double-click on the option ‘Recently Deleted’.

3.You will find thumbnails of the videos and photos that have been deleted. There is a caption under each that shows how long it has got left.

4.Click on the option ‘Recover’ from the top-right corner. 

Recovering Permanently Deleted Photos on Mac OX or macOS

Deleted photos can be recovered pretty easily. In this article, we will discuss 5 different methods to recover photos on Mac. No matter if you have a backup or not, you can easily restore photos.

In case you have mistakenly deleted photos on your Mac storage media or hard drive, you have deleted the photos permanently. However, there are ways to get them back. Let’s take a look at the various methods. 

#1)Recovering Photo on Mac with iMessage

Think, did you use iMessage for sending the photos to your friend? Then there is a way to recover it using iMessage. 

1.1)Check the Messages app. 

1.2)Look for a conversation with a person you think you have sent the photos to. 

1.3)If you are accessing it through Mac, click on ‘Details’. However, if you have an iPad or iPhones, click on ‘Info’. Just tap on the drop-down arrow given beside the photos on the iOS device.

1.4)Scroll to check the photos you have sent and recover the ones you want.

#2)Recovering Mac Photos with TimeMachine Backup

Your Mac might be taking its Time Machine backups in the background, and you might not even have realized it. You don’t even have to plug into a storage device. Let’s check out the steps to recover photos using Time Machine:

2.1)Launch ‘Time Machine’. For this, just click on “Command + Space“. Thereafter, type Time Machine and then press ‘Enter’.

2.2)Click back to the date you think you still had the images or photos. 

2.3)In the ‘Finder’ section, go to ‘Home Drive’. This is an icon that appears like a house and might have your name on it. 

2.4)Click on ‘Pictures’ and then look for the ‘Photos Library File.

2.5)Now, you have the option to recover the entire Photo library. This will be a simple option. However, remember that it can overwrite the present one.

2.6)An alternate option is to copy it. However, it can be a large file. 

2.7)Once you copy the option, press on ‘Escape’ for closing Time Machine. Thereafter go back to ‘Pictures’ in ‘Finder’ and paste them in the folder ‘Photos’.

2.8)Next, just right-click on the folder that has been copied, to select ‘Show Package Content’.

2.9)Now, launch the ‘Masters’ folder. 

2.10)It is time to figure out when you must have added the photo, which month or year it was. Hopefully, the deleted photos will be recovered. 

Having a Time Machine or some other backup makes your task much easier. 

#3)Recovering Photo Files from Mac Trash Can Folder

In case you have removed or deleted photos from your Mac desktop or hard drive to Trash Can, you can recover them. Just undo empty Trash and restore the photos that have been deleted. 

3.1)On your desktop, open ‘Trash Bin’. You will find all the deleted files in there. 

3.2)Now, find out the photos or images that you are looking to recover. You can also right-click on them and choose ‘Put Back’ for recovering the deleted photos from the Trash Bin. The files will be restored to their original location.

#4)Restoring Photos via iCloud

A majority of the Mac users use iCloud as the central storage house for their digital lives, starting from photos to calendars. It saves all the images you take on the device or upload from Mac’s memory card. iCloud sends it to all your Mac and iOS devices to let you view them from anywhere.

To recover the photos from iCloud, just follow the steps given below.

4.1)Open your preferred web browser and go to Sign in if you have to. 

4.2)Thereafter, click on ‘Photos’ and click on the option ‘Album’ present at the top. 

4.3)Click on the option, ‘Recently Deleted Album’.

4.4)Choose the photo that has to be restored and click on ‘Recover’. 

In case all these methods fail, and you are unable to recover the photos, use VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Tool. With this, you will be able to recover images in the same format. Moreover, the software is easy to use. It’s available for free download and comes with unique features. Using the tool, you can enjoy safe and secure data recovery. It helps in retrieving files in just a few minutes. Any files or photos it recovers are intact.

List of Free Tips to Avoid Mac Photo Loss Problems

The best way to prevent data loss is to take a backup using Time Machine. This built-in mac tool takes care of backups automatically.

1)Connect a hard disk to the MacBook or computer

2)Next, go over to ‘System Preferences’ and then to ‘Time-Machine’ to select the option ‘Backup Disk’.

3)Choose the location where you would like to save ‘Time Machine’ backup, and then click on ‘Use disk’. 

4)Check the option ‘Back-Up Automatically’ for setting the Time Machine to take a backup of everything on Mac. 

Final Conclusion

If the methods to restore files don’t work, or you have forgotten to take a backup, VikMajra Mac Data Recovery is the best and easiest option at hand to recover the photos asap within 5 minutes.

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