Top 10 Game Development Companies

Summary:- Do you want to know What are the Top Game Development Companies in the World at present can help you in creating a stunning gaming solution? If “Yes”, then finalize any one of these below discussed the best company for game development. The team of VikMajra has compiled this useful list of Top Game Developers after doing proper research in terms of company reviews, previous work experiences, industry experience, certifications, game development technology stack, rating, and other key parameters.

These award-winning best Game development service provider firms provide custom Android, Facebook, 2D (Dimensional), 3D (Dimensional), iOS, VR games development services according to the client’s requirements. We have finalized this list on the basis of 3 key metrics, i.e. reliability, quality, and ability. All the service provider have a team of highly experienced game developer who utilizes C+, C#, Java, Python, Web-Based programming languages (i.e. HTML, CSS, JavaScript) to provides fully secure & functional Gaming application.

So, go ahead and choose any one of these GAME Development Firms for getting your work to be completed on time and successfully using the latest Gaming technology stack.

List of Top 10 Best Games Development Companies

Check the complete list of the top 20 best Game development companies in the world that will help you in the completion of the web, mobile, PC, console, and other gaming solutions.

Company NameWebsiteLocationHourly RateEmployeesFoundedSlogan
Quytech, United States$21-$7550-2492010Mobile App/AR/VR/AI/Game Development Company
Next Big Technology(NBT)http://nextbigtechnology.comIndia, Australia$21-$7550-2492009Best Web & Mobile App Development Company
Kmphitechhttps://www.kmphitech.comIndia$25-$4932-872012Leading Mobile App & Game Development Company
Nimblechapps Pvt. Ltd.https://www.nimblechapps.comIndia$21-$7532-872014The Coolest Mobile App & Game Development Company
Appingine States$25-$4950-2492008"Road to Victory-- With our dominant developers"
Brillmindz Technologies, United Arab Emirates$50-$9950-2492011Ideas Sculpted to Innovation
Buildbox Developers$21-$7543-952016We expertise in developing hyper casual games
RV Technologies Softwares Pvt. Ltd., United Kingdom$21-$7550-2492007Top Android & iOS App Development Company
Retro Cube States$25-$49250-9992013Mobile App Development Company
Chaos Theory$100-$14932-872012Where creativity meets technology
Juego Studio Private Limited States, India$25-$4950-2492011Game and App Development Company
Logic Simplified$21-$7532-872011Developing Games, IoT, AI and ML Applications
SYNARION IT SOLUTIONS$25-$491,000-9,9992017Inspired with your ideas
izzi.studio$25-$4932-872016We turn customer dreams into superb IT products
Perpetiohttp://perpet.ioUkraine, Estonia$25-$4932-872014UI/UX, Mobile, Web, Game Art.
Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd.https://www.aalpha.netIndia, Norway$21-$7550-2492008The Outsourcing Company
Terasol Technologies, United States$25-$4932-872014We just don't build apps We build businesses!
The NineHertz, United States$21-$7550-2492008Mobile App and Web development company
Capermint Technologies Pvt Ltdhttps://www.capermint.comIndia, Canada$25-$4950-2492014#1 Mobile Game Development Company
Algoworks, United States$21-$75250-9992006Enterprise Mobile Apps Development Company
Technoloader$25-$4932-872016A Complete Blockchain Development Company India
Cirkle Studio Pvt. Ltd.$21-$7532-872012Transparency Collaboration Trust
Promatics Technologieshttp://www.promaticsindia.comIndia, United Kingdom$21-$7550-2492008Top Rated Web n Mobile App Development Company
InnoApps Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Australia$25-$4950-2492016Mobility, Web & Software Solutions/Services!
