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5 Must-Have Google Chrome SEO Extension for Every Internet Marketer

As we all know that Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used web-browser that is used by millions of users across the globe. It is lightweight, fast, secure and the best web-browser which I have ever used in my life. Having all these features, Google chrome also possesses one extra and most important features that are very helpful for bloggers and internet marketers, i.e., Google Chrome SEO Extension.

So, today in this article I will discuss with you some of the best and most widely used Google chrome SEO-extension that may prove helpful for you. 

After installing these SEO extensions in your Chrome web browser, you can easily check the ranking of a particular website, a total number of the index page, domain authority, social media likes and shares, and many other SEO related parameters.

Best SEO Extensions for Google Chrome

So, let’s see these SEO extensions (plugin) without wasting any time.

List of Top 10 Best Google Chrome SEO Plugin (extension) for SEO Managers

SEO Managers have to regularly analyze the websites. After, using the help of the extension mentioned in this article, they can easily check every SEO related metric and then take an appropriate decision.


Mozbar is my favorite tool when it comes to checking the page authority, domain authority, overall backlinks, spam score, and total social media shares of a webpage. If you want to know the full features of Mozbar, then you have to buy this software.

2.Ahref SEO Toolbar

Ahref SEO toolbar is the major competitor of Mozbar. Ahref provided nearly the same features as provided by Mozbar, but the data from the mush improved the Ahref database. Once the Ahref bar becomes active, it displays all the webpage SEO related features in the browser. You will find backlinks and referring domain, social media shares from major networks, etc. Though all these features are completely free, but if you have an Ahref subscription, then you can get more features.

3.Majestic SEO Toolbar

This is the 3rd competitor of Mozbar in this list. Again, it provides all the necessary SEO features.  Once active on we webpage, you will see the total number of backlinks, trust flow, backlink profile, total root domains, and many other features. All this information is drawn from a database of Majestic SEO. Also, the complete information given in the summary tab is free of use.

4.SEO and Website Analysis provided by WooRank

This plugin is the best among all the SEO related plugins. It provided plenty of additional features as provided by the other 3 in this article. Some of the basic features provided by this plugin are Basic SEO, proper mobile optimization, website technology used, visitors, social media sharing statistics, etc.

5.Check my links

If you have ever encountered any broken links and want to check, whether all the links on your website are working or not, then CheckMyLinks is the best available tool. On a webpage, when you click on the extension icon, it will check and tell you whether the links are working or not.

6.Domain Hunter Plus

If you are looking for an expired domain that has good authority and backlinks, then Domain Hunter Plus is the best extension for that. Along with finding an expired domain, it can also be used as a broken link checker tool.

7.SEO Quake

SEO Quake is a powerful tool for finding all the SEO insights of a website within a web-browser. It is available for both Chrome as well as the Firefox browser.

8.Meta SEO Inspector

This Google Chrome extension is useful for displaying all the meta-information about a webpage. The information that Meta SEO inspector provides is the title, description, and keyword of a webpage. It also highlights all the important thing which is missing from a webpage.

9.Nofollow extension

This extension is available for both Google Chrome as well as for Firefox users. Though the same developer does not create both of these extensions, both are effective and immediately tell whether a specific link is do-follow or no-follow.

10.Link Grabber

Link Grabber is another popular SEO extension for getting a complete list of links from a webpage. It is very fast when compared to its competitor. 


This is another must-have SEO extension for the managers and other professionals in the SEO industry. Firebug allows a user to easily see all the HTML and CSS parts of a webpage. Along with this, you can also edit any HTML or CSS parts to check how the webpage will appear.

12.User-Agent Switcher

This extension allows the webmaster to set their browser in order to tell any website that it is a specific operating system or browser. So, if you see that your website users’ engagement is not up to date, then using the help of User Agent Switcher, you can fix such an issue.


Browsec is a specific and freely available VPN that allows a webmaster to spoof your internet protocol (I.P.) address and hence makes think that you are located in some other country. Though, the free version of Browser has a limited set of features. So, to take full benefit of this extension, I suggest you upgrade to its pro version.


If you want to check the technology used behind a website, then Wappalyzer is the best extension. Wappalyzer gives complete detail of web-server, programming language, framework, javascript libraries which a site is using.

15.Webpage load time

Having a fast website loading time is necessary both for users as well as getting top search engine rankings. If your website is loading within 4-5 seconds, then you are losing both your loyal customers and ranking both. Hence, a regular check of the website loading time is very important. Using the help of a Web-page load time extension, you can check your site loading time and try certain tricks to decrease it.

16.Redirect path checker

Redirection is another important parameter for SEO purposes. So, proper website redirection is necessary for maintaining the websites.


This SEO extension tracks all the webpage scripts and attractively displays them to the user. Also, it will help you to find any of your competitor plugins, scripts and other advertising scripts used.


Buffer is a popular social media marketing and sharing SEO extension. Using the help of buffer, you can easily set which post to share on social media channels daily at a specific timing.


In the SEO field, you have to stay updated to achieve top search engine ranking. Pocket allows the user to save their blog post, video, audio for later use. With the help of the pocket extension, you can put your content in the pocket’ and use it at a later stage. is an SEO extension that revolves around backlinks. It is one of the most popular and widely used link shortener services. If you want to share in your social media circle, then using the help of, you can shorten your link using this extension and finally share it on social media.


As SEO professionals, we have to regularly manage our password which can be our website or any other account. So, LastPass solves the task of password management, and instead of remembering different passwords, you only need to remember the LastPass password.

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