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Introduction to Content Marketing Agencies

With the increased reach of the internet in today’s time, the demand for content has gradually increased. Content plays a major role in attracting, engaging, and nurturing leads. Even the results drawn from marketing content are impressive. However, not every content can be successful. It can be successful only when it has the quality and its marketing is done in the right manner.

But not every marketer possesses the right skill to do content marketing in the best possible manner. Therefore, businesses use to hire content writing agencies that provide good results in a short time. In this article, VikMajra has mentioned the top content marketing agencies that are known for their services.

What is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a marketing strategy that aims to build and maintain an audience for the products or services of a company. This is done by creating content that is relevant to their target audience, whether it be individuals, companies, or brands. Content marketing has become a popular way of generating leads and sales. The marketer can use this strategy to get more customers from their clients. Content marketing also helps in building brand awareness as well as increasing customer loyalty.

Top 10 Content Marketing Agencies List to Grow Your Business [2022 Updated List]

Content Marketing agencies are companies that are specialized in providing content marketing services to businesses. Various content marketing agencies can serve businesses well but only some provide the best services. To resolve this problem, here is the list of top content marketing agencies that can help businesses grow well and have better internet reach. 

1) Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a digital marketing agency that was established back in 2013 and is based in San Diego, CA (United States of America). Ignite Visibility is best known for its content marketing services which include content optimization through SEO practices which are carried out by a team of expert professionals. In its 9 years of service, Ignite Visibility helped various clients for gaining a better rank at the SERP. 

The strategies used by this agency for content marketing include SEO which is integrated with Social Media, CRO, and SEM to drive better traffic for the client businesses. Even clear dashboards are provided to every that specify the strategies and performance of the campaigns. 


WebFX is the best digital marketing agency that possesses a team of digital marketing experts who have completed thousands of successful marketing campaigns for client businesses. The agency aims to attract and increase the number of customers for their client business with the help of strategies that can make their presence visible on the internet. 

WebFX provides a custom strategy that can suit the goals of the client business. The focus of this agency is to provide content optimization and content outreach services to the client. When it comes to reporting, WebFX provides ongoing monthly traffic goals and CPL reporting services. In addition to this customizable dashboards are offered to the clients that include the phone call, lead, and revenue tracking system.


Fractl is a content marketing agency that specializes in providing the best strategic content for client businesses. With years of experience in this field, Fractl is trusted by many household brands that are satisfied with the high-quality content services by this agency. The services of Fractl agency include Content development, technical SEO, organic growth strategy, and Digital PR services.

Their team provides the services of technical advanced SEO & content development which can bring brand engagement and authority to the client businesses. When it comes to content creation, Fractl uses data-driven strategies that enable businesses to earn media mentions, traffic, and links from top publishers. This helps businesses to improve the search ranking of their content and website.

4)Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive is an internet marketing agency that was established in 2005. This agency has served thousands of companies worldwide and thousands of active clients from different parts of the world. They have a team of experts who offers professional SEO services for client businesses.

The team handles all the strategies for content marketing which includes keyword research, formulating content strategy, content development, and content writing. The expert team of Thrive Internet Marketing Agency then helps the business to market the content so that it reaches the targeted audiences.

In addition to which, quality SEO content services are offered to the clients. They also optimize the dynamic web content to convey the brand message to online users. Therefore, this agency is best at building the reputation of the client businesses in their specific niche market. 


Mayple is a marketing agency that provides the best marketing recommendation services to client businesses. The services of this agency range from SEO to Social media management. They have quality content marketing services that help businesses to rank their content and website higher on the search engines. Their team provides the best content recommendations so that businesses can improve the quality and quantity of the organic traffic visiting their website. 

The experts of this agency have proven track records and monthly one-on-one meetings are carried out with the clients so that content strategies can be discussed properly. These strategies include keywords and page optimization services along with site audit services as well. 

However, Mayple also helps businesses to create backlinks and optimize the technical SEO of the business website. The other content marketing services by this agency include content optimization, onsite internal linking, thin page content expansion, and competitor analysis. 

6)S&G Content Marketing

S&G is a content marketing agency that offers branded content experiences to client companies. This agency aims to communicate with the brands through engaging and authentic content campaigns. They have a team of content marketing experts who come from recognized newspapers and top-tier magazines.

This agency is based in New York and provides the services of custom content, Video, PR and media outreach, and content amplification. This agency has an editorial staff who brings creativity to every project and assists in formulating blog content that can increase search exposure, ebooks, and white papers.

Their team makes sure to provide streamlined content creation processes which can help client businesses to engage and inspire customers. Therefore, this agency is best at managing content creation in an effective manner.

7)Cherry Digital

Cherry Digital has a team of experienced digital marketing experts. The primary focus of this agency is providing content marketing services to client businesses. The services of this agency include Digital Public Relations, Content Creation, SEO, Subscriber Base Management services.

Cherry Digital helps businesses to create engaging and valuable content to promote the website and brand of client businesses. The expert team is specialized in creating static infographics, interactive infographics, landing pages, and blog posts for clients.

As a part of content marketing services, Cherry Digital helps businesses to improve their SEO and they formulate a strategy for business by focusing on analyzing the existing audience data with unique observations, and KPIs that are based on demographic profiles and targeted campaigns. 


Content Ninja is a digital marketing agency that provides the services of inbound marketing and content marketing to client businesses. This agency focuses on formulating a strategy that can improve the conversion, engagement, and ROI of the business. The team of ContentNinja will help the businesses to develop technical blog content, newsletters, emailers, ad copywriting, and website content.