iQlance Solutions, India$25-$4932-872010Leading Mobile App Development Company
NOTO IT Solutions Pvt. Ltdhttp://www.notosolutions.comIndia, United States$21-$7550-2492007The way you need IT
ARKA Softwares States, India$21-$7550-2492010Creating Next Big Thing for You
TekRevol States$25-$4950-2492008Result-Oriented Web & App solutions
SITSL States, India$25-$4950-2492015A Global CMMI Level 3 Appraised Company
RIKSOF, Sweden$25-$4932-872009An award winning company for mobile and web apps
The App Ideas, United Kingdom$21-$7532-872015Enterprise Web & Mobile Apps Development Company
Apptunixhttp://www.apptunix.comIndia, United States$21-$7550-2492013App Development Experts
Appello Software, United Kingdom$25-$4950-2492016Hire Leading Software Developers
GameAnax Studio Pvt. Ltd.https://www.gameanax.comIndia, United States$25-$4932-872010We create customized Games, VR and AR apps
Prismetrichttps://www.prismetric.comIndia, United States$21-$7550-2492008Delivering Quality Products and Premium Services
Mantreza Technologies Private Limitedhttp://www.mantreza.comIndia, Canada$21-$7550-2492017Mobile Apps, Web & Software | IoT | Blockchain
fructus temporumhttp://fruktorum.comRussia$21-$7532-872016we bear fruits
OneClick IT Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., United States$21-$7550-2492012We build Brands from Ideas
Mobiloitte Inc States, India$21-$75250-9992004BLOCKCHAIN . BOTS . APPS. DIGITAL . AI . ML . IoT
IPHS Technologies LLP$25-$4950-2492013A Software, Web & Mobile App Development Company
Jploft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., United States$21-$7532-872015App Development Company for Startups & Enterprises
eArtisanhttps://eartisan.caCanadaNA43-952011ACCEPT THE E-WORLD, EXPERIENCE EARTISAN
Blackthorn Vision$25-$4950-2492008TOP ENGINEERS. PROVEN PROCESSES.
Devstree IT Solutions Digital Solution
Solution Analystshttp://www.solutionanalysts.comIndia, United States$25-$4950-2492011Mobile App Development. Redefined for You
Awakeen Studio Pvt. Ltd.https://www.awakeenstudio.comIndia$25-$4932-87Inventing reality
Azmi Studio$21-$7532-872018Game, Simulator, AR, VR & Apps Dev Company
Quokka Labs$25-$4932-872018Your Technology Partner in Growth & Innovation
APPSTIRR States$50-$9950-249Time To Go Mobile
Innowrap Technologies$25-$4932-872015wrapping ideas innovetively
PLDEVS.COMhttp://www.pldevs.comPoland, United Kingdom$25-$4932-872008Discover. Plan. Design. Develop. Deliver. Grow.
Grepix Infotech Pvt Ltd$25-$4932-872012Top Mobile App Development Company
Crest Coder$21-$7532-872017A Digital Agency with Creative Minds
iLogos Game Studioshttps://www.ilogos.bizGermany, Cyprus$25-$4950-2492006iLogos
eSparkBiz Technologies Pvt. Ltdhttps://www.esparkinfo.comIndia, United States$21-$7550-2492008Where Affordability Meets Professionalism
Teclogiqhttp://www.teclogiq.comIndia$21-$7543-952012End-to-End Web Based Solutions
TechPhant Consulting Group, India$25-$4932-872012Web, Native mobile app, AR & VR development
Intelivita, United Kingdom$25-$4932-872014Immersive Mobile App and Web Development Solution
Studio Krewhttps://studiokrew.comIndia, Canada$25-$4950-2492013We're concept creators & enablers
AppZoro Technologies Inc.http://www.appzoro.comUnited States$21-$7543-952011Android & iOS Apps Development Company
Focusteckhttps://www.focusteck.comUnited States, Pakistan$25-$4932-872013Premier Digital Agency
Queppelin Kingdom$21-$7550-2492010AR, Mobility and custom software solutions
Space-O Technologies, Canada$25-$4950-2492010[Mobile, Web, BigData, Ruby, Python Expert]
FreshCode$25-$4950-2492014Software Development Company | Scale your business
Esferasoft Solutions Pvt. Ltd., United States$21-$7550-2492007Top Android & IOS App Development Company
Vidhema Technologies Pte Ltd$25-$4932-872016Mobile App Development & Web Design Company.
