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2) A Detailed Curriculum of VikMajra Digital Marketing Course

Top Digital Marketing Course

Choose VikMajra Digital Marketing Course and become a certified digital marketer after learning in-depth practical knowledge of SEO, PPC, SEM, SMO, Content Marketing, etc. We provide top quality digital marketing training to both fresher and experienced professionals. VikMajra digital marketing courses includes Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC (Pay Per Click), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM/SMO-Optimization), Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, ASO (App Store Optimization), Growth Hacking, Make Money Online, Marketing Automation. We have a team of highly experienced, certified digital marketing trainers who provides on-demand training about the best digital marketing courses and training.

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A Detailed Curriculum of VikMajra Digital Marketing Course

A complete list of each and everything about the digital marketing course modules provided by VikMajra are listed below.

#1.Digital Marketing Overview

 1.1)What is Digital Marketing?

 1.2)What is the Importance of Digital Marketing?

 1.3)How Digital Marketing Generate Leads?

 1.4)How Digital Marketing Generates Sales?

 1.5)Overview of Digital Marketing Branches (SEO, SEM, PPC, ASO, SMO,  Email, Content, Affiliate, Mobile Marketing) 

 1.6)Internet Marketing or Online Marketing

 1.7)Offline/Traditional Marketing Vs. Digital Marketing?

 1.8)How to Build a Billion Dollar Business via Digital Marketing?

 1.9)Future of Digital Marketing

 1.10)Digital Marketing Tools

 1.11)Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

#2.Domain Registration and Web Hosting

2.1) Detailed Introduction About Domain Name & Registration

2.2) Detailed Introduction About Web Hosting

#3.Website Designing And Development



3.3)Static Websites

3.4)Dynamic Websites

3.5)Database (SQL, MySQL, Oracle)


3.7)Website Security

3.8)Web Browsers

3.9)Web Servers

3.10)Web Pages

3.11)Proxy Servers

3.12)Search Engines

3.13)Web Development Languages



3.16)CMS (Content Management System)


3.18)Website Data Backups

#4.Free WordPress Training

4.1)WordPress Installation & Dashboard

4.2)WordPress Settings

4.3)WordPress Categories

4.4)WordPress Posts

4.5)WordPress Media

4.6)WordPress Pages

4.7)WordPress Tags

4.8)WordPress Links

4.9)WordPress Comments

4.10)WordPress Plugins

4.11)WordPress Users

4.12)WordPress Themes/Appearance

4.13)WordPress Advanced

#5.Keyword Research

5.1)What are Keywords in Digital Marketing?

5.2)Keywords Research Tools

5.3)How to Find Profitable Keywords Related to Your Industry?

5.4)Short Tail Vs. Long-Tail Keywords

5.5)Importance of Keywords in Digital Marketing

#6.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

6.1)How Search Engines Work?

 6.1.1)Indexing & Crawling Basics

 6.1.2)Optimizing Crawl Budget

6.2)Introduction to SEO

 6.2.1)Organic Search vs. Paid Search Results

 6.2.2)Anatomy of a Search Result (Search Snippet)

 6.2.3)What is On-page SEO (Content, Architecture, HTML)

 6.2.4)What is Off-page SEO /Link Building (Social, Content-based)

6.3)OnPage SEO

 6.3.1)Title, H1, Meta Description, Keyword Usage

 6.3.2)Crawling: XML, HTML Sitemaps, Robots.txt

 6.3.3)Content Clusters (Creating SEO-based content)

 6.3.4)Negative on-page to avoid

 6.3.5)Content Optimization

 6.3.6)Keyword Density

6.4)Technical SEO

 6.4.1)URL Architecture

 6.4.2)Page Speed Analysis (GTMetrix / YSlow /Google PageSpeed    Insights)

 6.4.3)Redirections (404 redirections, 301 redirections, 302 redirections, 307 redirections)

6.5)Mobile SEO

  6.5.1)App Store Optimization

  6.5.2)Mobile Websites: Responsive, Adaptive, Dynamic

  6.5.3)Optimizing for Voice Search

6.6)Backlinks Building SEO / Off-Page SEO


 6.6.2)Web- Forums


 6.6.4)Directory Submission

 6.6.5)Local Listing

 6.6.6)Business Listing

 6.6.7)Startup Submission

 6.6.8)Blogging Communities

 6.6.9)Web 2.0

 6.6.10)Press Release

 6.6.11)Guest Blogging

 6.6.12)Article Submission

 6.6.13)Photo Sharing

 6.6.14)Profile Creation

 6.6.15)Video Submission


 6.6.17)Social Bookmarking

 6.6.18)Blogging on 3rd Party Blogs


 6.6.20)Social Media Optimization


7.1)What is Blogging?

