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How to Get a Top Search Engine Ranking of an Image-Based Website

If you are in the internet marketing or SEO industry for a while, then you might hear about Pinterest. It is one of the fast-growing based social networking websites which is used by millions of people regularly. One of the main reasons for the popularity of Pinterest if unique and top quality images that people like to use and share with their friends and relatives. Anyway, here I am not talking about Pinterest, but my main motive for writing this article is how you can get top ranking in the search engines (i.e., Google, Yahoo,etc.) for an image-based website.

Especially when images and videos are two popular medium for increasing brand awareness and for online promotion, it becomes necessary for every business to properly optimize images on the website as per search engine guidelines to get maximum exposure. Today, in this blog post I will share my personal view on properly optimizing based image sites or SEO of a photoblog.

How to Get a Top Search Engine Ranking of an Image-Based Website

How to do Onsite Search engine optimization of an Image-based website?

1)Select a relevant keyword for your image

Keyword research is important both for the image-based website as well for the text-based site. First, select a relevant keyword for image and use it at the time of putting images on your website.

2)On-Page SEO optimization

On-page SEO optimization is somewhat the same both for text as well as for image-based websites. But, on a website, there is some important factor which you need to look and here the complete list of these factors:-

1-Photo file name

In on-page SEO optimization an image-based blog, a proper and relevant name should be given to the image. Google crawler looks at the file name first and then give proper search engine rankings. Usually, many bloggers don’t give this important and give a random name like 1.jpg, wyehe.jpg, etc. which is not a good SEO practice when it comes to SEO optimization of an image-based blog.

2-Image Alt tag

The Alt tag is another important metric that is useful for a photoblog. It should be well optimized by using the proper and relevant keyword to get better results. I have seen better rankings to those who image who have a well-optimized Alt tag under 140 characters.

3-Proper text content around the image

Whenever you are doing SEO for an image-based website/blog, it is necessary that you should use some text around the image. Though it is not a compulsory activity, at the crawling time when search engine bot scans the webpage index, they first check the image, after that Alt tag and finally text around the photo. So, it is not a good technique to use elephant images on the Technology blog.

Also, if you are taking an image from some other website, then try to make sure that you are giving proper credit bu giving proper backlinks to the source.

4-Use compressed images

As we all know, Google gives more preferences to those websites where images load faster. So, it is necessary to use only compressed and well-optimized images for a photoblog. You can either use a WordPress plugin or an online photo compressor tool which reduces the picture size and hence make it load faster. If you are using WordPress, then you can use Smush. It plugin to reduce your image size.

5-Total number of images

You should not need to use too many images on a single webpage. Otherwise, it will increase the overall website loading time and results in lower down the search engine rankings. If the site is getting huge traffic and you want to optimize it more, then you can use the help of a CDN (content delivery network) or a popular caching plugin. It will not hammer out your website user-experience and also helpful in reducing web-server load time.

Off-site Website optimization trick for an image-based blog or website

Now, off-site website optimization includes the promotion of image-based websites on various popular social media platforms like Pinterest, Flickr, Reddit, Stumbleupon, etc. Especially, after Panda and Penguin updates, social media promotion become more prominent.

Note: If you want to promote your photoblog, then use social media share bar so that your website visitors can promote your website with their friends and relatives.

1.Watermarking of images

Watermarking images are must-have points when it comes to off-site optimization of an image-based website. It is also helpful in driving traffic to your site. For example, if someone copying your image, then using a watermark image helps in branding of your website. 

2.Perform a well-planned social media strategy

A well-planned social media strategy is very important if you are promoting a photoblog. There are some plugins that add social media share bars which make it easier to promote your image on popular social media channels.

3.Maintain a proper social media presence

For promoting a photoblog, make sure you have a good social media presence on Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Google images, etc. It will help you in increasing the overall social media promotion.

4. Use Pinterest and Flickr most

Both, Pinterest and Flickr are fast-growing images based on social media platforms. They are popular in the USA and UK audiences, and as a result, you can drive a large number of visitors from both these countries.

Along with the above-mentioned steps discussed in on-page and off-page optimization, it is also important that you should follow all the search engine guidelines to make a photoblog popular. If you have a photoblog, then share your methodologies for promoting a photoblog with us.

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