FuGenX Technologies Pvt Ltd, United States$25-$49250-9992008Industry leader of Mobile,Social & Cloud Computing
Octos Global Solutions States$50-$9932-872017Software Development Company in California
Lafont Innovation LLChttps://lafontinnov.comKenya$50-$9932-872017Always With You
winklix llchttps://www.winklix.comUnited States, India$25-$4950-2492014It Solution Simplified
echoinnovateit States, India$21-$7550-2492012Top Mobile Application Development Company MN USA
3 Edge Technologies$21-$7532-872016Web and Mobile application development
Twitchtimehttp://www.twitchtime.comIndia$21-$7532-872015Get IT Done
Digit Bazar IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd.http://www.digitbazar.comIndia, United StatesNA32-872014Partnership and Development
TERRAFORMhttp://www.terraformcorp.comCanada$50-$9932-872009Premiere Mobile App & Custom Software Developer
Forbytes, SwedenNA50-2492011Forbytes — technology to grow your business.
Workspace InfoTech Australia PTY Limited, Australia$21-$7550-2492008Software, Mobile Apps, Graphics, Website solutions
N-iX, Sweden$25-$49250-9992002Software development company
Chetuhttps://www.chetu.comUnited States, Netherlands$25-$491,000-9,9992000World-Class Software Solutions
Strowberry Code, United States$25-$4943-952015the code company
Silicon Graphics Arab Emirates$25-$4950-2492008Build a development hub for the greatest ideas
Artifex-Online, Germany$25-$4932-872012We Make IT Happen
KSBM INFOTECHhttp://www.ksbminfotech.comIndia$25-$4943-952008Revenue throw results
Anthill Worldwide$21-$7532-872019Network of web developers
Verve Systems Pvt. Ltd.$21-$7550-2492009Mobile App and Web Development Company
JoyTime Appshttp://www.joytimeapps.comUnited States$25-$4932-872019Game App Development Company focued on Joy Time
Tapadia Techhttp://www.tapadiatech.comUnited States$21-$7532-872001Mobile Apps, Web & IoT Development Company
Unanimous Studios$21-$7532-872011Mobile Game and App Development
INORU Good Luck$100-$14950-2492006Web, Mobile & Game App Development Company
Sababa Labs LLC development and outsourcing
Vasundhara Infotech LLPhttp://vasundharavision.comIndia$21-$7550-2492012Expert in Application, Game & Website Development
Innow8 Apps$21-$7532-872016Imparting Innovation and Intelligence
Karetrahttp://www.karetra.comTurkey$25-$4943-952004Apps for the best user experience possible
Apps Nado States$50-$9950-2492013WE GIVE RESULTS, NOT REASONS
Govrprohttp://govrpro.comIndia$21-$7532-872014TURNING VIRTUAL INTO REALITY
SegWitz Techhttps://segwitz.comMalaysia$25-$4932-872019We take care of your tech
Vasundhara Infotechhttps://www.vasundharainfotechllp.comIndiaNA43-95IT Services
Program-Ace$25-$4950-2491992Innovation-oriented software development company
Summation IT$25-$4932-872009Web and Mobile App Development Company
Erminesoft States$25-$4932-872012Mobile App Development Company
Concetto Labshttps://www.concettolabs.comIndia$21-$7532-872014Web and Mobile App Development Company
Appiskey Inc.http://www.appiskey.comUnited States$50-$9950-2492013Digitize . Mobilize . Revolutionize.
