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Introduction to Social Media Marketing Agencies 

In the era of Instagram reels, Social media is a channel that is not only providing entertainment to the users but also helps businesses to get better sales. Marketing on social media channels is very effective nowadays and a business can easily generate better and more qualified leads through social media efforts. However, advertising and marketing on social media is not an easy task. Before starting any social media campaign, a marketer needs to learn about the targeted audience and their interests.

Social media marketing is all about content and better targeting. Creative and effective content can do miracles for the business while ineffective content can lead to the loss of the whole advertising budget. Therefore, carrying out social media marketing requires expertise that may not be posses by every marketer. It is better to hire expert agencies for this service. In this article, the team at VikMajra have mentioned the details about the top social media marketing agencies that are known for their services. 

What is Social Media Marketing? 

Social media marketing is a digital marketing practice where social media platforms are used to achieve marketing and branding goals. With the help of social media platforms, the companies try to create engagement with the existing customers and reach new prospects. This practice of social media marketing involves the publishing of effective content on social media and running advertisements. The social media platforms that are majorly used by marketers for generating leads are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. 

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Selecting the right agency from the pool of agencies is difficult for any business. This is also true if a business is planning to hire a social media marketing agency for monetizing its efforts on social media. To resolve the issue of selecting the best agency, here is the list of top social media agencies that are known for their services and results. 

1)Ignite Visibility

Ignite Visibility is a digital marketing agency launched in 2013. This agency provides various services including social media marketing, SEO, PPC Advertising, Email Marketing, Amazon Marketing, Franchise marketing, and Conversion Rate optimization. When it comes to their social media marketing services, the expert team of this agency provided both management and marketing services to industrial businesses. Ignite Visibility team of social media experts helps businesses to build interactive social media campaigns including contests, quizzes, and charts. 

A customized social media marketing strategy is provided to each client after analyzing and determining the most suitable social media channel as per the needs of the business. In addition to which, their social media experts will also suggest the advertising strategy that can give the best return on investment. Even the infographics for the social media platforms will also be provided by the expert graphic team of this agency. 

2) WebFX

WebFX is a digital marketing agency that has experience of 25+ years in providing various digital services including SEO, PPC, Web design, social media, content marketing, digital advertising, and amazon marketing. WebFX has a team of experts that provides expert social media marketing services to businesses.

Each business will get a personalized or customized social media marketing strategy which will be formulated as per the needs and goals of the client business. The team of WebFX will conduct the social media audit and competitor analysis of the business to determine the present condition of the business. 

The social media services by this agency include social media marketing, social media advertising, and social media design services. A dedicated account manager will be allotted to each client business to monitor and help the client businesses with social media services. The reports will be delivered on regular basis. 

3) Thrive Internet Marketing Agency

Thrive is an internet marketing agency that provides various services including SEO, PPC, Link Building, website design, email marketing, SMS marketing, social media marketing, and reputation management. Under the social media marketing services, Thrive offers management, advertising, and brand management services to various industrial businesses.

The expert team of this agency helps businesses to promote their business across multiple social media channels effectively. Thrive Internet marketing agency provides full transparency so that businesses can monitor the strategies and revenue earned from their social media efforts.

A dedicated account manager will be allotted to each client’s business for better and timely communication. The expert team of Thrive identifies the target audience to create an effective social media strategy for driving higher ROI. They utilize analytics and data tracking tools to improve the strategies and find out the right keyword as per the brand. 

4) Sociallyin

Sociallyin is a social media marketing agency that helps businesses to build their online presence on social media platforms. The services of this agency include social media strategy, social media advertising, and social selling. This agency has social media experts who are creative and experienced in providing their social media marketing services to businesses. Each client business will receive a customized social media strategy after conducting social media audit and competitor analysis of the business. 