7.2)How to Setup a Blog and Starts Blogging?

7.3)Importance of Blogging in Digital Marketing

7.4)Blogging Platforms

7.5)How to Do Blog Promotion & Increase Website Traffic?

#8.Google Search Console/Webmaster

8.1)Search Appearance

  8.1.1)Structured Data

  8.1.2)Rich Cards


  8.1.4)HTML Improvements

  8.1.5)Data Highlighter

8.2)Search Traffic

  8.2.1)Search Analytics

  8.2.2)Links to Your Site

  8.2.3)Internal Links

  8.2.4)Manual Actions 

  8.2.5)International Targeting

  8.2.6)Mobility Usability

8.3)Google Index

 8.3.1)Index Status

 8.3.2)Remove a URL from SERP

 8.3.3)Block Resources


 8.4.1)Crawl Errors  

 8.4.2)Crawl Stats

 8.4.3)Fetch as Google

 8.4.4)Robots.txt Tester


 8.4.6)URL Parameters

#9.Google Analytics



Ø Dashboards

Ø Custom Reports

Ø Saved Reports

Ø Custom Alerts


Ø Overview

Ø Locations 

Ø Traffic Sources

Ø Content

Ø Events

Ø Conversions


  •       Overview
  •       Active Users   

Lifetime Values

  •       Cohort Analysis       
  •       User Explorer


  •       Demographics (Overview, Gender, Age)
  •       Interests (Overview, Affinity Categories, In-Market Segments, Other Categories) 
  •       Geo (Language, Location)
  •       Behavior (New vs Returning, Frequency & Recency, Engagement)
  •       Technology (Browser & OS, Network)
  •       Mobile (Overview, Devices)
  •       Custom (Custom Variables, User Defined)
  •       Benchmarking (Channels, Location, Devices)
  •       Users Flow


  •       Overview
  •       All Traffic (Channels, Treemaps, Source/Medium, Referrals)
  •       Google AdWords/ Google Ads (Campaigns, Treemaps, Keyword, Search Queries, Hour of Day, Final URL)
  •       Search Console (Landing Pages, Countries, Devices, Queries)
  •       Social (Overview, Network Referrals, Landing Pages, Conversions, Plugins, User Flow) 
  •       Campaigns (All Campaigns, Paid Keywords, Organic Keywords, Cost Analysis) 


  •       Overview
  •       Behavior Flow
  •       Site Content (All Pages, Content Drilldown, Landing Pages, Exit Pages) 
  •       Site Speed (Overview, Page Timings, Speed Suggestions, User Timings)
  •       Site Search (Overview, Usage, Search Terms, Search Pages)
  •       Events (Overview, Top Events, Pages, Events Flow)
  •       Publisher (Overview, Publisher Pages, Publisher Referrers, Experiments)


  •       Goals: (Mobile app download, software download, software purchase, fill out the contact form, ebook download, signup form etc.)


Goal URL

Reverse Goal Path

Funnel Visualization

Goal Flow

  •       E-Commerce 


Product Performance

Sales Performance


Time to Purchase

  •       Multi-Channel Funnels 


Assisted Conversions

Top Conversion Paths

Time Lag 

Path Length

  •       Attribution

Model Comparison Tool

Attribution model


  1. a) Account:

Ø Account Settings

Ø User Management

Ø All Filters

Change History

Ø Trash Can

#10.Google Search Engine Algorithms

10.1)Google Panda Algorithm

10.2)Google Penguin Algorithm

10.3)Google Hummingbird Algorithm

10.4)Google Pigeon Algorithm

10.5)RankBrain W.R.T. SEO


10.7)Mobile Friendly Update



10.10)Future of SEO  

#11.Social Media Marketing (SMM)

11.1)What is Social Media Marketing?

11.2)Importance of Social Media Marketing

11.3)Social Media Marketing Tools

11.4)Social Media Marketing Channels

11.5)Facebook Marketing

11.6)Twitter Marketing

11.7)LinkedIn Marketing

11.8)Pinterest Marketing

11.9)Video Marketing

11.10)Image Marketing

11.11)Instagram Marketing

11.12)Snapchat Marketing

#12.Online Reputation Management (ORM)

12.1)What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

12.2)Importance of Online Reputation Management (ORM)

12.3)Why Online Reputation Management (ORM) Matters?