Shine Infosoft, United Kingdom$21-$7532-872014Xamarin app & Native app development company
Coreway Solutionhttps://www.corewaysolution.comIndia, United States$21-$7532-872010Ecommerce, Web & Mobile App Development Company
Zoptal Solutions Pvt. Ltd.https://zoptal.comIndia$25-$4932-872016Full Cycle Mobile and Web Development Solutions
PreApps States$150-$19950-2492010#1 App Marketing Agency
Collabor8$21-$7532-87Implementing dreams
Decipher Zone Softwareshttp://decipherzone.comIndia$21-$7550-2492015Java Development Company
Samaj Infotechhttps://www.samajinfotech.comIndia$21-$7532-872018Game, Website, Mobile Apps & Animation Service
Webski Solutions interactive partner!
ShivShakti Web Solutions & Serviceshttps://shivshaktiweb.netIndia$21-$7543-952015Web Solutions & Services for Everyone
Gstar Info E-solutions Pvt. Ltd.http://www.gstarinfotech.comIndia$21-$7550-2492012Innovative Organigation
CodeRiders$25-$4932-872013We desire. Together we achieve!
Offshore IT Staffing Application Development Company
Commercial Technologies Plushttps://commercialtp.comSri Lanka$25-$4932-872016Smart Mobility Enterprise Solutions Provider
Flux Techhttps://fluxtech.appUnited States$100-$14943-952015Passion for Innovation
Codehunt Technology Pvt Ltdhttp://www.code-hunt.comIndia$25-$4932-872019Think big. We make it, POSSIBLE !!
Echo IT Solutionshttps://echoit-solutions.comIndia$21-$7543-952018believe in excellence
Appmomos Apps With Passion
Emblem Technologies Private Limited$25-$4950-2492009Enterprises, SMBs, Startups Development Partner
Sannacode$25-$4932-872013Agility, Exploratory and Cooperation
DevTeamSpace States$25-$4932-872015AI-enhanced Software Development Service
MitizTechnologieshttps://www.mitiztechnologies.comIndia$21-$7532-872008One Stop IT Solutions provider
Vnnovate Solutions Pvt Ltd$21-$7550-2492013BORN TO INNOVATE
Global IT APP$21-$7543-952011Web/App Development | Design | Digital Marketing
Split An Atom$50-$9932-872011British Integrated Marketing Agency
iGlobe IT Solutionshttp://iglobeitsolutions.comIndia, United Kingdom$21-$7532-872014"WE BELIEVE IN OFFERING QUALITY SERVICES"
Shabrus Softwarehttps://www.shabrus.comIndia$25-$4950-2492018We are a digital-first professional services firm
Banshi Global Technologies Private Limited$200-$30050-2492010Web Hosting, Web Design, Mobile Apps Development
OrangeTechsol$21-$7532-871website development company in india
Grocodehttps://grocode.ioPakistan$25-$4943-952013Digital Agency for the Business of Tomorrow.
QUBEBIZ$25-$4932-872018We Believe in Digitalization
Inspiratech Web Solutionshttp://www.inspiratech.inIndia$25-$4932-872015Different Technologies, Better Life
Maxviz Studios the power of game technology
VR Visionhttps://www.vrvisiongroup.comCanada, United States$100-$14932-872016Developing XR Applications for Enterprise
Golden Logic Company for Communications and Information Technology Arabia, United Arab EmiratesNA32-872017IT, Applications, VR/AR System Integration Banking
Capaz Softech Pvt. Ltd., United States$21-$7532-87Web, Mobile App Development & Digital Marketing
Brainsmiths Labshttps://www.brainsmiths.comIndia, Canada$25-$4932-872015Enhancing Value for Our Global Clients
Techno Impact$25-$4943-952015AN IMPACT FOREVER
Appture Software, LLChttp://www.appturesoftware.comUnited States$50-$9932-872009Designed to Impress, Priced to Amaze.
