How to Speedup Slow Running Mac OS Performance

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Overview of How to Speed up Slow Running Mac in Details

Though Mac is a robust machine as viruses or other system inconsistencies very rarely contaminate it, sluggish performance remains a concern for Mac users. Mac users often complain about the deteriorating speed of their machines. This happens as they use their system and their Mac hard drive is cluttered with unwanted applications, unneeded large files, downloaded cache files, widgets, plug-ins, etc. These unwanted files unnecessarily eat up all the valuable space of Mac’s hard drive, and hence hamper its performance.

An Introduction to the Best Mac Cleaning Application

To overcome such issues, it becomes necessary to remove all these unnecessary items from your hard drive. Removal of unwanted applications, large-sized old files, universal binaries, duplicate files, and cache entries creates a lot of space on your HD and improves the overall system performance. Manual deletion of each file or deletion of bulk files is a tiring & time-taking task. Therefore, to make this process less troublesome, it is recommended to opt for an efficient Mac cleaning utility.

VikMajra SpeedUp Mac is one of the Best Mac Cleaning applications that effectively removes all unwanted applications from your Mac drive and restores its original speed. Some of the features of this Mac cleaning utility that makes it best among other utilities of the same category are:-

#1)SpeedUp Now – To Enhance Mac Performance

By using the ‘SpeedUp Now’ option of the software, you can remove all unused files, system junks, application leftovers, duplicate files, universal binaries, and unused large files from the boot volume of your machine in just one go. This frees the disk space to great extent and the availability of a large amount of free space on the disk enhances the performance of your Mac.

#2)Clean My Mac – To Create Free Space in Specific Volume

The ‘Clean My Mac’ feature of the tool is there to remove unwanted files and folders from a specific volume of your Mac. You can easily select a volume on your machine and click the ‘Clean My Mac’ option to delete all unnecessary files from there. This again generates the free space on these selected volumes and hence provides noticeable changes in the performance of the system. The ‘Clean My Mac’ option shows all the volumes and even shows the secondary hard drives if found any.

#3)Uninstaller Area – To Uninstall an Application Completely

The uninstaller area of the application lets you uninstall an application, widget, or plug-in completely from your Mac just by simple drag and drop. All you need to do is simply drag and drop the application to this uninstaller area of the application that creates a tree of the application showing all the supported files. Moreover, you can drag a system application as well into the uninstaller area and uninstall it.

Removal of unnecessary widgets is another important task that the uninstaller of this application does. Widgets eat up a lot of memory as some of them run in the background even when you are not using the dashboard. However, the uninstaller lists all the widgets that exist in your system and hence helps you easily uninstall them.

#4)Scheduler – To Personalize Scanning Task

You can set various preferences for ‘SpeedUp Mac’ and ‘Clean My Mac’ options for this application that enable you to personalize this tool. For example, you can set the ‘Scheduler’ for automatically starting various cleaning tasks at your desired date and time. When the software runs, these tasks will automatically be executed. Moreover, you can update and launch SpeedUp Mac software with the help of the scheduler option of preferences.

#5)Filter Preferences – To Include or Exclude Specific File Type

The ‘Filter’ settings option under ‘Preference’ enables you to refine your search of all unwanted files. You can add your desired file type while removing all the unwanted ones. For instance, if you want to search for all the files except the image files, then you need to add the file extensions of image files into the filter list, and then click the ‘Scan excluding these files’ option. The result of this scanning process will not show these excluded image data.

Therefore, the extensions of the files allow you to include or exclude them in your search. Moreover, the application allows you to specify the size of the file and time-period while filtering out the large files. However, for duplicate files, you only have to specify the ‘File Size’, not the time period.

#6)Quick Look – To Preview Drive Scan Result

The software takes care of the security of your data because it provides you with a preview of all the data that it has scanned for removal from your system before finally deleting them. This enables you to avoid the removal of your needed files. To see a file after the scan, you just have to click the ‘Quick Look’ button after selecting that file and you can see its preview before erasing it completely from your machine.

#7)Removable Device Cleanup – To Clean Attached Removable Device Automatically

This efficient Mac cleaning application has the feature to remove all unwanted junk files present on your removable disk automatically every time it is attached to your system. This is one of the additional advantages of this tool. You can select various preferences provided under ‘Devices’ to clean them as soon as they are attached to your system.

Check the ‘Enable automatic Mac OS service junk cleanup’ option if you want to delete junk files created by your Mac OS on your external data storage device. Checking the ‘Enable automatic Windows service junk cleanup’ option of the software lets your application remove all the junk files (such as ‘Thumbs.db’ and ‘RECYCLED’ folder) on your attached external storage device.

#8)Folder Search – To Search Specific Folders

By using the ‘Folder’ search option through ‘Preferences’, you can reduce the time taken by the application to scan the hard drive for searching specific folders. This option is helpful in searching the folders containing universal binaries and language resource files. You can define different folders for searching with both ‘SpeedUp Now’ and ‘Clean My Mac’ options.

#9)Advanced Settings – To Customize the Scanning

The software provides various advanced settings for customizing the scanning process. These settings include sound on an event, trash monitor, and automatic uninstaller. The ‘Automatic Uninstaller’ option of the software launches SpeedUp Mac software and pops up a message every time when you drag an application to the ‘Trash’ folder of your machine.

#10)Highly Interactive User Interface

The simple and interactive user interface of the software enables you to use various options (‘uninstaller’, ‘speedup Mac’, ‘clean my Mac’, preferences settings, etc) without much trouble. The software guides you the process and does not make you feel that you are using this tool for the first time. Moreover, the easy-to-follow graphical user interface lets users perform the cleanup task without needing any help of a professional or an expert user.

These features make this efficient utility the best Mac cleaning application among others in the same category. Whether you are a technical computer user or a non-technical one, you need not worry as the simple user interface of the software lets you perform the cleaning of your system by your own.

Applying the scheduler, you can schedule the cleanup of the task and do not have to worry whether your machine is losing its performance due to extra-unused files or not. Moreover, the uninstaller and its various customization options let you uninstall an application, widget, plug-in, and application leftovers easily without much effort.

Besides all this, the additional utility ‘Quick Look’ enables you to have a glimpse of what you are going to delete before removing it finally from your system. Moreover, this efficient ‘SpeedUp Mac’ utility enables you to back up the files in a zip file before removing them completely from your computer’s hard drive. In this way, it does not cause any kind of data loss. In addition, it works as a complete booster for your machine.

Final Words

To understand the working of this software before purchasing, it provides its free demo version. The demo version is fully functional software with all the options, except for the cleanup option. The demo scans your machine’s hard drive for all duplicate files, large & language files, and universal binaries. It provides their preview before removal.

However, for the clean-up of these files, you have to purchase the license of the software, which bears a reasonable cost. So, use this efficient utility and stay away from weird situations like rotating beach ball on your Mac while performing some important activities.

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