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Introduction to App Store Optimization (ASO) Agencies

Most e-commerce, educational, or technological businesses have their own mobile applications which help the users easily access their services. But making users aware of the existing application is not an easy task. Marketing and optimizing mobile applications to reach a better audience requires the implementation of some strategies. This brings the App store optimization strategies into the picture. 

Every business needs to adopt the app store optimization techniques so that they can achieve better ranking and an increased number of sales and visitors. But not every marketer can possess the right skills to use the app store optimization techniques. Therefore, it is better to hire an agency for this technique so that the focused goals can be achieved in less time. In this article, the team of VikMajra has mentioned the top App Store Optimization (ASO) agencies that are known for their experiences and work.

What is App Store Optimization? 

App Store Optimization is the technique of optimizing the mobile application so that they can rank higher in the app store search results. With the optimization of an application on the app store, there are high chances of increased visibility and increased downloads. The major app stores that are targeted with this technique include the Google Play Store and App Store for iOS. It is very similar to SEO, but SEOs are done for websites and ASO is done for mobile applications. In ASO, there is also keyword optimization, conversion optimization, and backlinking to optimize it for the app stores.

Top 10 App Store Optimization (ASO) Agencies that can Grow your Business [2022 Updated]

Hiring an ASO agency for mobile applications is a good decision because of the benefits that a business can reap. However, many agencies are providing ASO services but it is important to choose the best agency for better results in a short time. Here is the list of top ASO agencies that are known for their best services:

1)EZ Rankings

EZ Rankings is a digital marketing agency providing various services including SEO, ASO, PPC ads, and Social media marketing. When it comes to ASO, EZ Rankings provides the best service. Every client business is provided with a custom strategy which is formulated after analyzing the goals and present scenario of the business. The expert team members of this agency also make the analysis of the competitors for formulating the right strategy. 

EZ Ranking also provides the services of App development whereby they assist the client businesses in developing an app that can perform on all platforms. The ASO services of this agency include keyword targeting and optimization, and app title optimization to increase the visibility of the application. 

2) Techmagnate

Techmagnate is a digital marketing agency having an experience of more than 15 years of providing various services to different industry businesses. The services of this agency include SEO, PPC Ads, ASO, Website design and development, Online Reputation Management, and Conversion Rate Optimisation. When it comes to the ASO services, Techmagnate provides the custom strategy as per the analysis done by their expert team. 

The ASO services by this agency include the optimization of the App Logo, App screenshots, App Title, App Description, and keyword research. The team of this agency makes a detailed analysis of the client application, competitor analysis, and keyword research and analysis. This agency provides both on-app and off-app optimization to increase the visibility and downloads of the client application. 

3) Infidigit

Infidigit is an organic growth agency that offers various services to different industry businesses. It includes ASO, SEO, Website Audit, CRO, and PPC. This agency has 120+ experts who are experienced in providing ASO services to businesses and they cooperate with each business. When it comes to ASO, the expert team of this agency offers a customized strategy to the businesses as per the goals, needs, and current ASO position.

A dedicated project manager is allotted to each client business who works to deliver high-quality results on a regular basis. Infiddigit makes use of the best ASO tools which helps them to determine the accurate data about the client application and to formulate the strategy as per the needs.

This agency aims to generate more customers for the application and improve the downloads. They also have a good reporting system which makes the clients updated about the latest performance of the application. 

4) Gummicube

Gummicube is an ASO agency that was founded in 2009. This agency has more than 11 years of experience in providing ASO services to various industrial businesses. However, Gummicube also provides various other services other than ASO and it includes Google Ads, Paid Search, Reputation Management, and Conversion Rate Optimization for the applications of the client businesses. The ASO services by Gummicube include Keyword optimization, Creative Services, and Conversion Rate optimization. 

Gummicube has a team of experts who conducts the ASO audit of the client’s application and then a custom strategy is offered to improve the position of the application. They are experts in optimizing keywords for the application and help each client business to gain better visibility on app stores. 

5) Jellyfish

Jellyfish is a marketing agency that specialized in providing ASO services to businesses. Jellyfish uses proprietary methods and data to formulate the strategy for the application. However, a custom strategy is provided to the client businesses after understanding their current position. The expert team of Jellyfish can even address the global need of the client business and their application is optimized in different languages. 

If a business hasn’t launched its application, the team of Jellyfish helps them to create a roadmap that specified everything that the business may need before, during, and after the launch of the application. When it comes to reporting, a constant reporting system is undertaken by this agency to let the clients update about the progress. 

6) SEM Nexus

SEM Nexus is an app agency that is focused on building and marketing mobile applications for various businesses. This agency provides the services of App marketing, App development, and Influencer Marketing. Under the App Marketing process, this agency provides the services of ASO, App Store and Play store ads, and social media ads.

When it comes to ASO, the agency focuses on researching and optimizing the keywords for the description of the applications. This helps the businesses to receive better visibility and increased downloads. The keyword optimization is then succeeded by the creation of beautiful and poignant app imagery. 

7) Phiture

Phiture is a marketing agency that offers various services including App store optimization, performance marketing, Subscription optimization, CRM, and growth consulting. Phiture has a team of experts who are specialized in app store optimization services. A custom strategy is offered to each client’s business based on their current and competitor position.

The ASO services of Phiture include keyword optimization, A/B Testing, Insights, and Keyword-tracking tools. This agency has a good reporting system and each client business will receive monthly metrics reports that will show the performance of the strategies adopted. In addition to this, their team provides a comprehensive report that includes the optimized keyword metadata for their app and they will also recommend the strategies for getting their app featured. 