12.4)Online Reputation Management (ORM) Channels

12.5)How Online Reputation Management (ORM) is Helpful in Digital Marketing?

#13.Web Analytics

13.1)Google Analytics

13.2)Adobe Analytics – SiteCatalyst

13.3)Web Analytics Tools

#14.Content Marketing

14.1)What is Content Marketing?

14.2)What is the Use of Content Marketing?

14.3)Importance of Content Marketing |Digital Marketing Landscape

14.4)Content Marketing Strategy

14.5)Content Marketing – Target Customer

14.6)Content Marketing – Content Creation

14.7)Content Marketing – Media Channels

14.8)Content Marketing – Editorial Calendar

14.9)Content Marketing – Style Guide

14.10)Content Marketing – Basic Tools

14.11)Content Marketing – Challenges

14.12)Content Marketing – Tracking Success

14.13)Content Marketing – Blogs

14.14)Content Marketing – Lifecycle Emails

14.15)Content Marketing – eNewsletters

14.16)Content Marketing – WhitePapers

14.17)Content Marketing – Case Studies

14.18)Content Marketing – eBooks

14.19)Content Marketing – Digital Magazines

14.20)Content Marketing – Mobile Apps

14.21)Content Marketing – Web Apps

14.22)Content Marketing – Podcasts

14.23)Content Marketing – Webinars

14.24)Content Marketing – Infographics

14.25)Content Marketing – Articles

14.26)Content Marketing – Press Releases

14.27)Content Marketing – Social Media

14.28)Content Marketing – Examples

14.29)Content Marketing – Web Resources

#15.Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

15.1)What is Search Engine Marketing (SEM)?

15.2)Importance of Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

15.3)What is Google Ads?

15.4)How to Setup Google Ads Account?

15.5)Google Ads Terminology

15.6)How Google Ads Works?

15.7)Google Search Networks

15.8)Google Display Networks

15.9)Google Video Networks

15.10)Google Shopping Networks

15.11)Google Universal App Campaign Networks


#16.Email Marketing

16.1)What is Email Marketing?

16.2)Why Should We Do Email Marketing?

16.3)How to Do Email Marketing?

16.4)Email Marketing – Mailing List

16.5)Organizing Mailing List

16.6)Email Marketing – HTML & Text Emails

16.7)Email Marketing – Newsletters

16.8)Email Marketing – Announcements

16.9)Email Marketing – Event Invitation

16.10)Email Marketing – Content

16.11)Email Marketing – Landing Pages

16.12)Email Marketing – Spam Compliance

16.13)Email Marketing – How to Avoid Spamming?

16.14)Email Marketing – Avoid Being Blacklisted

16.15)Email Marketing – Service Providers

16.16)Email Marketing – Automation

16.17)Email Marketing – Metrics

16.18)Email Marketing – Follow UPS

#17.Mobile Marketing

17.1)What is Mobile Marketing and Why to Do Mobile Marketing?

17.2)Different Types of Mobile Marketing (SMS, MMS, QR Codes, LBS, Push Notifications, Mobile Apps, In-Game)

17.3)Importance of Mobile Marketing

17.4)SMS Campaign

17.5)Mobile Website Marketing

17.6)Mobile Apps Marketing

17.7)Mobile Social Media Marketing

17.8)Mobile Email Marketing


17.10)Mobile Marketing Tools 

#18.Internet Marketing

#19.Pay Per Click (PPC)

 19.1)Google Ads PPC

 19.2)Facebook PPC

 19.3)LinkedIn PPC

 19.4)Quora PPC

 19.5)Twitter PPC

#20.Inbound Marketing

20.1)What is Inbound Marketing?

20.2)Importance of Inbound Marketing

20.3)Inbound Marketing Vs. Outbound Marketing

20.4)Inbound Marketing Channels

#21.Affiliate Marketing

21.1)What is Affiliate Marketing & How Does it Works?

21.2)How to Start Affiliate Marketing?

21.3)Affiliate Marketing Vs. Performance Based Marketing

21.4)Affiliate Marketing Amazons & Flipkart

21.5)How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing?

21.6)Affiliate Marketing Programs

21.7)Affiliate Marketing Terminology

21.8)Affiliate marketing Companies

#22.Amazon Marketplace

22.1)What is Amazon Marketplace &How Does Amazon Marketplace Work

22.2)How to Make Money with Amazon Marketplace?

22.3)Affiliate Marketing Vs. Amazon Marketplace

22.4)How to Set Up Account with Amazon Marketplace?

