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Digital Marketing Agency

Digital Marketing Agency

VikMajra is an emerging & Top-Rated Digital Marketing Agency with a reach spanning across the USA, UK, India, UAE, China, Japan, Canada, Germany, and several other countries. We are home to a talented team of digital marketers who have in-depth knowledge of the field and have amassed years of experience. The company is extremely result-oriented with a view to ensure that all clients associated with it receive the best possible Digital Marketing services at par with other leaders in the industry.

As one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies, VikMajra helps businesses get more visibility through different digital media channels. We target and utilize all major digital media marketing channels including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management (ORM), SEM, Affiliate Marketing, Content and Mobile Marketing, ASO (App Store Optimization), and more.

With a success rate of up to 100%, VikMajra is fast on the road to becoming one of the top Digital Marketing Agencies of the world. Our clients recommend us as being a professional, competent, and prompt service company which pays attention to detail and keeps client requirements at the forefront.

VikMajra Digital Marketing Services

Leading business houses across the globe are boosting their leads and sales using our wide range of Digital Marketing Services that include:-

1) Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is one of the most popular marketing channels for promoting a website organically via search engines. VikMajra SEO Services make sure that a client website gets optimized as per the guidelines set by leading search engines like Google, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex, Bing, etc., and that it ranks on the 1st SERP page when a user searches for related products or services. Our highly experienced team of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts makes it possible to rank any website on the 1st SERP for Google or any other search engine.

Some of our primary SEO Services include:-

  • Guaranteed Ranking of client’s website keywords on Google 1st SERP
  • Competitor Analysis for website SEO
  • Keyword research for complete website SEO
  • Content creation and optimization as per Search Engine guidelines
  • Back-links building for the complete website from the SEO perspective
  • Off-page SEO promotion of the entire site
  • Google Search Console (previously known as ‘Webmaster’) setup & monitoring
  •  Google Analytics setup & monitoring according to SEO point of view

2)Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising

PPC stands for Pay-Per-Click, and it is an online advertising technique that utilizes marketing channels to promote a website on SERPs through minimal investment. VikMajra takes pride in providing some of the most versatile Pay Per Click services to its clients including Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Paid Social Media Advertising, Re-marketing, Google Shopping & Mobile Advertising, Google Adwords, etc. Our Pay-Per-Click services ensure that client business gets the maximum ROI by generating more leads/sales. We use the latest PPC marketing tools and techniques to provide 100% client satisfaction.

Some of our key PPC advertising services include:

  •         Improved ROI and brand exposure
  •         Complete PPC campaign management & reporting on demand
  •         Generating quality leads and sales via PPC marketing
  •         PPC landing page creation and optimization
  •         PPC conversion tracking

3)Email Marketing

Being a popular Email Marketing Services company, VikMajra makes sure that only well-composed emails are sent to our clients’ targeted audiences.

We provide a broad range of email marketing services:

  •         Targeted email marketing campaigns
  •         Customer database generation & management for email campaigns
  •         User-interest based email targeting & marketing
  •         Real-time data mining & analysis for client business via email marketing
  •         Interactive email marketing programs
  •         Email acquisition & lead generation using the latest tools & strategies
  •         Campaign optimization & multivariate testing from email marketing point of view
  •         Spam checking using advanced email marketing tools

4) Search Engine Marketing

SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, and it includes the management of both free search engine traffic (i.e., SEO) and paid search engine traffic (i.e., PPC or Google Adwords). VikMajra SEM Services utilize a wide range of SEO and PPC activities to make sure that the client website gets more visibility on SERPs. We have a track record of successfully managing over a dozen medium to large-scale search engine marketing campaigns for different industries.  

Some of the primary reasons why you should choose our SEM services include:-

  •         We’re a result-oriented SEM company
  •         Counted among the best and most affordable SEM Agency
  •        We offer top-notch Search Engine Marketing and management services to increase brand awareness for our clients’ business website(s)

5)Social Media Marketing/Optimization (SMM/SMO) Services

As a leading Social Media Marketing company in the USA, India & U.K., we provide a diverse range of social media optimization and marketing services to improve our clients’ business. For social media marketing, we primarily target Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and other leading social media sites.

As a renowned SMM agency, we provide:

  •         Account setup on major social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  •         Content writing for submission on social media websites
  •         Social media websites community management
  •         Google Analytics integration with social media sites for proper tracking
  •         Paid social media advertising
  •         Brand awareness via social media websites

6) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is a lesser-known but quite a useful digital advertising technique to sell a business’s services/products via a third-party agency (known as an affiliate). Whenever a client’s product or service gets sold, the affiliate receives a pre-defined commission on the sale. If you have just started your business or already have a pre-established business and want to improve it, choose VikMajra Affiliate marketing services to get the exposure you’re looking for. Our Affiliate advertising services cover CPC (Cost-Per-Click), CPA (Cost-Per-Action), CPV (Cost-Per-View), as well as CPTI (Cost-Per-Thousand-Impressions).  

