Top 10 Best Call Center Services Companies

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Top 10 Call Center Services Companies

Summary:- Searching for leading best Call Center services Provider Companies that can help you in back offices, lead generation, customer support, chat services, telemarketing, tech support, billing, and other related business services on demand? If the response is a big “YES”, then there is good news for you. Here at VikMajra, we have compiled an in-depth list of the top 10 best Call Center Services companies along with verified reviews and client testimonials. Outsourcing Call Center services help any organization to focus more on core business growth, strategies, customer, and other important work by spending less money on less important services. 

The Call Center Services industry is growing at a fast pace and with the advancement of technologies, it will also grow in the future and improve the overall productivity of businesses. So, go ahead and hire the right Call Center outsourcing company from the below options according to your requirements and budget. This list has been compiled after checking the Call Center Services company’s past client feedback, reviews, ratings, country presence, cost, team size, etc.

Overview of Call Centers Services in Details

A call center (or call centre) is a centralized office for managing the incoming and outgoing phone calls as per the business requirements. Call centers are further subdivided into 2 different categories, i.e. inbound or outbound call-centers. It can be located either within the company or can be outsourced to any 3rd party company that primarily deals in the call center industry for properly managing the phone calls. The main purpose of the call center is to resolve the customer business-related queries on an immediate basis. A blended call center is the one that handles both the incoming and outgoing phone calls. Computer software products help desk, internet merchants, loans and insurance providers, telemarketing service providers, polling firms, and many other different types of industries from all across the globe utilize call centers for different purposes. Some of these use call centers to sell their business products or services and others use them for improving the customer experience towards their business. Call centers play a very important role in the overall success of any organization. They help them in focusing their efforts on core business and outsourcing less business centric work to some reliable 3rd party call center service providers firms. If you are currently looking for the best Call center service provider company in the world for handling your business-related phone calls; then the below VikMajra list will help you.

List of Top 10 Best Call Center Services Companies in the World

VikMajra team has analyzed top Call Center services providers firms that help the client in different functioning of their organization business operations like data entry, call center operation, customer support, market research, lower-level IT operations, etc. to name a few.

