How to Recover Deleted Files Mac Without Software

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Overview of How to Recover Deleted Files Mac Without Software in Details

“How to Recover Deleted Files on Mac Without Software”- This is a very common question asked by most Mac users. VikMajra team has done an extensive research process to find out the 100% working solutions to recover the mac files on your own. There are various ways to recover files from Mac using the Trash/Bin folder, iCloud, and TimeMachine Backup. This is completely free and all methods are working to date to restore the photos, emails, videos, and other files.

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Overview of File Loss Trouble on Mac in Details

File deletion is necessary to make space for new data on your computer. Nevertheless, if you end up deleting an important file or a folder unintentionally, it can be a nightmare. No worries! Irrespective of how you deleted a file folder on Mac, there are ways to get them back using the help of professional Mac Data Recovery Software available in the market, especially if you realize your mistake soon after you delete it. 

In this comprehensive below written guide, we are going to discuss how to recover deleted or lost files on Mac without using the software.

Recovering Permanently Deleted Files on Mac Without Software

Since Apple always ensures that the end-users have a seamless experience, there are a few methods that help to recover deleted files without any tool.

Let’s take a look at them. 

Method 1: Restoring Data from Trash Bin

Files that have been deleted are sent over to Trash Bin. It holds the files until the folder has been emptied. In case the Trash Bin hasn’t been emptied yet, follow the below instructions to get them back.

  • Restoring Using Undo Move

After deleting, if you haven’t performed any other operation, it is possible to cancel the file deletion action.

1.Open Finder and click on ‘Edit’ present on the Menu Bar. 

2.Next, click on the option ‘Undo Move of *Your file name* from the drop-down menu. 

When it is done, check the location where the file had been deleted. You will notice that it has been put back.

  • Restoring Deleted Files from Trash Folder

In case you have already performed some other function after deleting the file, restore the deleted file from Trash. 

1.Open Trash Bin and find out the deleted file.

2.Now, right-click on the chosen file and click on the option ‘Put Back’

It’s easy to restore deleted files as long as it’s present in the Mac Trash Bin. Nevertheless, if the Trash Bin doesn’t contain the file, try out some other method to recover it.

Method 2: Restoring Data Using Time Machine Backup

Time Machine is an in-built backup tool for Apple. This proves to be useful in times of unexpected data loss. In case Time Machine Backup is turned on in the Mac system, the deleted files can be restored using Time Machine Backup.

Let’s look at the steps to restore the files using Time Machine backup. 

1.Connect the drive where you took Time Machine backup to the macOS. 

2.Next, open the folder containing the deleted files. 

3.In the menu bar, there is the option ‘Time Machine’, click on this. 

4.Scroll through the items present in the backup folder using the timeline on the screen’s edge or up and down arrows on-screen. 

5.Choose the folder that contains the files that have been deleted and click on ‘Restore’.

Remember, it is not possible to recover files using this method if you haven’t enabled Time Machine Backup. 

Method 3: Restoring Data from iCloud Drive

Apple’s cloud computing service or cloud storage is commonly known as iCloud. With this, you will be able to procure photos, documents, apps, music, and videos. iCloud helps in keeping data updated across your devices. 

You can restore the deleted files from iCloud. The instructions to do so have been given below. 

1.Open your preferred browser and visit the website of iCloud, type This opens the login page. Use Apple ID to log into the iCloud account. 

2.After logging in, click on the Setting button. 

3.Scroll down the screen. Below ‘Advanced’ there is the option ‘Restore Files’. Click on this and a list of deleted files will be displayed.  

4.To restore these lost files, just check the box beside it and click on the option ‘Restore’. When the lost file has been successfully restored, iCloud displays a message that confirms it. 

Using any of the above three methods, it is easy to recover deleted or lost files on Mac without using third-party software. If one doesn’t work, there are two other options at hand.

Method 4: Restore Data using VikMajra Mac Data Recovery

Use Mac data recovery software for recovering deleted files from mac within a few minutes. It can recover audio, video, photos, emails, docs, and all other files that got deleted from mac. It is an award-winning software with more than 2 million satisfied users. It provides 1-year free support as well for all issues related to data recovery.

Tips to Improve Your Chances of Being Successful at Deleted File Recovery on Mac

  • Don’t use the hard drive where you deleted the files, else it will save the new files and will edit the existing files. This is because your chances of being successful highly depend on the data that hasn’t been overwritten yet. In case the files have been overwritten, even special data recovery software won’t be able to recover them. So, if you mistakenly delete a file on Macintosh HD, just shut down the Mac device as soon as you can.
  • Start with the recovery process right now. In case you don’t have a backup on the hard drive or the backup gets corrupted the best way to recover the documents and files.

Final Words

In case all these instructions are a little too confusing for you, use VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software. It’s free to download and retrieve all types of deleted files. The software can also restore data safely. It comes with unique data recovery features like Mac Trash Recovery, Hard Disk Data Recovery, Encrypted Mac Hard Drive Data Recovery, and many more.

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