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1)Get High-Quality Traffic with VikMajra Pay-Per-Click Services 

Pay-Per-Click Advertising is a technique whereby the advertiser pays a specified amount to the publisher when the ad is clicked. This form of advertising is used by businesses to make their website visible on the top of SERP. PPC advertising is very effective and can help businesses to drive quality traffic to their website.

VikMajra is a leading Pay-per-click advertising company that offers result-oriented services to various industrial businesses. Our team of experts is experienced in formulating and executing the right PPC strategy for businesses. With an experience of more than 15 years, VikMajra professionals have launched various smart campaigns for client businesses. Our Pay-per-click service is tailored to the needs of the clients and helps businesses get a wider reach. 

2) What’s included in VikMajra’s Pay-Per-Click Services for Growing your Business? 

At VikMajra, our team provides a complete suite of PPC services that can help businesses to gain higher visibility on the SERP. Our PPC services include the following: 

2.1) Keyword Research

Keyword Research is an essential part of PPC advertising. Effective keyword selection helps to refine the content of the business to reach the targeted audience. With the right keywords, there are high chances of connecting with users who are genuinely interested in the products or services offered by businesses. 

VikMajra’s expert team researches the right keyword with the help of various effective tools. The effective keywords are selected based on trends and targeted audience which increases the visibility of a business on SERP.

2.2) Bid Strategy and Optimization

For PPC advertising, every advertiser needs to set a bid for the selected keywords. This bid amount is paid to the publisher’s search engine. The higher the bid amount, the higher the chances of showing the advertisement on SERP. An effective bid strategy is essential for maintaining the budget of the company. 

At VikMajra, the bid amount is formulated after analyzing and determining the needs and budgets of the companies. Regular optimization and bid management are done by the team to maintain the advertisement position on SERP. 

2.3) Campaign Building and Management

In the PPC advertisement strategy, there are various types of campaigns that can be launched for search engine advertising. It is essential to formulate the campaigns with creative content to make them look appealing to potential visitors. 

VikMajra builds the campaigns as per the need and strategies suitable for the businesses. The campaigns are organized and managed by our expert team to minimize the risk of keyword cannibalization. The proper management of the campaigns is done and necessary changes are made at each interval. 

2.4) Landing Pages

Landing pages are the essential component of PPC advertising. The customized landing pages help the customers to reach the desired page easily. Customers can feel confident when things are similar on the landing page and PPC advertisement. 

VikMajra team experts customize every advertisement in such a manner that it gets similar to that of the landing page. Our team works hard to optimize the landing pages and the advertisements so that efficient results can be achieved. 

2.5) Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is the process of tracking the number of conversions that are achieved from pay-per-click advertisements. This helps the businesses to track the performance and efficiency of the campaigns. Conversion tracking can be done by establishing a tracking code on the website. 

At VikMajra, our team members are experienced in establishing these codes and tracking the performance of campaigns. A proper conversion tracking is conducted by our team and necessary changes are advised to each client.

2.6) Data Analysis

PPC campaigns require attention constantly so that efficiency can be maintained. A PPC campaign needs to be reviewed at least once a week. This data analysis of the campaign includes the bid strategy, bid adjusters, and exploring the opportunities. 

VikMajra maintains the records of each campaign and regular analysis of the campaign performance is made by the team. The goal of analyzing the performance of each campaign is to work on strategies so that efficient results can be delivered to our clients. 

2.7) Campaign Reporting

When conducting PPC Campaigns, it becomes essential to maintain a complete report on the performance of campaigns. The execution and reporting are equally important. We are dedicated to providing efficient reporting services to our clients. 

Our team maintains the complete report of the strategy and achieved the performance of the campaign. Every client can access the reports and it is readily discussed at regular intervals. 

3) What are the key benefits of VikMajra PPC services? 

VikMajra is a leading company in providing PPC services that can suit the different needs of individuals. Our team has experience of 15 years in formulating and executing the strategies for PPC Campaigns. We are dedicated to providing the best services to our clients at affordable prices. We also offer a free consultation to each potential client so that they can know the efficiency of VikMajra. Here are some of the key benefits of VikMajra PPC services: 

3.1) Expertise in SEO knowledge

PPC campaigns cannot be launched without targeting the right location, audience, and keywords. An expertized knowledge of SEO is necessary to launch productive campaigns. VikMajra understands the importance of SEO and keywords in PPC campaigns. Our team has the experience and complete knowledge of formulating keyword strategies for PPC campaigns. 

3.2) Driving Quality Traffic 

Driving quality traffic to a website is the ultimate goal of many clients. PPC campaigns are very effective in driving quality leads only if it is executed well. At VikMajra, our team is dedicated to achieving the goal of generating quality leads for clients. We know how targeted campaigns are launched and which strategy can work for our clients. 

3.3) Increase sales

VikMajra provides top-notch PPC services to clients. Our team assists various clients in providing these services. We know how to drive traffic and sales for the clients. We were successful in bringing better sales to the clients. 

3.4) Improve visibility on SERP

PPC campaigns are launched to improve the visibility of the SERP of the users. This induces higher conversions, sales, and clicks on the website link. VikMajra has an expert team that possesses the knowledge and practical application experience for PPC advertisements. We have worked for various clients and helped them to gain better visibility on the SERP. 

3.5) Saves time and efforts

PPC advertisement requires time and effort for efficient results. From formulating the strategy to maintaining the performance of the campaign, it is important to devote major time to this strategy. At VikMajra, our experienced team formulates a custom strategy for each client. We maintain our focus on the performance of the campaign to improve results. This helps our clients to focus on their business goals and simultaneously save efforts and time. 

4) Get the Result Oriented Approach with VikMajra PPC Services!

VikMajra is a PPC specialized company that provides faster and more efficient results for your business. Our company has experience of 15 years in providing this service. We have a team of experts who completed many PPC projects and offered desired results to the clients. We conduct thorough research of the keywords and competitor analysis of the clients to bring out efficient results. We deliver our services to every industry business and we offer the best solutions for every business size. We also offer 24×7 support for our clients for resolving any questions or concerns about our services. 

FAQs on PPC (Pay Per Click) Services

1)What is Pay-Per-Click advertising? 

Pay-Per-click advertising is an internet advertising model whereby an advertiser advertises their business ad on SERPs to improve reach and visibility. In exchange for a top position on the SERP, an advertiser need to pay a specified amount to the publisher’s search engine. This amount is paid based on clicks or impressions. PPC advertising is carried out by targeting particular keywords and bidding on those keywords. The higher the bid, the higher the position on the SERP. 

2) Is Pay-Per-Click advertising important for an e-commerce business? 

When it comes to e-commerce businesses, Pay-per-click advertising becomes important because it encourages visitors to visit the website. Rather than going for search or display ads, e-commerce businesses should prefer to go for shopping ads which can accelerate their sales and generate qualified leads. The product ads on the SERP will encourage to go through the whole e-commerce website and find out all alternatives. This will also increase the engagement time for any e-commerce business. 

3) Is PPC better than organic SEO? 

Pay-per-click advertising is surely better than organic SEO because of the prompt rank and display of the website at top of SERP. Ranking a website through organic SEO may take some time to achieve a #1 rank on SERP. But with PPC advertisement, a business can display their website above the organic SEO results. However, one needs to know that a good budget may be required for PPC advertisement while no such cost is required for organic SEO practices.

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