Company NameCompany URLLocationHourly RateEmployeesEstablishment YearSlogan
Helpware StatesNA250-9992015A better kind of outsourcing
Technosys IT Management Pvt. Ltd.http://www.technosysmanagement.comIndia$17-$4210-492015Extraordinary Outcomes
R.A.R.E.Sol - Reliable Accurate Remote Expert Solutions, AustraliaNA10-492018We do things, a little different!
VCare Customers is call center company in India
AnswerForcehttps://www.answerforce.comUnited States, United KingdomNA250-9992003Answering Services to Power Your Business
Prograsys Business Solutions$17-$422-92018Powering Transformation
SupportYourApp$17-$42250-9992010Human+Tech Customer Support Outsourcing
Aidey is a Business Process Outsourcing company
LimTC$17-$4250-2492017Your Vision. Our Solution!
Infoassisthttp://www.infoassist.grGreece$100-$14950-2492001Contact Center services
Mediatel$150-$199250-9991995Quality services for your company
Daktela Republic, PolandNA50-2492005Our mission is to create the best omnichannel
CSC Telecom$17-$422-91995Digital Service Provider
Wasla Outsourcing$17-$421,000-9,9992003We are a partner you can rely on
CPM$17-$422-92002Connect. Interact. Resolve.
TCC Services$17-$422-92005Customer good experience
Smart Life Technology$17-$4210-49Reduce costs, increase contact efficiency
SOS International Group$50-$9950-249To be the leading Co in contact center services
Virgo$100-$14950-2492009At the heart of our business model is People
Global Voice Telecom Limited$17-$4210-49The largest International Gateway telecom operator
FMI Field Management Ireland$17-$42250-9991995#PeoplePower
Indox Africa$17-$4210-492015Professional Document Collection and BPO services
Kendlebellhttps://www.kbell.ieIreland$17-$422-9The Perfect Answer
Voxprohttps://www.voxprogroup.comIreland, United States$17-$421,000-9,9991973Outsourcing/Offshoring
Crios Grouphttp://www.criosgroup.comIreland$17-$422-9We are a group of high performance
Arion$25-$4910-492009Outsourcing Call Center
CNSSL (Communication Network Support Service Ltd)$100-$149250-9992007Call Center Operations & Market Research
CHAMS PLC$25-$4950-249Intelligent Business Solutions
Virtual B2B Solutions Africa$17-$4210-492014We find the right prospects.. That's what we do
Fusion Communication Systems$17-$4210-492007Enabling IT to Deliver Better Business Outcomes
Lance Alexander Communicationhttp://www.lance-alexander.netKenya$17-$4210-492011Our Story Your Satisfaction
Universal Payment Services, Egypt$17-$422-9The 1st Shariah Outsourcing Company
SunTel Serviceshttp://www.suntel.comUnited States$17-$4250-2491986a CBTS Company
Advanced Customer Services States$17-$4250-2491982Call Center Services For Your Business
Inovaze BPOhttp://www.inovazesl.comSri Lanka$17-$422-92011We make your business dreams come true.
Envoy Ortushttp://www.envoyortus.comSri Lanka$25-$4910-492008Inspiration at work
Strategic Sourcing Advisorshttps://www.ssabpo.comUnited States$17-$4210-492017Experienced call center consultants ready to help
Direct Interactionshttps://www.directinteractions.comUnited States$25-$49250-9992005Above and Beyond the Call
Media Sales Plushttps://www.mediasalesplus.comUnited States$17-$4250-2492001Don't sell your market short
Abbott Answering Service States$17-$422-91948People Answering People
Answer Phonehttps://abetteranswer.netUnited States$17-$422-9A better answer
Park Ridge Answering Servicehttp://parkridgeexchange.comUnited States$17-$422-91970Quality Service Nationwide
RTC States$17-$4250-2491972Telecommunications
Outsource Consultants States$17-$4210-492013Outsourcing/Offshoring
PRWT Serviceshttp://www.prwt.comUnited States$17-$42250-9991988Outsourcing/Offshoring
Belles Receptionisthttp://www.bellesreceptionists.comUnited States$17-$422-91957AMERICA'S MOST FAMOUS ANSWERING SERVICE
InspiriTec States$17-$42250-9992000Inspiring work through technology
MAI States$25-$49250-9991981Custom BPO Solutions
Stafford Communicationshttp://www.staffcom.comUnited States$25-$4950-2491995Uniquely Different
Duo Solutionshttp://duo.solutionsUnited States$17-$4210-492013Small + Medium Business Solutions
Answerfonehttps://answerfone.comUnited States$17-$422-91925We Listen
Arkansas Medical Exchange States$17-$422-9Answering Services in Arkansas
Performant States$100-$149250-9991976Maximizing Results For Our Client
RR&R Home Services States$17-$422-9Call Center in Norfolk
GAD States$17-$4250-2491991Telecommunications
Malonehttp://www.malonesolutions.comUnited States$25-$49250-9991969Together one
Global Help Desk Serviceshttp://www.ghdsi.comUnited States$25-$4950-2492002GHDSi is 100% focused on help desk outsourcing
3PL World Wide States$25-$4950-2492005Creating Happy Customers One Order at a Time!
Eastern Account Systemhttp://www.easternaccounts.comUnited States$25-$49250-9991987Results Fueled by Innovation
Engaging Solutionshttp://www.engagingsolutions.netUnited States$17-$4210-492005We Answer to Business
CentrineXhttp://www.centrinex.comUnited States$25-$49250-9992005Call Center Solution
Hartley and Associates States$25-$4950-2491979Never Miss Another Call
Insite Support Serviceshttp://www.insitesupport.comUnited States$17-$422-91999We help you unlock your company’s potential
AnswerLink Of Kansas States$17-$422-91965This is no ordinary call center
Centralized Showing Service States$17-$42250-9991996Every listing's on easy street
One Call Concepts States$17-$4250-2491982When safety is on the line.
ASIhttps://www.asicontactcenters.comUnited States$17-$42250-9991990Find your calling

How to Choose the Best Company in the World for Call Center Services?

Are you looking for the best Call Center Services firms to increase the business sales volume, then there comes a number of points which you need to follow. Below we have compiled all the most important suggestions & tips which a business owner needs to take care of while hiring the right company for the Call Center Services agency for their project.

1)Find out the Call Center Services company establishment year.

2)Check the total number of employees and the strength of the Call Center services firm.

3)Find out the hourly rate of their employees.

4)Ask the amount of time period they will take to complete your business work according to the given app project requirements.

5)Ask the total cost of the entire Call Center Services work from start to end.

6)Check the Call Center Services company portfolios of previously completed projects with proper past client testimonials.

7)Check the Call Center Services agency’s social media profiles to know more about them before making the final selection.

8)Check and read the reviews of the Call Center services provider on major Services Review Websites like

9)Check the experience and certifications of their workers before hiring the best Call Center Services firm in the world.

10)Do a final meeting with someone senior in the Call Center Services company, i.e. CEO, MD, Project Manager, Business Manager.

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