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Introduction to PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Agencies

Getting ranked for your business website through organic methods is not an easy task. Search engine optimization techniques may take a little long time to show your website at the top. Due to this Search Engine Marketing becomes an important strategy to make the business visible on the top of SERP instantly. 

However, conducting SEM is not an easy task when you have a tight budget. The bidding should be in such a manner that it comes under the budget and offer the best results. But it is not necessary that a marketer is efficient with PPC ads. Therefore, a business can hire a PPC agency for the SEM tasks. In this article, the VikMajra team has mentioned the top PPC agencies that are known for their work and strategies. 

What is PPC (Pay-Per-Click)?

Pay-per-Click is the internet advertising model where the advertiser pays a specified amount to the search engine every time its ad is clicked. In pay-per-click advertising, a marketer pays a specified amount to the search engines so that their business ad can be shown on the top of SERP. The most used search engine for PPC advertising is Google. It is so because today Google is the #1 search engine platform in most countries. Therefore, Google provides an opportunity to every marketer to show their ad on the top of SERP in exchange for some specified amount.

Top 10 Best PPC (Pay-Per-Click) Agencies List that can Grow your Business [2022 Updated List]

Several PPC agencies offer PPC advertising services to businesses. However, finding the right one for a business can be difficult. To resolve such issues, here is the list of top PPC agencies that are well-known for their service and helped businesses by driving traffic and sales for them.

1)Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a digital marketing agency that was established in 2013 and is based in San Diego, CA. The mission of this agency is to provide effective digital marketing services to client businesses. The services of this agency include SEO, International & Local Search Marketing, PPC Advertising, Social Media Advertising, Email Marketing, and Conversion Rate Optimization. 

Ignite Visibility is best known for its PPC advertising services whereby its team of experts provides the best-paid media services to client businesses. A business can get custom pay-per-click audits and specific strategies that can increase revenues and leads. Ignite visibility is a premium partner of Facebook, Microsoft, and Google which makes them the best for PPC advertising services. They are listed as the top PPC company for all industries in the United States and have served more than 150 top clients. 

2) WebFX

WebFX is a top digital marketing agency that has experience of years in providing SEO, PPC advertising, and social media management services to businesses. When it comes to the PPC advertising services by WebFX, they offer the best tech-enabled PPC services that help businesses to achieve goals and maximize their ROI (Return on Investment) from this strategy. Every business can get custom PPC campaigns which will help the businesses to drive conversions and high revenue.

WebFX conducts targeted campaigns for the client business audience. They also focus on remarketing strategies with the help of PPC. They make sure to do advanced keyword research and selection so that the campaigns will be targeted and can reach a high number of audiences. They also provide strategic bid management services to businesses along with the Google Analytics reporting system. 

3) Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive is an internet marketing agency that was established in 2005 and helped various businesses from different industries to align their marketing efforts and drive revenue. The services of this agency include SEO, Web designing, eCommerce Marketing, PPC advertising, and Amazon Marketing. This agency is partnered with Google and Microsoft which helps the client businesses to increase their leads and grow brand awareness.

When it comes to the PPC services by this agency, they provide keyword research analysis, PPC management, A/B ad testing, and PPC advertising. They also provide the management of Bing ads and social media advertising which can help businesses to drive more reach. Their team of experts can determine the top-performing campaigns for a business and they create the strategy as per it.

4) WordStream

WordStream is a PPC agency that helps businesses to drive traffic and customers with the help of campaigns on Google AdWords. This agency has experienced team members and their results show their expertise in this field. WordStream is different from the other agencies on the list as they provide great software that makes Pay Per Click advertising comfortable and easier. They help businesses to manage several paid search campaigns using a single interface.

When it comes to PPC advertising, the PPC services of this agency include Dedicated Account Manager, Keyword Research, Text ad optimization, Geo-Targeting, Campaign Level reporting, Manual phone tracking, Manual Bid Management, and landing page optimization, and google search and display networks optimization. A business will receive monthly calls and reporting for updating about the campaigns and their performance. Each business will also have access to the account and track campaigns. 

5) KlientBoost

KlientBoost is a digital marketing agency that offers various digital marketing services including PPC advertising, Facebook ads, Google ads, SEM, PPC management, Content marketing, link building, email marketing, and conversion rate optimization. When it comes to the PPC advertising service by this agency, they cover Google ads, LinkedIn ads, and Bings ads which can draw high traffic for the client businesses. 

KlientBoost has a team of experts that works with the best tools for finding the right keyword for businesses and creating the best ad copy. They offer a prioritized list of ad improvements to the businesses which can help them to find the best strategies for paid advertising. The PPC advertising service by this agency includes keyword match type selections, ROI conversion tracking, traffic quality improvements, PPC call tracking, display campaign targeting, and more.

6) Xtropy

Xtropy is a google ads agency that has a premier partnership with Google. This agency has a decade of experience in offering google ads services to agencies and businesses. They work with digital, traditional, and creative agencies to build ad campaigns and drive clients. However, they also formulate strategies for the businesses whereby a custom strategy is formulated as per the needs and budget of the company.

Xtropy has a team of expert members who have to expertize in segmenting and targeting the audience of the business which creates the most relevant and effective impact when the message is delivered to the audience. They provide the reports of the campaigns to the clients and offer the best services to the clients. 

7) Netpeak

Netpeak is a digital marketing agency that was established in 2006 and has helped various companies and products to establish their digital presence. The services of this agency include SEO, PPC, Email, and performance marketing. This agency offers its expertise in creating commercial advertisements for brands in response to the targeted audience. They use a full range of tools for pay-per-click advertisement which can help them to create targeted campaigns.