#23.Google Adsense

23.1)What is Google Adsense and How to Make Money Online Using Google Adsense?

23.2)How Does Google Adsense Works?

23.3)Google Adsense Terms and Conditions 

23.4)Google Adsense Types (Content, Search, Video etc.)

23.5)How to Create and Setup Google Adsense Account?

23.6)Free Business Ideas Using Google Adsense

#24.Marketing Automation

24.1)What is Marketing Automation

24.2)How Does Marketing Automation Works?

24.3)Marketing Automation Tools?

24.4)Who Uses Marketing Automation?

24.5)Marketing Automation Features & Functions

24.6)What Is The Value And ROI Of Marketing Automation?

24.7)How can Marketing Automation Benefit Your Business?

#25.Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

25.1)What is the Conversion Rate Optimization?

25.2)Conversion Rate Optimization Tools

25.3)Conversion Rate Optimization in Digital Marketing

25.4)How to Improve Conversion Rate Optimization for any Business?

#26.Growth Hacking

26.1)What is Growth Hacking?

26.2)Importance of Growth Hacking in Digital Marketing

26.3)Growth Hacking Vs. Digital Marketing

26.4)Growth Hacking Tools

#27.E-Commerce Marketing

27.1)What is E-Commerce Marketing?

27.2)E-Commerce Marketing Channels (PPC, SEM, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Influence Marketing)

27.3)E-Commerce Marketing Terminology

27.4)E-Commerce Marketing Tools

27.5)Who Employs E-Commerce Marketing?

27.6)Importance of E-Commerce Marketing

#28.App Store Optimization (ASO)

28.1)What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

28.2)App Store Optimization (ASO) Tools

28.3)Benefits of App Store Optimization (ASO)

28.4)App Store Optimization (ASO) Ranking Factors

28.5)ASO Vs. SEO

28.6)How to Do App Store Optimization (ASO) of Mobile Application

28.7)Android Apps Vs. iOS Apps Vs. Windows Phone Apps Vs. Cross Platform Mobile Applications

28.8)App Store Optimization (ASO) Terminology

28.9)Mobile Apps Downloads & Install Vs. SEO

28.10)Mobile Apps Monetization

#29.Guerrilla Marketing

29.1)What is Guerrilla Marketing?

29.2)Guerrilla Marketing Strategy

29.3)Different Types of Guerrilla Marketing 

29.4)Importance of Guerrilla Marketing in Today Digital Landscape

29.5)Guerrilla Marketing Examples of Major Brands

29.6)How Businesses are Using Guerrilla Marketing?

#30.Influencer Marketing

30.1)What is an Influencer Marketing & Why Does it Matter?

30.2)How to Grow Your Business with Influencer Marketing?

30.3)How to Find Influencer Marketer?

30.4)Influencer Marketing Channels

30.5)Do/Don’t in Influencer Marketing

30.6)How to Become a Social Media Marketing Influencer

#31.E-Commerce Listing & Marketplace Selling

31.1)What is E-Commerce Marketing?

31.2)Amazon Marketplace

31.3)How to List Your Business on Top E-Commerce Marketplace?

31.4)Free Tips and & Tricks to Sell Your Products in eCommerce Marketplace

31.5)E-commerce Marketplace Channels

31.6)Tools Used in E-commerce Listing and Marketplace Selling

#32.Media Buying and Planning

32.1)What is Media Buying and Planning?

32.2)Importance of Media Buying and Planning in Today Digital Landscape

32.3)How to Prepare Working Media Plan to Improve Your Business?

32.4)Advertising Media Channels

32.5)Tools Used in Digital Media

#33.A/B Testing

33.1)What is A/B Testing and How It Works?

33.2)What is A/B Testing in Digital Marketing?

33.3)Why to Use A/B Testing?

33.4)What to Test in A/B Testing?

33.5)A/B Testing Tools

#34.Online Marketing

34.1)Detailed Overview About Online Marketing

34.2)Online Marketing Vs. Offline Marketing

#35.Lead Generation

35.1)What is Lead Generation and Why It is Important?

35.2)How to Generate Business Leads Using Digital Marketing?

35.3)B2B and B2C Lead Generation || Digital Marketing

35.4)Lead Generation Ideas, Strategies, Practice & Examples

35.5)Lead Generation Research

#36.Case Study- Digital Marketing

36.1)Case Study- SEO

36.2)Case Study – SMM/SMO

36.3)Case Study- PPC

36.4)Case Study- Content Marketing

#37.Digital Marketing Vs. Online Marketing

37.1)What is Digital Marketing?

