What Does a Digital Marketer Really Do?

Introduction of What Digital Marketers Do?

Digital marketing has been a trending and transformative marketing technique for business. Under this technique, a marketer promotes the brand’s product or services on digital platforms. This technique is highly adopted by nesses to build brand awareness and increase brand visibility on online platforms. The adoption of digital platforms among users has increased over the years which provides a good market for businesses. 

Digital marketing skills are highly demanded by the business today. This increases the scope of digital marketers’ careers in the corporate world. But, before starting your career in this field, it is important to know the skills that a digital marketer possesses and the duties of a digital marketer. In this article, we have covered both of these things for you. 

What are the required skills for a digital marketer? 

For being a professional digital marketer, it is important to have a complete understanding of this field. Digital marketing is not limited to digital advertisements or promotions. There are many technical aspects that one needs to learn in digital marketing. A digital marketer needs to have a complete understanding of the following techniques: 

1)Social Media Marketing

2) Search engine Optimization 

3) Email marketing 

4) Affiliate Marketing

5) Search Engine Marketing

6) Content marketing

7) Conversion Rate Optimization

8) Online Reputation management

All of the above-listed digital marketing services are different from each other and are carried out on different online platforms. For being a digital marketer, you need to learn each skill and master it. 

In addition to all of the skills mentioned above, a digital marketer needs to have good strategy skills and monitoring skills. Such skills are also essential to make necessary changes in the strategy. It also helps the marketers to gain results in less time. Therefore, it is necessary to have practical experience with these skills. 

What are the duties of a digital marketer? 

The duties and responsibilities of a digital marketer start with building a comprehensive strategy to improve it as per the results achieved. The digital marketer needs to have a full understanding of all digital marketing techniques to identify the right channels suitable for the business. However, let’s understand the duties of a digital marketer in detail:

1)Formulating Strategies  

The primary responsibility of a digital marketer is to formulate a strategy focused on achieving desired business goals. However, generally, the goals of digital marketing are set by marketers after analyzing the strength, weaknesses, and current online position of the company. Each business has different needs from a digital marketing strategy. 

For instance, if a retail clothing company has poor visibility on the SERP and social media, then the marketer will set the goal to increase the brand visibility and reach. Here, digital marketing strategies like SEO and social media marketing will be highly used to provide desired results. 

2) Formulate a Plan

Once a strategy is formulated or selected, the next duty of the digital marketer is to formulate a plan for it. Under the first step, the digital marketer plans the goals and its corresponding strategy which can be suitable for that goal. But the marketer must formulate a complete plan around that strategy. At this point, a marketer needs to choose the targeted audience for the campaign. 

In addition to it, formulating a complete calendar is also necessary. This marketing calendar will have all the details about the launch of the campaign. For instance, if a digital marketer wants to do social media marketing, he/she needs to formulate a plan around it. It includes identifying the targeted audience to whom the social media ads will be displayed and when they should be carried out. 

3) Executing the Plan and Strategy 

Once the plan and strategy are formulated, the next duty of the digital marketer is to design and edit each campaign. A digital marketer needs to design the campaigns as per the plan formulated. For instance, for the social media marketing strategy, one needs to design the advertisements or posts for the brand’s social media handles. Each designed campaign should be attractive and creative to draw the attention of the visitors.

Once designed and edited, it’s time to execute the plan. A digital marketer needs to execute each campaign formulated in the above 3 steps. Everything will be done as per the calendar formulated by the marketer. 

4) Measuring the performance 

The responsibility of a digital marketer is not limited to formulating and executing a plan. The marketer must monitor the campaign and measure its performance. The plan doesn’t need to go as expected. Therefore, measuring performance is essential for digital marketers. 

Here, one needs to determine the KPIs of each campaign to determine whether goals are achieved or not. For instance, if an email marketing campaign is executed by a digital marketer, it is important to measure the KPIs like open rates and click-through rates to determine the efficiency of the campaign. Therefore, the relevant KPIs will vary as per the campaign executed. 

5) Preparing Reports 

The next responsibility of the digital marketer is to prepare the reports of each campaign. Under each campaign report, a marketer needs to mention an overview of the strategy adopted and the results obtained. A digital marketer can also use an advanced reporting system provided by Google Analytics to generate reports. These reports are then communicated to the concerned users like managers, marketing team members, and financial departments.

6) Improving the Strategy

When the results are obtained and measured by the marketer, it is the responsibility of the digital marketer to find out the flaws in the strategy. It can be a lack of design or a wrong choice of targeted audiences. Therefore, identifying the flaws and improving the final strategy as per is important. Even a digital marketer can use these metrics to formulate the next strategy in the future. 

Final words 

A career in digital marketing has good scope as the demand for digital marketing is gradually increasing. But each fresher needs to know what are the duties of a digital marketer and what are skills they need to know. All the duties mentioned in this article are the daily responsibility and duties of a digital marketer to provide efficient results to businesses.

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