J Lab LLC$25-$4932-872008Mobile and web development for business
Stellen Infotech, United States$25-$4950-2492010You Think We Create
Blitzm Systems Pty Ltd$100-$14932-872011Your Next Software Development Partner
WebNest Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.$21-$7543-952012Quality with Care
ExpertsFromIndia States, India$25-$49250-9992003We Make IT Possible
Simulashttps://www.simulas.inIndia$21-$7543-952016Your design, development, and marketing partner
Softclain Technologies Private Limitedhttps://www.softclain.comIndia, Canada$21-$7550-2492013Technology Partner For Business Innovations
Techcrista Technologies LLPhttp://www.techcrista.inIndia$25-$4943-952015Ultimate Software Development
ALFATEKhttp://www.alfatekcorp.comUnited States$100-$14943-952013IT MSP, Software Development, Solution, IT Service
Tintash States$100-$14950-2492008Dedicated Remote Development Teams
Cyber Infrastructure Inc.https://www.cisin.comUnited States, Australia$25-$49250-9992003On mission to Enhance lives of Billions of users!
Appsinnovate$21-$7532-872012Apps development
Zco Corporation States$25-$49250-9991989A Versatile Custom Software Developer
SRGH$25-$4932-872019We provide a high-quality game production
Stepico$25-$4932-872014Leading Game Development & Art Production Studio
GamePix$21-$7532-872013Games to next level
Carina Technologieshttps://carinait.netIndia$21-$7532-872011We Design Experience!
GamesDApphttps://www.gamesd.appIndia$21-$75FreelancerDApp Game Development Company
Inkcadre Technosoft PVT LTD and Gaming Studio
NIPSAPP GAMING SOFTWARE PRIVATE LIMITEDhttps://www.nipsapp.comIndia, United Arab Emirates$21-$7532-872010Games/Apps Developement & Virtual Reality/AI
Maruti Games$21-$7543-952017Best Mobile Game Development Company
Private Division$21-$7532-872017We're a publisher that empowers studios.
Euphoria XR LLChttp://www.euphoriaxr.comUnited States, Pakistan$25-$4932-872016AR VR Solutions Expert
Aligned Codehttps://alignedcode.comBelarus, United States$50-$9950-2492011Custom software product development company
Many Hats$50-$9932-872017We Craft Exceptional Software Solutions
Fgfactory$25-$4932-872010Game Development & Art Production
Digital Dividend$25-$4932-872007We Build Ideas
Onlyplayhttps://onlyplay.netUkraineNA32-87We create — You do business
MaxieMind, Estonia$25-$4950-2492013Ukrainian software development company
Prodigitaly Technologies LLPhttps://www.prodigitaly.comIndia$21-$7543-952019Prodigitaly Technologies LLP
MetaDesign Solutions, Australia$50-$99250-9992007Plugging Productivity
InfoShell, United States$25-$4932-872009We do Mobile and Web Development
LogicSpice Consultancy Private Limited States, India$21-$7550-2492006Web and Mobile app Development Company
Technource$21-$7532-872012Web Development, Designing, Mobile App Development
BR Softech Pvt Ltd, United States$25-$49250-9992010Website & Mobile Apps Development Company
Roll'n'Codehttp://rollncode.comUkraine, Ireland$25-$4950-2492010Software Development Outsourcing Company
Saturncube Technologieshttp://www.saturncube.comIndia, United States$21-$7532-872008Leading Web & Mobile App Development Company
Igniva Digitalhttp://www.ignivadigital.comUnited Kingdom$25-$4950-2492017We Love Apps
Mobitsolutionshttps://www.mobitsolutions.comUnited Kingdom$25-$4932-872011Software | Mobile App | Web | UI/UX | SEO | Ecom
Ninestack$25-$4950-2492017A Perfect Match to Grow Your Business
ViitorCloudhttps://viitorcloud.comIndia$25-$4950-2492011Instilling Innovation. Exceeding Excellence.
