Benefits of Newsletter for a Website

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Learn the Main Benefits of Newsletter for a Website

The majority of the webmaster often focus on increasing traffic on their respective websites, and they ignore the benefits of the newsletter for a website. Are you also one of the webmaster/blogger who is neglecting the importance of a newsletter for your website, then I highly recommend you to read this article. A website newsletter is one of the most important factors which can dramatically increase the conversion rate for your product/service. In addition to this, it also helps you to keep your loyal readers updated with the latest information on your site. Today, in this article I will share with you each and everything which you need to know about the website Email newsletter and how important it is.

So, let’s without wasting any further time have a look at what a website email newsletter is in digital marketing and how it is important?

What is a Website Email Newsletter?

A website or blog email newsletter is one of the most useful methods to make trust and relationships with your site readers. An email newsletter consists of important links to posts from your website, and it received by those users who have subscribed to your website.

In order days, RSS was the main source and popular method of subscribing to receive regular blog posts. But, with the emerging to news technologies it becomes outdated, and today only a few bloggers/webmasters use it. A website email newsletter can further be divided into two main parts.

1.Automated email subscriber

In this category of the email newsletter, a blogger doesn’t need to do too many changes, and most of your new blog posts are sent to the subscriber as an email newsletter. Now, there are two options in the automated email subscriber:

Free choice: Google Feed burner

Note: If you are a serious blogger who wants to make money, then I suggest you go for paid option.

2.Manual Email Newsletter for your website

In the manual email newsletter, you don’t send automatically created an email newsletter. Instead of that, you can choose any or some of your most popular blog post to send to your blog subscriber. It is one of the most popular and powerful strategies used by many professional bloggers. It helps them to get a better email opening rate and maximum visibility.

Though, using Feedburner will not give you maximum visibility for customizing your email newsletter. So, instead of using Feedburner, try to use some premium email marketing tools like MailChimp or Aweber.

Advantages of Having a Regular Email Newsletter for Website for Blog Subscriber

Having an email newsletter is very important for getting more traffic on your website. Depending on your blog posting frequency, you can use any one of the above options, i.e., either manual or automated email newsletter.

My recommendation to you is using the manual option, as it is more beneficial for the webmaster.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the major reasons why you should use the website email newsletter.

1.Keep your blog reader updated with new posts

Even if your reader regularly visits on your website, but still there is a probability that they missed some of your blog posts. It includes any new announcements, a useful post, a giveaway, etc. So, a regular email newsletter will prove helpful in all such cases.

2.Helps to revisit new websites visitors

Sometimes, it happens that some of your first-time site visitors find your blog useful and they will subscribe to your email newsletter. So, this will help them to revisit the website and who knows if they become future clients.

3.Drive only targeted traffic on your website

If a visitor visits your website and subscribes to your newsletter, it means he/she is interested in your site niche and ready to visit your website in the future. Having a targeted visitor, helps you to increase sales on your website. And, all that is possible using the help of an email newsletter.

4.Increase the user-interaction

Getting feedback from your regular website visitors is helpful when it comes to building a big empire. So, if you are using an email newsletter just for the sake of promotion or drive online traffic to your website, then you may be wrong.

If you are sending a newsletter for getting proper feedback from the site visitors about their product or services, then it proves more beneficial as compared to just driving traffic.            

5.Monetization purpose

If you have targeted audience and niche for your blog, then you can also have a chance to attract advertisers by showing them the total website subscriber base. Along with this, you can also promote affiliate products and makes a great deal of money from it.

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