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Introduction is a popular platform for hiring freelancers for business work. This platform connects freelancers and businesses in over 247 countries. This freelancing platform allows businesses to hire in various fields. But when it comes to hiring talent for business work, it is more efficient to review a pool of platforms to make a good choice. also has major competitors and alternatives that also provide quality services to businesses. Therefore, review the major platforms before selecting one. In this article, we have mentioned the top Competitors that can be best suitable for your business and individual needs.

What is is the largest freelancing platform that has connected more than 6 crores, employers, and freelancers. supports the hiring process in various fields including writing, data entry, designing, sales, marketing, software development, and more. This platform is very easy to use. One needs to simply post a job and a budget. The competitive bids will start coming within minutes. The businesses can pay for the work only after completion. The team of this platform helps businesses to find the right person for the job. 

Top 5 Competitors & Alternatives [2022 Updated List] is a quality platform and it helps businesses to find the right freelancer within minutes. However, some other platforms can help businesses to find the right freelancing talent easily. Here is the list of top competitors available for you in the market.


VikMajra is among the top competitors on this list. This marketing agency also helps businesses to find the right talent for their work. Through this platform, businesses can hire the best employees for their work in any field. VikMajra provides filtered resumes of the candidates which helps the businesses to make the best selection in less time.

The customer support of this agency is also and they provide clear communication to the clients for the employees’ selection. The team of this company also shares feedback with clients to deliver the best possible results to them. Therefore, this platform is among the best hiring platforms in the market. 

2) is another top competitor in the market. This freelancing platform helps businesses to hire professional services for their work. A business can hire freelancers in any field. This platform ensures top-quality services to each business. It is so because quality freelancers are listed on this platform.

However, a business need not pay on an hourly basis. Here, freelancers here charge project-based pricing. The customer support team of is available 24×7 for both freelancers and businesses. The payments on this platform are also safe and secured. This means that payment will not be released until the work is approved by businesses. 

3) Upwork

Upwork is among the top alternatives in the market. It is a top-rated online freelancing marketplace that helps businesses to find quality freelancers for their work. Here, a business can find the right talent in any work field. It includes areas like a content writer, SEO expert, web designing expert, mobile app developer, data analyst, and more technical jobs.

For making a good selection, a business can look at identity verification, pro work samples, and client reviews for freelancers. It helps businesses to choose the right freelancer for their work. In addition to it, businesses are not required to pay any amount until the completion of the hiring process. 

4) PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is among the top Competitors in the market. This platform was started in 2007  and in these 15 years, it has connected millions of clients & freelancers. The main aim of this platform is to empower people worldwide so that they can be financially independent. In addition, the team of this platform is available 24×7 for providing quality support to both businesses & freelancers. Their team also offers anti-fraud services to businesses and freelancers. 

5) OnSite

OnSite is another platform in the Alternatives list. It helps businesses to discover and connect with a talent that is suitable for their work. The talent listed on this platform is experienced and efficient in providing quality work to clients. There is no commission for booking any freelancer from this platform. For completing the hiring process, businesses can directly chat with the freelancer through the Onsite application. 

This platform is very efficient in finding the best freelances for the desired work. A business also database access that is provided to the clients for better hiring.  With the help of it, businesses can browse the profiles and shortlist the best suitable freelancer for the desired work. 

How to Choose Best Competitors & Alternatives? has major competitors and alternatives that are well known for their services. But selecting the best one from the list is difficult for any business. To resolve this issue, here are some of the factors that one should evaluate before selecting any Competitors & Alternatives:

1)Experience of the Agency

The experience of the agency is the first and foremost factor that should be considered by a business. Here it means how many clients hired freelancers from the platforms. It is recommended to choose a platform that is trusted by most users. 

2) Reviews of the platform

The next factor in this list is the reviews. It is better to read the reviews of other clients before choosing any platform. These reviews can help businesses to judge the efficiency of the platform in terms of talent and cost. 

3) Cost and Budget

Many freelancing platforms charge commissions even before selecting any candidate. But some may charge after hiring the talent. Therefore, it is essential to get considered. It is recommended to choose an alternative that is within your budget. 

4) Communication System

The next factor is communication. Under this, the hiring support and efficiency of conversation should be judged by the businesses. Some platforms offer filtered resumes which help businesses to hire the best talent in less time. Even the hiring process can be completed through platform support. Therefore, choose a platform with the best communication. 

5) Customer Support

A business should consider customer support as well. A team of a platform should be available 24×7. It helps businesses and freelancers to get the best support in any issue. Some platforms may lag while communicating with the other person for hire. Therefore, choose a platform with the best customer support.

Final Words is a top-notch freelancing platform that helps to connect businesses with freelancers. This platform allows businesses to hire in any field. However, while selecting an alternative, it is better to evaluate all the alternatives available in the market. All the Competitors mentioned in this article provide quality services at affordable rates. Therefore, choose the best alternative that is best suitable for your business needs.

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