Netpeak provides a custom strategy to businesses so that they can manage their ad budgets and achieve the desired results. Their team is expert in carrying out all types of ad campaigns including search ads, display ads, shopping ads, and remarketing ads. With all such campaigns and strategies, they try to drive the best results for the client businesses. 

8) Blue Corona

Blue Corona is a digital marketing agency that provides its services to all types of businesses and helps them to build their presence online. The digital marketing services of Blue Corona include SEO, Digital competitive analysis, PPC advertising, website design, and development, google local services advertising, and display advertising services. When it comes to PPC advertising by this agency, they have paid search specialists who manage the campaigns of the client businesses on the platforms like Google ads and Microsoft Advertising. 

They build, launch, and manage the new PPC campaigns and even optimize the existing ad campaigns to get better results. The expert team of Blue Corona guides the client businesses about the keywords and eliminates the wasted ad spend on expensive keywords. Blue Corona is partnered with Google and Microsoft Advertising which makes them suitable for businesses who want better traffic with PPC campaigns. 

9) Back40 Design

Back40 Design is a digital marketing agency established in 2000 and they are providing the best website and digital marketing services to businesses. The services by Back40 design include SEO, Content Marketing, PPC Advertising, and Digital advertising. When it comes to PPC Advertising, they provide both PPC management services and consulting services. The team of Back40 design is skilled in researching, creating, and managing optimized campaigns that support the goals of client businesses. 

This agency is headquartered in Edmond, OK. They make sure to provide affordable PPC management services to the client businesses and help them to get the best services at their maximum budget. The PPC services by this agency include Bid and Budget Optimization, Adding and Removing keywords, Adjusting keyword Match Types, Geo-targeting Bid Adjustments and Improving, Monitoring and Optimizing Ad extensions, and more. 

How to Choose the Best Pay-Per-Click Agency? 

Finding a Pay-per-click agency is not difficult but the process of selecting the best can be difficult for a marketer. It is so because most of the agencies offer the same services and costs. Then, it becomes difficult to choose the right agency for a business. But here are some factors that one should look at before selecting any agency for their business. 

1)Evaluating the Strategy and Tools used by agencies

The first and foremost point that every marketer should see is the strategy and tools that the agency used to make the PPC successful for their client businesses. For PPC advertising, it is important to have the right strategy for bidding. A marketer should look for the tools that are used by these PPC agencies. It may include these tools: Google Keyword Planner, Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, Google Performance Grader, and more. 

2) Communication for Campaign Results

When hiring a Pay-Per-Click agency, it is important to look for the fact that how these agencies are going to communicate the campaign results. The communication can be done through monthly phone calls or monthly one-on-one meetings. Therefore, it is better to look at how the communication will take place. 

3) Access to Campaign Metrics

As the whole task of bidding, designing, and maintaining the ad will be done by the agency, the whole campaign metrics will stay with them. It is important to look that whether they are going to share the access for campaign metrics or not. 

4) Experience of the Agency

Experience of the PPC agency matters when a marketer is choosing an agency among the best ones. The experience of the PPC agency displays the fact that how efficient the agency is in displaying the google ad for a business. An agency with less experience may not deliver the most efficient results for a marketer. 

5) Custom Strategy

The custom strategy here means that a marketer should look for a fact that whether the agency is offering a custom strategy to them on it. A good marketing agency will formulate a strategy that is suitable for the needs and budget of the business. 

What are the key benefits of hiring a Top Pay-Per-Click Agency? 

When you are investing in a PPC agency, it is recommended to choose a top agency because of the benefits that can be rendered by the businesses. Some of the benefits of hiring a top pay-per-click agency include: 

1)Experienced Team of Marketers 

A top PPC agency usually has the best and most experienced members who are good at conducting PPC advertising for a business. While other agencies may lack this point and a business will not get efficient results in a short time. 

2) Focus on goal achievement for a business 

A top agency will provide a custom strategy for a business that is focused on achieving the goals of the business with the right budget. Such agencies focus on helping businesses rather than making money. 

3) Good communication 

A top PPC agency will offer good communication with the client business. Regular phone calls, monthly one-on-one meetings, and discuss strategy with each campaign will be done by these agencies to offer the best service to the clients. 

4) Budget Friendly strategy and advice

As mentioned above, the focus of the top PPC agency is to achieve the goal of the client business with the right strategy and right budget. These agencies will offer custom strategies that can suit the budget of the client business. Even such agencies offer unbiased advice on the marketing strategies that can help the business to grow. 

5) Analytical Reporting 

A top PPC agency will provide the access to the campaign reports and metrics which is important for the client business to know the working of their campaigns. These reports are shared at regular intervals. 

Final words

Investing in any PPC agency is all about the time, cost, and efforts that a business has to devote. PPC advertising is important for any business so to increase the number of clients and increase sales of the business. But when a business invests in the wrong agency, it loses its time and cost. Therefore, before selecting any PPC agency, a business should make sure to see whether the agency is good at its service or not. 

FAQs on Pay Per Click Agencies

1)What makes a PPC agency good? 

Before selecting any PPC agency for your business, it is recommended to look for some qualities of these agencies which can prove that they are top agencies. This includes good communication, better reporting, focus on the goals of client businesses, and an experienced team of marketers. 

2) How much cost is associated with hiring a PPC agency? 

The cost associated with hiring a PPC agency ranges from $250-$1500 per month. This cost can be high for some businesses but it is a type of investment that can draw good results for the business. However, this cost varies as per the agency and size of the business. 

3) Is it worth investing in a PPC agency? 

PPC advertising is one of the top digital marketing strategies that can drive high sales for businesses. Yes, it is worthy to invest in a PPC agency because of the expert skills that these agencies offer to their clients. These agencies can draw better sales for the businesses by offering the best services.

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