Ebiz Media Solution Pvt. Ltd.$25-$4932-872015Web & Mobile App Development Company
Technogiq IT Solutions Private Limited$21-$7532-872019Excellent IT Services and Consulting Firm
AResourcePool and Mobile App Development Company India
Redbytes Software, United Kingdom$100-$149250-9992007Appify Your Business
3ilogics States$21-$7550-2492007Intelligent Informatics Innovation
CreatioSoft$21-$7550-2492011Empowering Business with Game
Pro Lead Soft States$21-$7550-2492012App Development Company
TheAppGuruzhttp://www.theappguruz.comIndia$21-$7532-872009Game Development Company
Black Wing Foundation$25-$4950-2492007Game development company
Khmer Gaming Software Solution Co. Ltd Design & Development Company
Knocknock Games States, Belarus$25-$4932-872017Outsourcing Game Development Company
GameYan Studio States$50-$9932-872004A 3D animation & game development company
Schell Games States$50-$9950-2492002Schell Games
Zatun$50-$9932-872007Zatun, Where Fun Gets Down To Business
Absolutist Ltd. Online & Download Games For Window
GameDuell GmbH$50-$9950-2492003Bringing people together to play games.
Glownight Games$50-$9932-87We transform ur idea into multi-million $ reality
Radical Graphics Studios$50-$9943-952013GAMES, APPS AND GAMIFICATION SOLUTIONS
3DCloudshttps://www.3dclouds.itItaly$21-$7532-872014We make awesome games!
Bad Seed$21-$7543-952014We design games for core gamers.
Chubby Pixel$21-$7543-952012Game Development team!
Digital Taleshttps://www.dtales.itItaly, United States$21-$7532-872006Games & tailor made for unique experiences
Lunar Great Wall Studios$21-$7532-872016Computer Games
Milestone s.r.l.$21-$7550-2491996Racing video games
Mangatar srl$21-$7543-952012AHEAD OF THE GAME
Playstos Entertainment$21-$7532-872001Computer Games
PlaySys$21-$7532-872007CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES
Plarium$100-$1491,000-9,9992009TAKE THE WORLD
Kef Sensei States, Uruguay$21-$7543-95Fun masters
tap4fun$100-$149250-9992008MAKE SOMETHING PEOPLE LOVE
Magic Carpet Studioshttp://www.magiccarpet.studioNigeria$50-$9932-872016Making magic!
Bethesda Game Studioshttps://bethesdagamestudios.comUnited States$150-$199250-999Award-Winning & Groundbreaking
High Voltage Software States$150-$19950-2491993WE ARE HIGH VOLTAGE.
Re-Logic States$50-$9932-872011Indie gaming development & publishing company
Mighty Rabbit Studios, Inc. States$25-$4943-952010Mighty Rabbit Community
Graphite Lab States$50-$9932-872009To bring brands to life in fun ways!
Burning Sky Games StatesNA43-952016The Punk Rock Of Games
?Lost Boys Interactivehttp://www.lostboysinteractive.comUnited States$25-$4943-952016We believe in partnerships and relationships
Anvilhead Studios States$25-$4943-952015Making the best games by the best people
SkyVu Inc.http://www.skyvu.netUnited States$25-$4943-95AR games for Retailers
2015 Games States$25-$4943-951997Independent video game development company
Mind’s Eye Gameshttp://www.minds-eye-games.comUnited States$25-$4943-952016Fun and meaningful games
Five24 Labshttps://five24labs.comUnited States$25-$4943-952012Let's Game
Avalanche Software States$100-$14950-2491995A MODERN VIDEO GAME STUDIO WITH CLASSIC ROOTS
Ganymede Games States$50-$9932-87We create worlds that inspire exploration
RED GAMES CO.http://redgames.coUnited States$50-$9932-872018Game development Studio
WildWorkshttp://www.wildworks.comUnited States$100-$14950-2492003Fun with Substance
React Gameshttps://reactgames.comUnited States$50-$9932-872008An award-winning independent studio
Big Finish Gameshttp://bigfinishgames.comUnited States$50-$9932-872009HOME OF THE TEX MURPHY SERIES
Parallel Plaidhttps://www.parallelplaid.comUnited States$25-$4943-952017Independent games studio
Strange Reptile States$50-$9932-872017Video games and interactive entertainment
Tiered World Studios States$25-$4943-952015The world is your video game.