37.2)What is Online Marketing?

37.3)Difference Between Digital Marketing Vs. Online Marketing

#38.Digital Marketing Vs. Offline Marketing

38.1)What is Offline Marketing?

38.2)Difference Between Digital Marketing Vs. Offline Marketing

38.3)Channels Involved in Digital Marketing and Offline Marketing

#39.International Digital Marketing Master Course

39.1)What is International Digital Marketing?

39.2)Importance of International Digital Marketing in Today’s World

39.3)How to Sell Your Products and Services Globally After Completing International Digital Marketing Master Course?

39.4)International SEO, PPC, SEM, SMO, ASO etc.

#40.Cyber Laws Related to Digital Marketing

40.1)What is Cyber Laws Related to Digital Marketing?

40.2)How to Prevent Cyber Crime Related to Digital Marketing?

40.3)What is Online Privacy in Digital Marketing?

#41.Website UI/UX & Keywords & Contents & Backlinks & PPC || 5 Most Important Pillars of Digital Marketing

41.1)Website UI/UX

41.2)Keyword Research

41.3)Content Writing and Marketing

41.4)Backlinks Building

41.5)PPC (Pay Per Click)

#42.Competitor Analysis

42.1)What is Competitor Analysis?

42.2)Importance of Competitor Analysis in Digital Marketing

42.3)How to Do Competitor Analysis?

42.4)Competitor Analysis  Tools

42.5)Competitor Analysis FAQ’s 

#43.Digital Marketing Interview Preparation

43.1)Digital Marketing Interview Preparation| Fresher & Experienced

43.2)SEO Interview Preparation

43.3)SEM Interview Preparation

43.4)PPC Interview Preparation

43.5)SMO Interview Preparation

43.6)Affiliate Marketing Interview Preparation

43.7)Email Marketing Interview Preparation

43.8)Content Marketing Interview Preparation

43.9)ASO Interview Preparation

43.10)Online Marketing Interview Preparation

Major Reasons to Choose VikMajra for Digital Marketing Course 

Some of the key reasons to choose VikMajra digital marketing course are discussed below.

1)We provide on-demand training to both fresher and working professionals according to their requirements.

2)We have a team of digital marketing trainer whose average experience is more than 10+Years.

3)We provides 100% digital marketing jobs assistance to our students.

4)Our digital marketing is much lesser when compared with any other digital marketing training institutes.

5)Our digital marketing training modules covered each and everything that is required to become a successful digital marketer.

6)VikMajra Digital Marketing Course is well equipped with projectors, live racks, Wi-Fi, and other latest digital pads.

Digital Marketing Course Fees and Duration

We don’t take any money for learning digital marketing course by our own. Students can give us any amount of money which they find suitable. Our cost duration range from 1 Month-6 Month.

Digital Marketing Course Exam and Certification

After completing the digital marketing course from VikMajra, you will get the below mentioned exam & certification. These digital marketing certifications will help you in the job perspective.

1.Google AdWords Certification

2.Google Analytics Certification

3.HubSpot Content Marketing Certification

4.HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification

5.Hootsuite Social Media Marketing Certification

6.Copyblogger Certified Content Marketer 

7.Content Marketing Institute Online Certification

8.Facebook Ad Certification

9.Market Motive Digital Marketing Certification Program

10.The Digital Marketing Institute Certified Digital Marketing Professional

11.Cornell University Digital Marketing Certificate Program

12.Duke University Digital Media and Marketing Certificate Program

13.YouTube Certification

14.GetResponse Digital Marketing Certification Program

15.American Marketing Association (AMA) Digital Marketing Certification

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About VikMajra Digital Marketing Course

1)What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the process or a kind of marketing that involves selling products and services online via digital media channels like SEO, PPC, SEM, Social Media, Mobile & Contents, etc.

2)Why Digital Marketing is Important in Today LandScape?

Today, digital marketing has become more important than ever due to a continuous increase in internet users globally and competition level. Also, it will further increase in the future.

3)What is the Best Digital Marketing Course for Me? 

The best digital marketing course is the one which full-fills your needs and helps in getting practical knowledge of all the branches of digital marketing.

4)What is the Cost of Digital Marketing Course?

The average money charges by any digital marketing training institute vary between Rs. 25,000-Rs. 100,000 ($350-$1500).

5)What is the Minimum Qualification Required to Learn Digital Marketing?

Anyone can learn digital marketing due to the continuous increase in the digital marketing course institute and become a certified digital marketer. There is no prerequisite required to learn digital marketing.