What is digital marketing and how can it benefit my business?

Introduction of Digital Marketing and Its Advantages

Surviving the competition in the market is very difficult for any business. However, the major factor that helps businesses to survive this competition is Marketing. Marketing through traditional channels has been one of the largest mediums for gaining customers. But in the modern days when the digital space is growing massively, the marketing scenario has also changed. Marketing through traditional channels is still prevailing but digital spaces just add to the efficiency. 

Marketing in the digital space for promoting a brand’s products and services is called Digital Marketing. If to list some real-life examples, the ad banners on your website and ads that you see on your social media feed. However, it is not just limited to these two types of ads. Digital marketing is a broader technique that helps businesses to get major benefits. 

However, still, many businesses are not investing in digital marketing techniques. This leads to non-efficient results and the use of resources. Digital marketing is essential for every business today. It is so because this technique can help businesses to reap major benefits. But what are these benefits? To know more about the concept of digital marketing and the benefits of this strategy, read throughout the article.

What is Digital Marketing? 

Digital Marketing is the process of promoting and building awareness about the brand’s products and services to achieve efficient results. Under this technique, a marketer uses digital platforms for carrying out marketing practices. These digital platforms can be social media, emails, websites, podcasts, and other forms

Types of Digital Marketing 

In this technique, digital marketers can make use of both free and paid tactics to build better brand awareness. The modern digital marketing techniques include the following: 

1)Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a digital marketing technique to rank your website at the top of the SERP. Under this tactic, the keywords are used by the marketers to get a better ranking. After which, each keyword is optimized in the website content so that the search engine read and ranks it on SERP. However, for adopting this technique, a marketer needs to do thorough research about the ranking keywords. 

2) Email Marketing

As the name suggests, email marketing is the process of promoting a brand’s product through emails. In Email marketing, a marketer uses promotional emails and newsletters to build brand awareness. In this technique, the knowledge of email automation and content creation is necessary. It is so because, with such tactics, a marketer can simplify and efficiently carry out the email marketing process. 

3) Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the technique of carrying out marketing activities on social media platforms. Here, the marketers try to build brand awareness and generate qualified leads from social media platforms. The social media platforms that are highly used for this purpose include Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Majorly Facebook is used for generating leads for businesses. 

4) Paid Advertising

Paid advertising is the process of paying search engine platforms or social media platforms to show business advertisements on their platform. Paid advertising is often used by businesses that can afford to spend a good amount for displaying ads on search engines or social media platforms. 

5) Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a marketing technique where a business pays commissions to the publisher for generating leads for their business. The publisher here promotes the business products on their website. This leads to better lead generation. However, affiliate marketing is carried out by those publishers who have better website traffic. 

6) Content Marketing 

Content marketing is a digital marketing technique for generating leads through engaging content like blogs or articles. Under the content marketing strategy, it is necessary to build efficient content that can engage audiences. The content that can be part of this strategy includes blogs, articles, infographics, eBooks, and newsletters. 

How Digital marketing can benefit a business? 

Now, after knowing the concept of digital marketing, let’s discuss the benefits of this technique for a business. Today, most businesses have shifted toward this strategy. It is so because digital marketing helps them to reap better benefits. It includes: 

1)Wider business Reach 

The primary benefit of using a digital marketing technique is that it helps in widening the business reach. Digital space has millions of users which provide better reach options to businesses. When a business uses a mix of digital marketing techniques, the business can reach wider audiences. 

For instance, the people who do not open emails can be targeted through social media. While others may be targeted through SEO techniques. All these techniques ultimately provide a wider audience base to businesses leading to high brand awareness. 

2) Getting Better Engagement 

Another benefit of using digital marketing techniques is to make the users more engaged in the company’s products. When a business uses traditional marketing, a business cannot identify its engagement ratio. But with the digital marketing technique, a business can track engagement rates. Based on their engagement rate, they can be better targeted. 

For instance, a business tracked that a user is more engaged with their clothing products. So, a business may offer them better clothing options through email newsletters or social media advertising. This will keep the customer engaged and interested in the business. Ultimately, it will bring sales to the business. 

3) Aligning Efforts towards Targeted Audience 

When adopting the traditional marketing techniques, a business targets a wider group audience in one go. The advertising is not targeted to only an interesting group audience. But with digital marketing, a marketer can align his marketing efforts to the needs of the targeted audiences. By targeting a group audience, a marketer can understand the actual demand for their product in the market.

If the people of the age group of 25-35 are showing more interest in bitcoin technology. Then a bitcoin company will target their marketing campaigns to this age group of people. There will be more conversions with this strategy. Targeting the other age group people lead to a waste of time and effort. 

4) Better Nurturing

Digital marketing also helps businesses to nurture prospects or customers in a better way. Nurturing the clients becomes easier when they are tracked for their engagement rate. With the help of a digital marketing tracking tool, a business can easily identify the needs of its customers. With such metrics, a marketer can nurture them as per their requirements. 

5) Increasing Sales 

Another benefit of using a digital marketing strategy for a business is the increase in sales. Sales can be achieved with this technique because of the other benefits rendered by the business. All the benefits that we have listed above ultimately result in better sales. Traditional marketing also helped in getting sales but digital marketing seems to be more effective than it. It is because of the high conversion and high engagement rates. 

Final Words 

With the world going digital, it becomes essential for businesses to make their marketing efforts digital. This gave a rise to the concept of digital marketing. A business needs to invest in digital marketing strategies to reap major benefits. 

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