Subliminal Gaming States$50-$9943-952012We love making games and everything about them!
NinjaBee States$50-$9932-872004Independent video game developer
Sparkypants Studios States$50-$9932-872011We believe the best games are - we play together
Eagre Games States$25-$4943-952014Non-violent, immersive, story-driven games.
Big Huge Games States$50-$9950-2492013MAKE GREAT GAMES
Chickadee Games States$25-$4943-952014Fun, stylish artwork for video games.
Pure Bang Games States$50-$9932-872010We make awesome worlds for people to play in!
Mindgrub Games States$50-$9943-952012A NEW BREED OF GAME DEVELOPER
Mohawk Games States$50-$9943-952013Make games that will be played for years
EXIS LLC States$50-$9932-872013Game Art Outsource/Ports & Software Dev./VR Expert
Junub Gameshttps://junubgames.comUnited States$21-$7543-952016Making games for Peace and conflict resolution
Dig-It! Games States$25-$4932-872005Welcome To DIG-IT! Games
PixelBot Gameshttp://www.pixelbotgames.comUnited States$21-$7543-952013More Machine Than Human
Frogdice, Inc. States$25-$4943-951998Our Worlds, Your Imagination
Gun States$50-$9932-872012WE EXCITE PLAYERS.
Hitcents.com StatesNA50-2491999A full-service video game publisher and developer
Two Scoop Games States$25-$4943-952013Two Scoop Games
Midnight Ryder Technologies States$25-$4943-951999Game studio
Circean Studios States$25-$4943-952010Game development studio
Moosader LLChttp://www.moosader.comUnited States$25-$4943-952008Independent game studio & software company
Red Kite Games Kingdom$50-$9932-872012Video games development studio
New Moon Studios Kingdom$25-$4943-952008Leading the way in Immersive Technology
Canalside Studioshttp://www.canalsidestudios.comUnited Kingdom$25-$4943-952006Award Winning Development Studio
Just Add Water (Development), Ltd.http://www.jawltd.comUnited Kingdom$50-$9932-872006Video Game Developers
Fat Kraken Studios Kingdom$25-$4943-95To craft unique, engaging & inspired entertainment
Ocean Spark Studios Kingdom$25-$4943-95Powerful Game Design
Smashed Crab Studiohttps://smashedcrabstudio.comUnited Kingdom$25-$4943-952014WE CODE. YOU RELAX.
Fabrik Games Kingdom$50-$9932-872014Game developer and publisher
White Paper Gameshttps://www.whitepapergames.comUnited Kingdom$25-$4943-952011An Independent game development studio
Acid Nerve Kingdom$25-$4943-952013Game Studio
Smashmouth Games Ltdhttp://www.smashmouthgames.comUnited Kingdom$25-$4943-952006Ccreating casual and innovative videogames
VoxelStormhttp://www.voxelstorm.comUnited Kingdom$25-$4943-952012Game Studio
360 Studios Kingdom$50-$9932-872013We are an independent game developer
Prospect Games Kingdom$25-$4943-952013The insane UK Indie Game Dev
Kwalee Ltdhttps://www.kwalee.comUnited Kingdom$50-$9932-872011We create fun, innovative and highly viral games!
