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1)Build an online presence with VikMajra Social Media Marketing services 

Social media marketing is a technique of using social media to build brand awareness and drive qualified leads to business. This digital marketing technique is not limited to social media posting. A marketer needs to maintain the profiles and launch targeted ads to reach a better audience. 

VikMajra is a leading social media marketing company that has 15 years of experience. We aim to provide quality services to our clients. We have a dedicated team of social media experts who uses the right strategy to drive better traffic to the client’s website. VikMajra is also renowned for the timely support by our team. 

2) What’s included in VikMajra’s social media marketing services for driving quality traffic? 

Social media marketing is not just limited to creating and optimizing a client’s profile. Social media marketing is much wider than it. VikMajra understands the goals of the clients and helps them to achieve them in less time. The services of VikMajra’s social media marketing services are much wider and more effective than others and it includes the following:

2.1) Social Media Audit

A social media audit is the process of auditing and analyzing the current position of a business’s social media presence. Audits provide a detailed look at the current social media practices adopted by businesses. At VikMajra, our social media experts conduct a complete audit of the social media of the clients.

We dig into the numbers and understand the objective for which they were implemented. With this social media audit, our team gets better clarity about the strategies that they need to adopt for improving the situation. Under our social media audits, we audit the social media content, platforms, current advertisements, engagement rate, followers, and more.

2.2) Competitor’s Analysis 

Competitor’s analysis is the process of analyzing the strategies and performance of the competitor’s social media handles. With the help of competitor analysis, it becomes easier to understand the industry trends and standards for social media accounts. VikMajra undertakes the competitor’s analysis for the clients so as to understand where improvement is necessary. We pick 4-5 competitors of our clients which includes the big names and smaller names. All of this analysis is carried out by our expert team. Under the competitor’s analysis, our team analysis the followers, the performance of content, and the engagement rate of the competitors. 

2.3) Content strategy

Content strategy is determining the right mix of content that can draw engagement for a business. In social media marketing, content decides the success of a campaign. VikMajra team has experience of 15 years in formulating such strategies. We build a strategy of mixing content that can drive better engagement on the social media platforms of our clients. Our team creates a calendar to identify the key dates and opportunities to share the posts on social media. We make an effective combination of promotional, curated, and engagement-based content. However, our experts regularly pay attention to the strategy so that promotional content is not over-delivered.

2.4) Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing is about partnering with social media influencers to promote business content. This social media technique is very powerful and useful for building brand awareness. VikMajra helps clients to make their brand visible on social media platforms. We partner with the top social media influencers who are suitable for promoting the client content. Our team researches and makes a complete list of influencers having a good number of followers and engagement rates. We contact the influencers and negotiate for promoting our client’s products. With this strategy, we have helped many clients for getting qualified leads. 

2.5) Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is the process of running advertisements on social media platforms. This marketing technique is a paid form and a business needs to invest in advertising for quicker results. Social media advertising is an efficient method for gaining instant engagement and results. We at VikMajra formulate a complete strategy for launching advertisements on different platforms. Our team has expertise in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, and Pinterest advertisements. We maintain the bid amounts to stay within the budget of our clients. We are dedicated and focused to achieve the desired goals of our clients within the specified and limited budget. 

2.6) Social Media Strategy

Social media strategy is about building and formulating a social media plan to achieve the desired goals and high engagement. Social media strategy guides a marketer in the manner of implementing all the social media techniques. VikMajra has an experience of 15 years in formulating an effective social media strategy for our clients. Our team of social media experts formulates a social media strategy after analyzing each detail. We have helped many clients in building and executing the strategy effectively. 

2.7) Viral Marketing 

Viral Marketing is the marketing technique of promoting a product by using the existing social media networks. Under this technique, a business tries to promote a product similar to that spread of a virus. Generally, viral marketing is done on social media platforms. VikMajra also provides this service of viral marketing to clients. Our team has experience in carrying out social media promotions through this technique. We guide our clients in adopting this strategy. We use their existing network to promote the product in the best possible manner. 

3) What are the key benefits of VikMajra Social Media marketing services? 

VikMajra is an experienced social media marketing company with dedicated digital marketers. We are helping our clients for more than 15 years. Our clients can reap major benefits by choosing our social media marketing services. Here are some of the key benefits of VikMajra’s social media marketing management services.

3.1) Experienced team members

VikMajra has a team of social media experts who have experience in providing services. Social media marketing requires experience in analyzing trends and data effectively. Our clients majorly reap this benefit because of our team. 

3.2) Affordable Services

VikMajra provides a complete suite of social media marketing services that is suitable for each client. We offer an affordable quotation for our clients so that it can be suitable for their budget. Our team provides the best results on tight budgets. 

3.3) Effective Strategies 

Our social media experts make a complete social media strategy for the clients. We have an experience with multiple projects which increased our understanding and analyzing skills. Our team formulates a mix of social media strategies that can provide desired results for our clients. 

3.4) Focus on goals

When social media marketing techniques are adopted by businesses, it becomes important to define proper goals. VikMajra helps the clients to work as per the goals. Our team formulates strategy as per the desired results which helps our clients to stay focused on other business goals. 

3.5) Brand Awareness

The biggest benefit of adopting social media marketing is building an online presence on social media platforms. VikMajra helps businesses effectively build brand awareness. We have completed many projects whereby we helped our clients to build online reputations and online presence on social media platforms. 

4) Gain high brand visibility on social media with VikMajra social media marketing services today!

VikMajra is a top-listed social media marketing company with the aim to provide the best customer experience to clients. We have worked with various clients and formulated their social media strategies as per their different needs. Our team consists of social media experts who are skilled in analyzing the data, numbers, and competitor’s strategies. 

We have been providing our services for more than 15 years and completed each project. Therefore, get high brand visibility with VikMajra social media marketing services today!

FAQs on Social Media Marketing Services

1)Is social media marketing effective for driving leads? 

In today’s time, social media marketing is a growing platform and there are millions of users. Social media is a good platform for marketers who want to generate qualified leads. Therefore, yes, social media marketing is very effective for driving leads as people trust what they see on social media. With a wider user base, the chances of getting qualified to lead increases the marketers. 

2) How to grow business on social media platforms? 

Social media is a good platform to grow a business. However, a business needs to adopt the right strategies to witness high growth. With the help of regular social media posts, social media ads, comment replies, and other strategies, a business can attain good growth. 

3) How can I get better engagement on social media? 

Social media marketing is successful only when the right strategies are adopted to attain better engagement. A business can attain better engagement with regular posting and good content. However, a business can also hire digital marketing agencies or companies like VikMajra to attain a better engagement rate on social media platforms.

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