How to Attract Advertisers to Your Website

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Useful Tricks to Attract Advertisers to Your Website

Today, in this fast-growing blogosphere everyone from beginners to experienced bloggers, all want to make money. But, for all of them attracting advertisers towards their website is one of the most difficult tasks. Though it doesn’t matter what the Alexa ranking of your website, how much traffic your website is receiving daily is, attracting advertiser is always a cumbersome task. Especially, when there are thousands of other websites on a specific niche and all the advertisers use different advertising methods such as Google AdWords, BuySellAds, etc. for finding those websites where they can advertise effectively and reach their target customers effectively.

Though all these parameters matter up to a certain point, advertisers prefer those websites that have good subscribers base, best online social media presence, having good authority, and overall they are a brand in themselves. If your website has all these parameters, then congratulations, you are going to receive an advertiser on your website.

How to Attract Advertisers to Your Website

Here, I will share with you some of the useful tips through which you can attract advertisers on your blog. This post is useful for both beginners as well as for experienced blogger who wants to attract advertisers on their websites.

1.Use Banner on your website

The very first step which you need to do while attracting an advertiser on a website is the separate “Advertise with us” webpage.

On the “Advertise with us” webpage, you need to provide all the important website metrics like domain authority, daily site visitors, Alexa rank, monthly website traffic, demographics, etc.

After that, you can place this page on either the sidebar or in the header of the website. It will help the advertisers to know more about your site, and they will start contacting you to know about your advertising rates. Alternatively, you can take the help of certain WordPress Plugins which do this job automatically for you.

2)Advertise webpage

There must be a completely new page on your blog which provides all the necessary data about your blog:-

  •       Blog Niche
  •       Alexa rank
  •       Latest blog/website traffic detail
  •       Payment method
  •       Advertisement rates

Advertisers always try to advertise on those websites which have a specific niche. As it will help them to attract the only targeted traffic on the website. In order to attract potential advertisers on your site, you need to write a regular blog post-high-quality content.

3.Display only relevant ads on your site

Always try to keep relevant ads on your website. It is important to gain better CTR as well as revenue when a user clicks on your ads. For example, if you have a health blog, then avoid putting loan or technology-related ads. So, when a visitor comes on your site for travel-related information, and he finds ads related to technology or loan, then the probability of clicking on ads will be lower.

4.Do Professional blogging

Advertisers always prefer those blog which uses a niche-specific theme. So, use a well-coded theme that also suits your blog niche. If you are using WordPress as your CMS, then avoid using a free theme.

Final Words

The above-written points are the ones that I prefer while attracting advertisers on my website. They have worked for my site very well. If you know any other points which might be helpful for attracting advertisers on a website, then please let me know them via the comment section or using the contact form.

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