The strategies for providing better online reach to the clients include the use of SEO strategies for creating content for the businesses. This agency will assist businesses to create blogs from scratch, including strategy, ideation, research, and execution strategy. The expert team of ContentNinja is specialized in making webinars and generating and designing whitepapers for client business. 


Manifest is a digital and content marketing agency that has experience of 30+ years in providing these services. The services of this agency include the creation of brand content, journalistic content, digital experiences, and performance marketing services to the clients. This agency formulates content like videos, articles, social posts, short-form, editorial, case studies, commercials, and long-form content. 

The expert team of Manifest agency uses behavioral insights and data to create content strategies for the client businesses. The Audience Engine of this agency helps businesses to identify, reach, and nurture the audience in the right manner. Currently, this agency is providing its custom content services to 50 brands. With Manifest, every business will receive a customized content strategy as per the present situation of the business.


Brafton is a creative content marketing agency that offers specialized services in building blog content, ebooks and white papers, infographics, video production, website copy, and newsletters for client businesses. With the experience of providing quality services, Brafton helped various clients in getting high traffic for their website.

Brafton has a team of knowledgeable consultants, social media managers, and content creators who are experienced and experts at their work. The team uses the leading keyword research tools like Semrush, and Moz to explore the best keywords for the client businesses. 

This agency also provides content syndication services to clients and offers specialized backlink strategies. Every client receives an in-depth analysis of the current site design and recommendations that can suit their needs.

How to Choose the Best Content Marketing Agency? 

When it comes to selecting the best content marketing agency for your business, there are some points that one needs to remember to optimize their investment. The following points should be considered by the businesses to invest in good agencies: 

1)Experience of the agency

The first thing that a business should consider while choosing a content marketing agency is the experience that they have in providing such services. The experienced agencies know how to provide efficient strategies to different industry businesses. A business can read the reviews and testimonials of the clients, and a business can know about the proficiency and efficiency of an agency. 

2)The reputation of the agency

Working with a reputed agency is important when content marketing services are concerned. It is so because a good reputation score of an agency provides confidence about the services and support offered by the respective agency. 

3)Evaluating the strategic skills

While doing content marketing for a business, there are many strategies (like SEO, social media, and more) that one may use to gain better results. Before selecting any agency for your business, it is recommended to evaluate what are the strategic skills or strategic approach that they use to implement a content marketing strategy for a business.

4) Learning about their expertise

Content marketing includes content development, content curation, content strategy, and content optimization strategies to drive better traffic to a website. An agency can be an expert in one strategy that can be very beneficial for the business. A business should choose a top agency based on its expertise.

5) Longevity of the agency

Many content marketing agencies are in the market just for two or more years. These years cannot define their services well. It is better to choose an agency that is in this line for many years. Such agencies have established client reviews or testimonials which can provide the reliability of the agency. 

What are the key benefits of hiring top Content Marketing Agencies? 

Hiring a top content marketing agency is important for any business because of the time and effort one has to put into such agencies. However, one should always choose a top agency because of the benefits that the businesses can render from such agencies: 

1) Expertise in team efforts 

Investing in a content marketing agency is successful because of the expert services offered by their team. Not every agency has an expert team. Generally, the top-listed and reputed agencies have expert teams who are dedicated to providing efficient services to the client’s company. Therefore, it is recommended to go for top content marketing services.

2)Focus on the right strategy  

The top content marketing agencies usually offer strategies that are custom-based rather than using standard strategies. It is so because every business has different goals and needs that can be attained with different strategies. The focus of the whole strategy remains on the business goal and accordingly a custom strategy is built by the agency.

3) Focus on business goals 

As mentioned in the above point, the main focus of formulating the strategy is to fulfill the goals of the business. Hiring a top company can save your time and efforts by focusing on the desired goal rather than wasting time on extra goals. 

4) Generation of qualified leads 

The lead generation by the top agencies is generally qualified because the team of such agencies focuses on investing their time to generate the leads that are relevant for the business. This ultimately increases the sales of the business. 

5) Analytical Reporting  

Analytical reporting is one of the major benefits of hiring a top agency for content marketing. Such agencies offer timely reports about the results achieved till now and how to achieve further goals in the future.

Final Words

Content marketing agencies are the ones that generate high-quality content for clients. They work on a variety of different topics, from blogs to e-books, infographics, and so on. These agencies can also help provide the right kind of content and provide you with relevant services like SEO, social media optimization, and more.   

FAQs on Content Marketing Agencies

1)What are the services that are offered by content marketing agencies? 

Content Marketing agencies can offer various types of services including content development, content optimization, and content marketing. When a business hires a content marketing agency, they can get better quality articles, blogs, ebooks, newsletters, and whitepapers that are created by the expert team of the agencies. 

2) What is the pricing of hiring content marketing agencies? 

The price of hiring a content marketing agency can range from $2000-$1000. The cost of hiring a content marketing agency is a kind of investment because of the higher return that a business may achieve by getting qualified leads and sales from the strategies. 

3) Will I get customized content marketing services from a top agency? 

Most of the top content marketing agencies are offering customized plans and strategies to their client’s businesses. It is so because not every strategy can fit perfectly for every business. Therefore, the team of such agencies understands the needs and goals of the business and formulates a strategy that is best suitable for the respective business.

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