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1) Get ROI-driven Affiliate Marketing Services at VikMajra

Affiliate Marketing is the marketing technique where a website promotes a business in exchange for a commission. Under this technique, the commission is paid as per the performance of the publisher. The website that chooses to promote the business product is the publisher. While the business whose product is being promoted is an advertiser. 

VikMajra is a leading Affiliate marketing company that helps businesses to formulate and execute their affiliate program. We have experience of 15 years in providing affiliate marketing services to different industry businesses. We have a wider network of publishers who can prove to be good affiliates for a business. Our team aims to provide dedicated services to the business to drive high-quality traffic for them. 

2) What’s included in the VikMajra Affiliate Marketing Services? 

VikMajra helps businesses to make their affiliate program effectively and get quality affiliates. We are providing a complete suite of Affiliate marketing services that help a business to grow their business that including:

2.1) Banner Designing

For every affiliate, the advertiser needs to provide advertisement banners that will be displayed on the publisher’s website. These banners should be creative and eye-catching so that the visitor may get attracted to the business. At VikMajra, we help our clients to design a beautiful and creative banner for each affiliate. 

Our team possesses expert designing skills and experts who are the best at this service. We have years of experience in providing this service. We design the banner as per the need, goals, and services provided by our client. 

2.2) Affiliate Network Setup

In affiliate marketing, each business requires a quality affiliate network of affiliates. Setting up a good affiliate network can be difficult without knowing the quality and efficiency of the affiliates. VikMajra is specialized in setting up an affiliate network for businesses. We have a team of experts who collaborates with the publishers and brings it together for an advertiser. 

VikMajra has an existing record of hundreds of affiliates that can be suitable for our clients. We analyze each affiliate and they are allocated as per the business industry. We bring quality affiliates to the business so that a good affiliate network can be formed. 

2.3) Text Ads Creation 

In affiliate marketing, a business can also offer text ads to be displayed on the publisher’s website. We at VikMajra help businesses to create creative text ads. We have a team of writers and copywriters who are experienced in creating text ads for the business. 

Our writers first understand the mission, value, and products of the clients, and then a text ad is formulated. Our team is dedicated to providing quality results to the clients. Our experience helps us to determine which ad strategy can be best for an industry business.

2.4) Setting Up Commission Structure  

Affiliate marketing works on the commission structure. A good commission amount can attract many high-quality affiliates for an advertiser. A business should know how much it can afford to give as commission to the publisher. Our team helps client businesses to set up an effective commission structure. 

We evaluate the goals, needs, and budget of the client, and an appropriate commission structure is formulated. An affiliate commission structure can be based on a monthly and yearly basis. We help our clients to understand the best alternative and offer it to the affiliates. 

2.5) Set Up Affiliate Program 

Once the whole affiliate marketing strategy is formulated, the next part is to then execute the same. A business needs to make the affiliate program live and attract affiliates. We at VikMajra help the clients to make the affiliate program live and attract better affiliates. Our agency provides a good network of affiliates which can help the clients to start the affiliate program easily. 

We also assist our clients in formulating an affiliate program across blogs, information portals, product review sites, price comparison sites, and membership & voucher sites. We formulate a strategy that is suitable for the needs of our clients. 

2.6) Sales Tracking and Reporting 

Sales tracking and reporting is the next service that VikMajra provides to various industry businesses. Being the affiliate marketing service provider, we understand the responsibility of tracking the sales that are generated through affiliates. We track the performance of each affiliate and the sales generated by them. 

We store this information and provide a proper report to the clients. Our team is dedicated to providing quality reporting to the clients. We often fix meetings with both the clients and affiliates so that a better strategy can be formulated.

3) What are the key benefits of VikMajra’s Affiliate Marketing Services?

VikMajra is one of leading affiliate marketing companies across the globe. Some of the key benefits that our clients reap from the Affiliate marketing services include the following:

3.1) Relevant Marketing Specialists

Our team of expert professionals has experience providing affiliate marketing services to various industrial businesses. With our experience in this field, our client gets quality affiliate services leading to high-quality results.

3.2) Data-driven analytics

The team of VikMajra aims to provide quality services to businesses. We assist and interact with our clients in the best possible manner. Our team provides a complete data-driven analytics report about the results obtained from the implemented strategy. We are available for our clients 24×7. 

3.3) Targeted Traffic

We at VikMajra help the clients to set up an affiliate program and choose those affiliates that can drive traffic to their website. With our strategy and affiliates, our clients can drive targeted traffic which can be converted into sales. Many of our clients experienced a sharp increase in sales with our affiliate program strategy. 

3.4) Focused Results

VikMajra has a team of publishers that have good traffic. By choosing such affiliates, we help the clients to achieve their desired goals. Through the affiliate network, the banners of our clients are visible on many websites which increases the reach. This leads to getting desired results in less time. 

3.5) Focused Strategic Plan

We at VikMajra help the clients to set up an affiliate program that can drive traffic to their website. All the strategies and their execution is made after understanding the goals and needs of each client. Therefore, our team provides a completely focused strategic plan to the clients. 

4) Get Ready for a result-oriented Affiliate Marketing Approach

VikMajra is a specialized affiliate marketing company that has served different industry clients for 15+ years. We aim to provide the best affiliate services to businesses so that they can experience a sharp rise in sales. Our team has professional experts who have completed various affiliate projects for different clients. We have a strong affiliate network that can help our clients gain better results.

FAQs on Affiliate Marketing Services

1)How does affiliate marketing work? 

Under the affiliate marketing technique, a business wishes to promote its products on other websites so that leads can be generated. For such promotion, the business pays a specified amount to the website as per the performance. This is called affiliate marketing. Here the business is the advertiser while the website that is promoting the business product is the publisher. These publishers are also known as affiliates of the business. 

2) How long does affiliate marketing take to show results?

Affiliate marketing is a technique that can provide quality results. But there is no specified time in which results are guaranteed. Some businesses may achieve results in less time while some may achieve them in more time. It depends on the affiliate network of the business. If the banners are well designed and the affiliates have good website traffic, then there are good chances of getting quality results in less time. 

3) Is an affiliate marketing program good for businesses? 

Yes, an affiliate marketing program is good for businesses. It is so because affiliate marketing helps these businesses to generate qualified leads, improve brand visibility, and increase sales. The affiliates promote the business product on their website which helps the businesses to get a wider reach on the internet.

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