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Introduction to Content Writing Agencies

The phrase, “Content is the king” is often used to depict the relevance and importance of content in every sector. When it comes to running a website successfully, the content part is the most crucial. When visitors visit a website, they get engaged because of the graphics, designs, content, and services of a company. Good content is important for any business to keep the visitors engaged for a long time and to convert them into a customer.

However, content writing requires creativity, time, and efforts which a business may not devote because of the importance of other tasks. Some businesses want to devote their efforts to content writing but they don’t have talented people for the same. For such businesses, it is better to outsource this service from an agency. In this article, the team of VikMajra has mentioned the content writing agencies that are known for their services.

What is Content Writing? 

Content Writing is a process of planning, writing, editing, and publishing content on a website so that it can help the business to increase visitors and get high engagement. Content writing is a type of inbound marketing that is designed to attract and engage a visitor for a specific product or specific website. This practice includes the creation of blogs, web content, articles, email, and social media. For carrying out this practice, it is important to possess the right skills so that attractive content can be created for marketing purposes.

Top Content Writing Agencies that can Grow Your Business [2022 Updated List]

Many agencies provide content writing services to various industry businesses, but choosing the best among all is difficult. To save your time and efforts, here is the list of top content writing agencies that are known for their services:

1)Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive is a content marketing agency that offers various services including SEO content services to various industrial businesses. This agency helps businesses to handle keyword research, content strategy, content writing, and content marketing for their business. Thrive Agency has a team of expert writers who consults with the clients before creating any content for them. Their content writers work with SEO experts for performing keyword research and build a proper SEO keyword strategy for the client business.

Even the industry analysis and competitor benchmarking are done before creating any content for the clients. This agency helps businesses to even create their website content and to explain complicated topics to the audience in an easy language. The clients can ask for revisions for the content delivered by the agency.

2) Verblio

Verblio is a content writing agency that provides the services of content creation to various industry businesses. Verblio is hired by businesses, agencies, publishers, and in-house marketers for generating quality content for their services. This agency helps the clients to keep their content well organized on their platform. They work according to the needs and strategies of the clients. Verblio has a team of expert and professional content writers who helps the clients to bring their strategy to life.

A client business can provide the full outline, SEO keywords, links that should be included, and sample content to the writers of Verblio. With this explanation of the strategy, the writers of Verblio offer the optimized and best content to the clients. Even the clients can also choose and prefer the writers that they want to keep working with. 

3) Upwork

Upwork is an agency that works a connection between independent content writers and businesses that seek professional content for their business. At Upwork, both the content writers and businesses can register to specify their skills (in the case of writers), and project details (in the case of businesses). This agent charges a minimum cost from both sides as a commission for their services.  A business can seek any type of content writing services from the writers available on this platform. Be its website content, blogs, articles, newsletters, emails, or any type of content, the writers on this platform can fulfill all the requirements of the business. Businesses can choose the writer for their work based on their qualification, skills, and experience. 

4) Contently

Contently is a content marketing agency that provides the services of content creation, content marketing, and content strategy to various industry businesses. This agency has a good network of writers and talent that helps businesses to get the best and most optimized content for their services. The agency helps businesses to formulate a content strategy that is suitable for them. It includes keyword research, keyword optimization, and strategies to market the same content. 

Contently also provides its proprietary content intelligence tool that helps businesses to know which topic, format, channel, and tone of voice can engage the audience. The client businesses can also generate story ideas that are well searched on the search engine. In addition to all of this, Contently also provides the content value tracker with the help of which businesses can track the ROI of their content marketing program. 

5) Crowd Content

Crowd Content is a content writing agency that is specialized in providing quality content to various industry businesses. This agency has a team of expert and professional content writers who have years of experience in providing quality content to businesses. The content services by this agency include article writing, blog posts, copywriting, ghostwriting, press releases, local SEO pages, product descriptions, SEO content, and website content. 

A business can also get the services of subject matter experts if they want to get content specific to any specific matter. The writers of this agency work on the content after understanding the specific needs of the clients and the desired content strategy. They can provide the content within 24 hours and no quality is comprised even with strict deadlines. This agency is hired by businesses, publishers, agencies, and e-commerce companies. It has more than 6000 clients that are satisfied with its content writing service. 

6) Content Development Pros

Content development Pros is a content marketing agency that offers its content services to various industry businesses including marketing, finance, travel, photography, food, metals, supply chain, gambling, and more. This agency has a team of experienced content writers, marketers, designers, and developers who works to provide successful results to the client businesses. Over 75,000 content projects are completed by this agency and they have experience of 9 years in providing quality content experience to clients.

They aim to provide 100% stratified results to businesses by providing quality content that is free of plagiarism. A client may even ask for unlimited revisions for the work and their writers are very cooperative in doing such revisions. They provide a wide variety of content writing services including profile writing, memos, case study, blogs, articles, white papers, business plans, and much more. 

7) Scripted

Scripted is a content writing agency that allows client businesses to hire quality and professional freelancers for their content needs. This agency caters to small businesses, enterprises, and agencies. When it comes to content writing services, this agency provides quality content services for blogs, web pages, press releases, product descriptions, newsletters, transcriptions, social media pages, and video scripts.

A client business can contact this agency for their content needs and explain what kind of content they want. They can hire a freelancer for the same and can easily get quality content in the due course of time. Scripted also offers some technology to the clients including Smart Match technology which helps the clients to find the perfect writer for their business needs.

