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Introduction to Email Marketing Agencies 

Marketing through traditional channels delivers less efficient results as compared to digital platforms. One of the effective digital strategies that are highly adopted by marketers is Email marketing. Email is a good medium for communicating brand awareness and new launches to prospective customers. However, communicating through emails requires effective content and good knowledge of targeting. Emails may offer slow results as it needs constant nurturing of the customers. But not every marketer can be the best at this strategy.

Doing automation and building cadence email journeys requires extensive knowledge. A business may hire an email marketing agency to keep the focus on this strategy and get better conversions. In this article, VikMajra have mentioned the top email marketing agencies that are suitable for all sizes and types of industry businesses.

What is Email Marketing? 

Email Marketing is a marketing strategy of sending commercial and promotional emails to subscribers. The main purpose of email marketing is to make the audience aware of the brand’s products/services and to get sales. This strategy is a direct channel marketing strategy that helps businesses to boost conversions and revenues. Email marketing is done after building a proper email list, segmentation of the list, designing emails, and then delivering it with an automation tool. This strategy can be very effective in building brand awareness and product promotions. 

Top 10 Email Marketing Agencies that can Grow Your Business [2022 List Updated]

Hiring an email marketing agency for your business can help marketers to deliver the right email campaign to the targeted audience. However, many agencies can deliver email marketing services to businesses. But, it is important to choose the best email marketing agency. Here is the list of the email marketing agencies that are known for their services: 

1)Ignite Visibility 

Ignite Visibility is a digital marketing agency that was founded in 2013 and aims to deliver effective digital marketing solutions to various industry businesses. The solutions delivered by Ignite Visibility include SEO, International search marketing, PPC advertising, social media marketing, email marketing, public relations, and conversion rate optimization. As far as email marketing is concerned, this agency helps businesses to formulate an email strategy that can drive better results.

Their expert team of email professionals formulates a cohesive campaign planning and executes it to get better ROI. They also assist businesses in growing their email list and use data-driven automation for email campaigns. The other email services by this agency include journey mapping, calendar management, behaviourally-triggered automation, list hygiene, segmentation, and comprehensive deliverability monitoring. 

2) WebFX

WebFX is a digital marketing agency that provides various services including SEO, lead generation, UX, email marketing, and more. WebFX has an experience of 25 years of providing email marketing solutions to businesses. The agency provides dedicated specialists to the businesses in the building, developing, launching, and managing the custom email marketing strategy for the company.

The email marketing services by this agency include email marketing management, email marketing design, and email lead nurturing. Each client business will get custom strategies for email marketing and email template design as per the needs. Even a dedicated account manager will be allotted to the clients. Regular reports including the lead generation reports are provided to let the client updated about the email strategies. 

3) Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive is a top-rated internet marketing agency providing various services including SEO, Email marketing services, PPC advertising, Content marketing, web design & development. When it comes to email marketing, a diverse range of email marketing services are offered to various industry businesses that can fit uniquely to them.

The team of this agency conducts the email marketing audits of the client business so that the factors can be determined which is influencing their marketing success. The expert team of Thrive Internet Marketing agency reviews the email templates and email campaigns from the past 12 months. Even the technical issues will be determined by the experts to know where the issue lies.

After reviewing and analyzing all the present data of email marketing, the email marketing specialists provide recommendations for the code, design, content, and CTA for the emails. The other email marketing services by this agency include superior template design, installation of ESP, Quality Assurance and testing, and training on custom templates.

4) SocialSEO

SocialSEO is a digital marketing agency providing multiple services to businesses including local SEO, international SEO, Email Marketing, graphic designing, SEM, Influencer marketing, and video services. A custom email marketing strategy is formulated by the businesses after determining the demand of client businesses. SocialSEO has a team of experts who helps businesses to get maximum exposure and get prospects and consumers. Their team helps businesses to develop relevant lists for making efficient campaigns.

5) Blue Corona

Blue Corona is a marketing agency that provides its services to business owners and companies for building their presence online and increasing leads and sales. This agency provides various services including Email marketing, google local services ads, PPC, SEO, Website Chat services, and website design. The email marketing services by this agency includes custom-designed email template, professional copywriting services, and advanced analytics tracking & reporting.

The agency will guide the business at each step of email marketing, be it building a list or analyzing the performance. Every client business will get a dedicated manager who will guide the whole strategy. The reporting system of this agency is good and the client businesses will get monthly reports for specifying the performance of each email campaign. 

6) Soap Media

Soap Media is a UK-based digital marketing agency providing various services including Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Digital PR, Inbound Marketing, Influencer marketing, lead generation, affiliate marketing, content marketing, and SEO. When it comes to email marketing services, Soap Media has 15 years of experience in providing these services.

Soap media helps the client business in formulating and executing the whole email marketing strategy that can help to increase the conversion rates for the emails. The whole strategy is formulated using big data analytics coupled with AI. The email marketing services include testing and optimization, atomic design, HTML Coding, copywriting, personalization, segmentation, marketing automation, and CRM integration. 

7) Inbox Army, LLC

Inbox army is an email marketing agency that offers targeted email marketing solutions and helps businesses to create a robust email marketing strategy. The email marketing services by this agency include Email Marketing audit, planning, email design & coding, email deployment, data management, content coordination, campaign development & production, A/B testing and reporting, testing, and quality assurance. Inbox Army provides every service related to email including email marketing automation, email marketing, email campaign management, email deliverability, and email template production.

This agency provides a clear, prioritized list of recommendations, and determines the cause of deliverability issues. They provide dedicated and trained email marketing specialists, email campaign managers, data management experts, and email designers or coders. 

8) Evestar

Evestar is an e-commerce marketing agency that provides various services to businesses including social media Ads, Google ads, email & SMS marketing, SEO, and eCommerce development. This agency was founded in 2013 and they have a team of experts who have years of experience in providing such services. With email marketing services, Evestar helps client businesses to increase revenue with the help of effective campaigns, automated email flows, audience segmentation, and deliverability monitoring. The experts of this agency handle a range of technicalities to maximize the impact of email marketing and revenue generation. They hold expertise in other ESPs like Hubspot, Active Campaign, and Mailchimp. 

9) Uplers

Uplers is a digital marketing agency that offers specialized email marketing services to businesses. The team of Uplers provides high-converting banners as well as a landing page as per the preferences of the clients. The email marketing services by this agency include the email program audit, email automation, and data integration & migration. The expert team of this agency provides custom email templates that are compatible with major ESPs.

They have expertise in building, designing, and coding conversion-driven emails and newsletters. Uplers has expertise with 50+ ESPs and their team is available for 24×5 support. Their expert team can develop 3000+ email templates monthly. The email marketing services by this agency include email template audit, template production, email operations support, and email management. 

10) Action Rocket

Action Rocket is a marketing agency that is specialized in offering email marketing and handling CRM services for businesses. This agency helps businesses to create flexible, creative modular systems and deliver the systems with cohesive email guidelines. The expert team of action rockets helps the business to create effective email campaigns as per the need of the businesses. Even master templates are delivered to each client business which can be used for formulating targeted emails to their audience. 

Final Words

Email marketing is a strategy that requires time, effort, and extensive knowledge about the targeted audiences to offer them personalized emails. When a business hires an email marketing agency for implementing the email strategies, they focus on the main goal and save team efforts. Investing in an email marketing agency is a good decision as long as a top agency is hired. A business can earn good returns from a targeted email marketing strategy.

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