We offer a wide range of affiliate marketing services including:

  •         Affiliate webpage creation on the client’s business website
  •         Setting up the affiliate program on significant affiliate network sites like Amazon Associates, Commission Junction (CJ), OneNetworkDirect (OND), Share Sale, Click Bank, etc.
  •         Creating & setting up of affiliate tracking code on web pages
  •         Uploading the required content and images for affiliate marketing
  •         Daily, weekly & monthly affiliate program reporting and monitoring

7)Content Marketing

Are you struggling with your existing website content? Despite having many articles, blogs, and press releases is your website not able to generate proper leads and sales? Choose VikMajra’s Web Content Marketing Agency for the Best Content Marketing you can get.

Our Content Marketing services include:

  •         Regular blogging on business websites
  •         Website content writing services relevant to the client’s business niche
  •         Video content/script creation
  •         Email marketing
  •         Info-graphics creation
  •         Social media content writing
  •         eBooks writing
  •         White-Papers creation
  •         Content writing for case studies

8)Web Analytics

VikMajra’s Web Analytics services help clients measure their website traffic data accurately and collect user information from the instant they land on the website up to the instant they leave the website. We use Google Analytics, Woopra, Spring Metrics, Clicky, Kissmetrics, Chartbeat, and many other web analytics tools.

Our Web Analytics services include:

  •         Offsite web analytics
  •         Onsite web analytics
  •         Free web analytics consulting on demand
  •         Complete website audit using web analytics tools like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, etc.
  •         Social media monitoring using web analytics
  •         Full ROI (Return on Investment) analysis

9)Online Marketing

Our 360-degree Online Marketing services help clients generate online business using the help of the best practices in the niche. We care for the growth of our clients’ business.  

Primarily, we offer the below mentioned online marketing services:

  •         Search Engine Optimization including local SEO, international SEO, e-Commerce SEO
  •         Online reputation management that includes complete brand reputation management, corporate reputation management and more
  •         Website design and development services that include static web designing, mobile website designing, & e-Commerce web application development
  •         Social media marketing services on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  •         App store optimization & monitoring

10) E-Commerce Marketing

Our e-Commerce service company helps clients generate more sales from their e-Commerce portals using SEO, PPC, content marketing and various other e-Commerce marketing channels.

We provide the following e-Commerce marketing services to our local and global clients:

  •         E-commerce web application development
  •         Content writing for e-commerce website
  •         Search Engine Optimization for e-Commerce business website
  •        Online advertisement of e-Commerce site using Google Adwords, Social Media Paid Ads, etc.
  •         Content marketing for client e-Commerce website
  •         Web Analytics setup & conversion tracking of full e-Commerce site

11)Online Reputation Management (ORM)

Being a leading online reputation management services company, we make sure that our client’s business reputation remains positive online as well as witnesses a significant growth with our assistance.

We help our clients by providing the below ORM services:

  •         Complete control of the online business image
  •         Resolve any negative online reviews by following up with users
  •         Offer Yelp ORM services
  •         Provide online brand management services
  •         Remove any negative or irrelevant listings from SERP
  •         Online brand monitoring of the business website
  •         Online reputation management for celebrities, both local and global

12)Mobile App Marketing

We provide top quality mobile app marketing services to promote iOS, Android & Windows mobile apps on leading app stores.

Some of the key mobile app marketing services we offer are:

  •         Android app marketing services
  •         Windows app marketing services
  •         iOS/iPhone app marketing services
  •         Submission of mobile applications on major app stores
  •         Mobile App Store Optimization (ASO) services
  •         Free mobile app marketing consulting
  •         Press release management and social media marketing of mobile apps

13)Inbound Marketing

Are traditional marketing and other lead generation strategies like cold-calling, radio marketing, television advertising, direct mailing, phone messaging, etc. not working for your business? Choose VikMajra Inbound Marketing Services. The team at VikMajra harbors experienced inbound marketers who use the latest tools, techniques and other inbound marketing channels like SEO, PPC, content marketing, and social media to generate more leads/sales for your business.

Our inbound marketing services include:

  •         Inbound marketing strategy development
  •         Social media marketing
  •         Free web analytics setup and monitoring
  •         Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services
  •         Google Adwords, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) services
  •         Website designing and development services
  •         Growth hacking
  •         Marketing automation


At VikMajra, our primary goal is to provide complete branding solutions for our client base’s products and services. Our brand consulting services have been designed to cover all the necessary aspects of client brand management.