8) Moburst

Moburst is a mobile growth and digital marketing agency that was founded in 2013. This agency provides various services to businesses including SEO, ASO, CRO, Website Development, Digital transformation, email marketing, influencer marketing, OTT Advertising, and social media management. When it comes to ASO services, Moburst helps businesses to increase the downloads of their application.

This agency has an experience with 600 app optimizations and helped each client to increase their growth KPIs. Moburst has a team of expert analysts who analyses the industry trends and helps businesses to get the right results in more than 25 languages. They make analyze the keywords and make an initial report before offering any custom strategy to the client businesses. 

9) SplitMetrics

SplitMetrics is an ASO agency that helps businesses to list their application in the top 5 searches through organic search optimization. This agency has a team of experts working to drive organic and paid growth for every client business. They will provide a custom strategy and help businesses to take strategic decisions for better application growth.

The ASO services of this agency include visuals and keyword research which is A/B tested for better implementation. This agency makes the market analysis to find out the opportunities for the business so that they can increase the market share and the app can be optimized easily.

A track of performance metrics will be made by this agency and these metrics will be optimized to ensure the growth within the business KPIs and as per industry benchmarks. 

10) WakeApp

WakeApp is a mobile marketing agency that provides ASO optimization and user acquisition services to all industry businesses. When it comes to the App store optimization service, WakeApp helps businesses to find the appropriate keywords for the client application. They have a team of experts who provide a custom ASO strategy after analyzing the competitor’s positions and strategies. 

The major strength of this agency is its expert team who conducts A/B tests for finding the right keyword and visually optimizing the application. They also have a team of copywriters who mastered 25 world languages which help each client to optimize their application for different countries. WakeApp has an analytical platform named ASOMaker which helps them to monitor the history, and appearance of keywords reviews removals and too in real-time.

How to Choose the Best App Store Optimization agency?

Choosing the best agency for the app store optimization tasks is important for any business because the best agencies can offer efficient services in less time. But selecting the best agency among thousands is difficult. However, a business should look for the following factors to choose the right agency for ASO services.

1)Experience of the Agency

The first and foremost factor that one should consider while choosing an ASO agency for the company is the experience of the agency. One should choose an agency that has years of experience in providing ASO services to businesses. Such agencies are good at delivering results in less time. 

2 )Strategies Used by Agency

For the ASO technique, there are many strategies that a company needs to adopt for better optimization. Look for the agency that is providing and using better strategies for the ASO. 

3) Communication System

A good ASO agency will keep a good communication system with the company. Monthly calls or meetings will be conducted by such agencies to provide updates to the clients. A lack of communication may create problems for businesses. Therefore, choose an agency with a good communication system. 

4) Reporting and Analytics

Each business has the right to access the reports and analytics of the strategies used by the agency. This helps them to know about the performance of the agency. Therefore, choose an agency that has a proper reporting system and all analytics are shared. 

5) Custom Strategy 

Every business has different needs and a standard ASO strategy cannot be applied to all businesses. An ASO agency has to provide a custom strategy that can suit the needs and goals of the individual business. 

What are the key benefits of selecting the best ASO agency? 

Choosing the best ASO agency for the business is important to render the key benefits that these agencies provide as compared to other agencies. Here are some of the key benefits of hiring the best ASO agency for the business:

1)Expert Team 

The agencies that are listed as best among all the agencies in the market generally have the best team members. The team members of such agencies are experts and experienced in their work which helps the businesses to achieve better growth in less time. 

2) Unbiased strategies and reviews

Hiring the best strategy provides an analysis to the client business about their current position so that a custom strategy can be built. These agencies provide unbiased strategies and reviews to the client businesses so that better growth can be achieved. 

3) Better communication system

The agencies that are listed as best usually have a better communication system as they undertake calls and meetings at regular intervals. It helps the businesses to keep a track of performance and improvement in the ranking of their application on the app store and play store. 

4) Transparency

The next advantage of hiring the best ASO agency is that these agencies provide transparency to the strategies adopted and performance achieved. The client businesses can easily know which strategy is adopted for ASO and how the agency team is working towards achieving the goals. 

5) Analytical Reporting

The analytical reporting is offered by the top ASO agencies which include all the KPIs and performance metrics of the strategies adopted by the agencies. This helps the client businesses to make a difference in their ranking before and after hiring the ASO agency.

Final Words

App Store Optimization (or ASO in short) is an optimization technique that helps businesses to gain better visibility on the app stores and play stores. But not every marketer has the right skills for it. Hiring a top ASO agency for such tasks helps businesses to invest their time in the right place and gain better growth.

FAQs on App Store Optimisation Agencies

1)What is the cost associated with hiring an ASO agency? 

The cost associated with the hiring of an ASO agency is generally between $500k-$5000k. However, this cost can highly vary as per the agency and goals of the businesses. The agencies can offer custom plans to the businesses to suit their budget needs. 

2) Is the longevity of an agency an important factor in selecting an ASO agency? 

Yes, the longevity of an agency is an essential factor in selecting an ASO agency for a business. The longevity of an agency helps the businesses to determine the reviews of the clients that were associated with the agency. With the help of this, a business can easily make a decision. Even the long-running agency is more credible. 

3) Will I get a custom ASO strategy for my application? 

When a business hires a top ASO agency for their application, they usually receive a custom strategy which is made after analyzing the current position of the business. This helps the business to achieve the results in less time.

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