The team of Sociallyin provides creative and unique social media strategies. They help businesses to execute those strategies in the right manner. This agency also helps businesses to run social media ads with better targeting. The reporting system by this agency is also good and the performance of each ad is tracked and reported to the client. 

5) Lyfe Marketing

LYFE Marketing is a social media management agency that offers various services to businesses. Their services include social media marketing, social media advertising, PPC management, email marketing, video animation, short video management, and short video advertising. With the help of social media marketing services, this agency is helping the brands to build their brand awareness on social media platforms.

LYFE has a team of social media experts who helps businesses to increase their social media followers by ensuring they match their demographics, interests, and behaviors. LYFE also provides social media advertising services to increase engagement, website traffic, and conversions.

This agency provides services including page monitoring and responding, boost ad management, and timely reporting. Under the social media advertising services, this agency provides services including advanced ad targeting, advertising creation, and bid management & optimization. 

6) Cleverly

Cleverly is a social media marketing agency but it specializes in LinkedIn management and advertising. The services by this agency include the LinkedIn Leda Generation, LinkedIn Paid Advertising, and LinkedIn Candidate recruiting. This agency helps businesses to generate quality leads from LinkedIn. They build a targeted and qualified list of prospects on LinkedIn and help the client business to nurture and convert them into a lead. The services by this agency include the A/B tested copywriting, personalized outreach, data-driven strategy, and prospect list building. 

Weekly reports are provided to the client businesses along with the monthly strategy calls and ongoing campaign improvements. The expert team of Cleverly helps businesses to manage their LinkedIn campaigns at every step. From targeting, designing, copying, and lead magnets to bid, this agency helps businesses to maximize their conversions. 

7) Sculpt

Sculpt is a social media marketing agency launched in 2012 and provides various services including paid social ads, B2B Chatbots, B2B social media, and B2B lead generation. This agency majorly works for creating B2B connections. Under the paid social ads, the B2B businesses are helped by Sculpt expert team to reach prospects and close more deals. The launch of cross-channel conversion campaigns and test offers are offered by this agency to each client business.

With B2B social media marketing, the business can drive awareness and generate leads. The expert team of this agency will conduct the audit of the social media of the client business and a strategy is formulated as per it. Under the audit, the agency will learn about the brand messaging, audience personas, and short-term & long-term goals of the client business to formulate the right social media strategy. 

8) Audiencly

Audiencly is a social media marketing agency that also provides the services of influencer marketing and paid media. This agency helps brands and influencers to maintain their online presence on social media platforms. Their expert team makes an in-depth social media analysis and advice the clients for improving their presence. The KPIs and clear goals for the strategy are formulated by the expert to rightly target the targeted audience.

They also make an analysis of their competitors and the right platform is chosen for achieving the goals. The businesses are guided about the right content that should be posted on their social media platforms and then reports are analyzed to know the results and efficiency of the social media strategies. The experts of this team will also provide channel management and content creation services. 

9) Evestar

Evestar is a marketing agency that specializes in SEO, email marketing, paid social media, content creation, branding, and google ads. When it comes to social media marketing, the team experts of this agency are specialized in running paid advertisements for businesses. They provide the services for Facebook Ads, Pinterest Ads, YouTube Ads, and TikTok Ads. The team experts of this agency help the businesses to deploy the mix of converting UGC ads to capitalize the cost-effective strategies.

Evestar makes the use of machine learning and data aggregation tools which allows the team to maintain the substantial budgets and strategies on YouTube. The client businesses will be assisted by this agency to craft the right message and deploy the right creative strategy to influence the traffic cost. The ads will be carried out by this agency as per their goals and needs. 

Final Words

Social media marketing is a digital marketing strategy that requires proper strategy, time, and effort to get better and more efficient results. Companies who want to focus on their social media marketing and management, they should choose to hire the agency. Social media agencies have expert teams and years of experience in providing efficient results to businesses. But it is important to hire the top agencies to make the investment successful and get a high ROI (Return on Investment).

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