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Best 5 Websites for Keyword Ranking Checking

For every SEO professional, one of the most important and necessary parameters from the search engine point of view (P.O.V) is keyword ranking in major search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Many bloggers and webmasters make a big mistake, and they write a blog post without targeting their main keywords. Though, using the help of professional tools like SEMrush or using Google keyword planner, it takes only a few minutes to find their focus keyword and then target in the webpage content. If you are doing blogging and want to increase traffic on your website really, then make sure you are taking full advantage of these tools.

Once you select your main keyword for which you want to rank in search engines especially Google and then write a well-optimized blog post and try to include your keyword in that webpage content. And, when you complete the backlinks building process for main keyword, it comes time to check where keywords come ranking in the search engine results page when a user searches keywords.

In order to check, Google keyword ranking there comes many free and premium tools that immediately tell you in which position your keywords are ranking. Though free tools don’t always give satisfactory results, so for taking proper accuracy; I suggest you go for paid keyword ranking checker tools.

List of Google Keyword Ranking Tools for SEO professionals


SEMRUSH was the first tool that I have used 1st time for checking my website keyword ranking. Also, it is my favorite tool, and currently, I am using this tool for: –

  •   Keyword research
  •   Checking the CPC of my targeted keywords
  •   Finding the competitor website

Though SEMRUSH is a paid tool, it also offers 14 days’ free trial to those users who want to test it before buying the software. In short, it is one of the most popular tools for checking the Google keyword ranking with100% accuracy.


Ahrefs is another competitor for SEMRUSH.

3.Google Rank Checker

It is the 3rd tool in this list for checking keywords ranking in the search engine results page. It is free utility provided by Google to all the digital marketing professionals for tracking their keywords in SERP. In order to use the Google Rank Checker tool, you need to provides your main keywords and your website domain name in the box provided as shown below. Within, a fraction of second, it displays on which position your keyword in ranking in Google. It is very easy to use and free available tools from one of the largest search engines, i.e. Google.

4.iWebTool search engine position checker

Similar to Google rank checker, the iWeb tool is a freely available utility for checking and analyzing the keyword ranking in SERP. It is easy to use tool with having an interactive user-interface. 

5.SEO Centro rank checker

SEO Centro rank checker is another tool that I have included in this list due to its ease of use and functionality. Using the help of this tool, you can search your keywords in multiple search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

It will give complete detail about each keyword along with keywords history.

Summary: – Of all the above-discussed Google keyword rank checker tools discussed in this article, I have found SEMRUSH as the best and most reliable software. It is because it provides additional features along with providing keyword ranking. If you are using any other tools which might be helpful for other users, then please let me know them via the comment section.

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