They also offer recommended content that leverages Artificial Intelligence to automate the content ideation process and even optimize it for search engines. The next technology is Scripted Performance which allows the clients to see the real-time data of their content directly from Google Analytics. 

8) Express Writers

Express Writers is a professional content writing agency that is suitable for marketers, brands, and agencies. This agency has completed 40,000 content projects for clients worldwide. They have an expert team of content writers, editors, and designers who are experienced in their services. When it comes to content writing services, this agency provides the services for long-form SEO content, emailers, website pages, social media scripts, video posts & scripts, and more.

The team of this agency ensures the timely delivery of quality content that is as per the need and requirements of the client. They also have a team of content strategists and specialists who are well trained in SEO content writing. Every content is delivered to the client after checking it for plagiarism and grammar. However, this agency offers two free revisions for the content delivered.

9) Brafton

Brafton is a content marketing agency that offers the services of content writing, video, graphic designing, and lead magnet creation to various industry businesses. When it comes to content writing services, this agency delivers the content for blogs, SEO content, copywriting, business copy, and article writing. This agency has a team of expert content writers who helps the client businesses to increase their search exposure and build brand awareness through content. 

High-quality and engaging content is offered to the clients which is personalized as per the target audience of the business. This agency also helps businesses to formulate an effective content strategy. They have SEO experts who evaluate the website design for technical SEO issues and offer keywords after researching. With this analysis, highly SEO-optimized content is generated by their writers. 

10) Godot

Godot Media is a content writing agency that helps businesses to hire professional content writers so as to get quality and optimized content for their business. This agency has professional and experienced content writers who aim to provide customer conversion and engagement to the client business. They provide fully managed content writing services and offer unlimited revision options to clients. The content writing services of this agency include the creation of articles, blogs, copywriting, ebooks, SEO copywriting, and more. 

This agency has served 10000+ clients by supporting a wide variety of content writing requirements. Every client business gets the editorial and project management support that helps them to get a smooth and high-quality content writing outsourcing experience. They have a team of the best and most experienced content writers and copywriters. Even each client is offered a dedicated account manager who received the feedback and revision requests for the content. 

11) iWriter

iWriter is a content writing agency that provides the services of SEO-optimized content and website copywriting services to various industrial businesses. This agency has a team of expert who delivers the best quality content to the clients. When it comes to the SEO optimized content, the writers of this agency ensure to optimize the content as per SEO requirements and use proper formatting, internal and external links, a relevant image, and a unique meta description for each SEO content. 

A client business can ask for unlimited revisions for the content. This agency is also good at providing faster customer support. When it comes to their website copywriting services, they offer the services for home page copy, about page copy, product page copy,  landing page, local service page copy, ad copy, and product description copy. Each type of copy is created by expert content writers and a quality copy is provided to each client.

12) ContentFly

ContentFly is a content writing agency that provides content services for blogs, landing page copy, newsletters and emails, and social media posts. This agency has a team of experts who works to provide high-quality content which is unique and free of plagiarism. This agency has smart algorithms that pick the right writer for each article request and it is chosen as per the topic and writer’s rating and specialization. Timely delivery of content is given to the clients and it will not take more than 5-7 business days to deliver a quality content piece. 

ContentFly writers also work on writing email newsletters and campaigns for clients. A client can order an email campaign in bulk or one at a time. However, a proper guideline needs to be given by the client to the agency so that they can create the content as per the needs and requirements. A client can also get content for social media posts whereby their writers create content that can get better clicks and views. 

How to choose the best Content writing agency?

Finding a content writing agency from the internet is not a difficult task. Various agencies are good at providing content writing services. But when it comes to content writing agencies, it is important to choose the best agency. Here are some of the factors that one should look for selecting the best content writing agency:

1)Experience and Skills of Content Writers

For content writing practice, the writers must be experienced in doing their job. Content writing requires creativity, and holding on to language. It is possible only when a writer has worked on various projects. Therefore, look for sample articles or blogs to see how skilled the writers are of that agency. 

2) Customer service in terms of deadline

When selecting a content writing agency for your business, it is important to know about the customer service provided by the agency. A good agency will not take more time to deliver the content. It is better to choose an agency that has good writers and can deliver the content in less period. 

3) Credibility of the agency 

When selecting a content writing agency for your business, it is necessary to choose an agency that is credible and has been in this industry for a long time. Determine whether they provide quality content and how credible they are for content writing services. To check this credibility, check the reviews of the agency. 

4) Evaluate the pricing based on the value offered

When hiring a content writing agency for your business, you may have to spend a good amount for a single content piece. Therefore, it is better to evaluate the pricing of the agency with the value offered. Check for the sample pieces for the type of content you want. A good content writing agency will provide quality content at a good price. 

5) Evaluation of past work

The skills of the writers of the agency can be judged by evaluating their past work. Look for the case studies presented on the agency website and see how efficiently the work is completed by the writers of the agency.  

Final Words  

Marketing on digital platforms requires high-quality content so the prospective audiences can be nurtured well. But not every company has the best content writers. To resolve such things, it is better to hire a content writing agency that specializes in creating quality content. However, it is important to choose a top agency for this because content stays for a long time and it is important to create content that can nurture the audience in the best possible manner.

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