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Terms & Conditions of VikMajra

VikMajra holds a single objective of connecting service providers and buyers with interchangeable needs. To successfully conduct our mission, we act as a review and research platform where clientele can identify their potential service provider through authentic end-user reviews, verified contact details, and more. At VikMajra, you can put up your company’s profile to reach out to customers at a global level. We advise you to go through the Terms of Service beforehand.

Eligibility: 18+ to register or create an account at VikMajra and end-user review submission. 

Account Registration

During account registration, you are asked to submit valid and precise information to create an account. Upon the conclusion of any invalid information, VikMajra holds the rights to process investigation and delete your account if proved certain. The same condition also applies in the case of incomplete or frayed information. 

VikMajra notifies the user immediately in the event that any unauthorized access to his/her account is apprehended. The user remains solely responsible for keeping his/her username and password secured. 

Your Use of the Services

  • Users are asked to use VikMajra’s services within the terms of applicable laws.
  • All user(s) must provide accurate information and update if required. 
  • Corporate and acknowledge notifications sent by us. 

User Content

VikMajra gives its users the power to submit reviews, upload images, comments, and add links using their profile. However, in the case of invalid information or review, the user will be held responsible, and such a profile will be deleted from the platform. Content submitted by you must not breach the terms and conditions of the third-party involved.

VikMajra does not partake in reviews or content submitted by you as a user. In the case that a third-party finds your content incorrect, deceptive, censorious, or defamatory. Therefore, all the prospects associated with your content remain between you and the third-party involved. Although VikMajra takes responsibility to investigate the content submitted by you. Similarly, as a user, you hold the power to report any review that may violate our platform’s user or mislead our audience.

VikMajra does not engage itself as a participant in the programs. 

License to further utilize the content

Content that users submit of VikMajra also surrender the rights to view publicly, edit, distribute, contribute, modify, and translate such content. 

Feedback submission

Any feedback submitted by any user at VikMajra allows our platform to own such suggestions or comments. No payments are made in exchange for feedback. 

Service Providers Content Ownership

VikMajra holds the right to use the content submitted by users and IT firms. However, the ownership of the content remains with the respective user. Other than submitted content, the wholesome of website aggregate, reviews, and ratings will remain the property of VikMajra. Moreover, trademarks, official logos, designs, and trade names are symbols of decorum for our platform. Users do not hold the right to use, impersonate, or copy them; otherwise, it will lead to legal consequences. 

VikMajra- Sponsorship, and Payment

VikMajra Sponsorship Programs are directed for IT firms to promote their products, services, software, and brand online. Our platform does not guarantee the highest position by purchasing a sponsorship program, a particular increase in traffic, or sales. On the other hand, IT firms can purchase such programs to stand out their profile among competitors.

In the context of payment, all firms are liable to pay the fees, including taxes at the purchase time. By making a purchase, one agrees to a monthly-based payment abstraction, including all related taxes and overdue payments (in the case of late fees). 

At last, in the event that one does not make payment for a subscription at the relevant period, the sponsorship program for such participants will be further considered terminated.

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