Being a popular brand management service provider, we offer:

  •         Brand strategy management for client business
  •         Brand design & management services
  •         Corporate branding services & management
  •         Online branding services

15)Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Are you facing a lead conversion rate problem despite having traffic, budget, etc.? Choose VikMajra conversion rate optimization services. Our experienced teams of CRO managers will do a complete analysis of your website and help you improve your overall lead conversion rate.

Some of the prominent CRO services we offer include:

  •         Designing & developing a complete website landing page from CRO point of view
  •         Checking the customer’s journey using web analytics tools
  •         Removing blocking points and improving user engagement

Why must you use Digital Marketing for overall business growth?

More and more businesses worldwide are utilizing digital marketing strategies to reach and engage their consumers effectively. For overall business growth, some of the key reasons that you should be using digital marketing are:  

  •       It has the potential to transform the way you reach & engage customers
  •       It is the most cost-effective way to market your business
  •       Every digital marketing tactic is measurable
  •       It allows you to target your ideal buyers
  •       Most people start their buyer’s journey online, so that’s where you should be focusing your marketing efforts
  •       Every customer is on social media, and digital marketing helps you reach each one
  •       SEO and local SEO helps you reach more qualified online buyers
  •       Digital marketing enables you to connect with mobile customers
  •       Digital marketing can be seamless and immediate unlike other media which require people to get up and make a phone call or go to a shop

Why Choose VikMajra for Digital Marketing?

Across the world, organizations choose VikMajra’s Digital Marketing services to witness overall business growth. And here are the reasons why:

  •         We offer end-to-end digital marketing services
  •         VikMajra has a healthy customer base of 1K+ happy clients worldwide
  •         We are home to a team of more than 500+ dedicated and talented digital marketers
  •         We have up to 94% client retention rate
  •         With us, you can be assured of secure & confidential services
  •         We follow a Technical + Creative approach for Digital Marketing
  •       We keep ourselves updated with the latest tools & technologies of digital marketing field
  •         We offer real-time tracking and analysis of all your digital marketing efforts
  •         You will find our customer service professional and prompt when it comes to dealing with client issues as and when required

Digital Marketing Process followed at VikMajra

At VikMajra, client requirements and expectations are our first priority. That’s the reason we have devised a proper 5-step process to ensure maximum client satisfaction on all projects that we deliver. Our vision is always to keep our eyes glued on fulfilling client requirements for digital marketing while never straying from our carefully drafted 5-step process.

Step 1: Setting the Objective

This phase includes defining a client’s overall mission/objectives, analyzing them carefully through brainstorming sessions and discussions with the client, and then finding out how our digital marketing techniques can fit into them.

Step 2: Defining Strategies

In this phase, we define the strategies to be used for achieving the client’s digital marketing objectives. The plans include devising the right content, finalizing affiliate marketing channels, and discussing social media marketing goals.

Step 3: Analyzing the Competition

This phase witnesses the analysis of competitor digital marketing strategies and molding client strategy around that to always stay ahead of the game.

Step 4: Jumping Right In

This is the most crucial phase of our approach. In this phase, we jump into the game with both feet applying all our efforts and resources into delivering the best digital marketing experience to our clients. We cover posting the right content on social media, utilizing affiliate marketing tactics, inbound marketing, ORM, and other relevant techniques to achieve the objectives we set out with.

Step 5: Result Analysis, Monitoring & Tracking

At this stage, we focus our time to track the results of our continuous efforts across different channels. We offer our clients real-time analysis, monitoring, and tracking of our digital marketing efforts and then gauge how well we lived up to their expectations.

Digital Marketing – Frequently Asked Questions

1)Should my business have a Digital Marketing strategy?

This entirely depends on your overall marketing objectives (which should directly link to your business objectives). If you are convinced that digital marketing is an essential element of your overall marketing plan, you should ideally spend some time understanding how digital marketing works as this is very important for a fair chance of success. Consult VikMajra for a more in-depth solution to this question.

2)Should we consider Content Marketing?

Digital content includes website landing pages, blogs, whitepapers, flyers, infographics, emails, presentations, digital notes, videos/infomercials, tweets, case studies, testimonials, reports, eBooks, surveys and much more. Content Marketing is a broad term that covers leveraging the power of such digital content to achieve your business’ marketing objectives. Carefully created digital content can influence the buyer mindset to a great extent, and that is the reason many organizations out there are using Content Marketing to achieve their goals. If you have a long-term commitment plan and a dedicated focus, you should go for it.

3)Can you guarantee results?

We wouldn’t want to give you a blunt ‘Yes’ to that. In fact, no agency can guarantee results in digital marketing since there are too many variables, especially with SEO. We can point to a highly successful track record across all sorts of sectors and let you connect with some of our previous clients if you want to see the kind of results we have produced in the past. Trust us when we tell you, we consider a job done only when you are 100% happy with the results.