Prideful Slothhttps://www.pridefulsloth.comAustralia$21-$7543-952017Computer Games
Panther Games Pty Ltdhttp://www.panthergames.comAustralia$21-$7543-951991We develops operational level wargames
Firefly Studios Limited States$50-$9932-871999An independent games developer
Venan Entertainment States$25-$4943-952002Venan Entertainment is an award-winning developer
Atmos Games, LLC States$50-$9943-952010We create personal, meaningful gaming experiences
Team 21 Studio States$50-$9943-952016Located in beautiful Aiken, South Carolina
Flix Interactive Ltd Kingdom$50-$9932-872012Specialise in Unreal Tech
Playground Games Kingdom$100-$149250-9992010We make Video games
Lucid Games Ltd Kingdom$100-$14950-2492001An independent studio developing games & apps
Onteca Kingdom$50-$9932-872001Independent Game Development Studio
Space Lizard Studio Kingdom$25-$4943-952015Let us create a game for you
Wushu Studios Kingdom$50-$9932-872017Game development studio
Milky Teahttp://milkytea.comUnited Kingdom$50-$9932-872005GAMES, ANIMATIONS & ILLUSTRATIONS
Ogre Head Studio$21-$7543-952014Independent Video Game Company & Game Development
Paw Print Games Kingdom$25-$4943-952011Bringing games to life
Ripstone Kingdom$50-$9932-872011A game company with heart.
Cosmonaut Studios Kingdom$25-$4943-952015A small independent development team
TRILIGHT STUDIOS, INC.http://www.trilightstudios.comUnited States$25-$4932-872009Quality entertainment, from iPhone, Facebook games
Shiver Entertainment States$50-$9932-872012A Miami-based software development company
Steamroller Studios States$50-$9932-872015Animation Powerhouse
GameSim States$50-$9932-872008Entertainment, Modeling & Simulation Industries
MetalPop, LLC States$50-$9943-952013Using our combined fifteen years of experience
Firebrand Games States$50-$9932-87An established independent developer & publisher
CyberDream StatesNA32-872017A VR game development studio
Astro Crow, LLC States$50-$9932-872010An independent game studio in Orlando, FL.
GAME ARTISTS, LLC States$50-$9943-952003We are creating fully-functioning online casino
AVEN Games States$50-$9943-952014Experience AVEN Games
baKno Games States$100-$14950-2492006Welcome to baKno
3000AD, Inc States$50-$9932-871992Florida corporation that develops video games.
Artix Entertainment States$50-$9943-952002Creates video games filled with monsters, magic
Desert Owl Games States$25-$4943-952012We produce the virtual-goods driven PC games
Design Works Gaming States$50-$9932-872005We produce enquiringly popular slot games.
Flashbang Studios States$50-$9932-871985We create unique, outlandish fish
Game CoLab States$50-$9943-952013The Indie Game Space at Game On Expo
Industry Games States$50-$9932-872013OUTSTANDING VIDEO GAME DEVELOPMENT
Riverman Media States$50-$9943-952005We are currently making games for iPhone and iPad
7 Sentinels States$25-$4932-872015Dedicated lovers of games who innovate games
Data Realms States$50-$9943-952016Data Realms, makers of Cortex Command!
inXile Entertainment States$50-$9950-2492002A premiere video game development studio
Electronic Arts (EA) States$200-$3001,000-9,9991982Great games, unlimited access
Raconteur Games States$25-$4943-952010An independent video game development company
ClutchPlay Games LLC States$25-$4943-952012An independent game developer, in Portland, Oregon
Mad Otter Games States$25-$4943-95We are Mad Otter Games
MOONLIGHT KIDS Africa$25-$4932-87An indie development team in Portland, OR
NAMI TENTOU Mushi States$25-$4943-952013A 3rd party developer and publisher
Pipeworks States$50-$9950-2491999WELCOME TO THE NEW PIPEWORKS
Bioware$100-$149250-9991995Creating World of Adventure
Beamdog$50-$9932-872009Beamdog brings renowned titles to new life
Fluik Entertainment Inc$50-$9943-952009casual games for mobile and tablet devices
Hothead Games$100-$14950-2492006WE ARE AWARD-WINNING MOBILE GAMES
Relic Entertainment$50-$9950-2491997GAME WITH US.
Klei Entertainment$50-$9932-872005An award-winning game development studio
Hinterland Studio Inc.$50-$9932-872012A TEAM OF VETERAN GAME DEVELOPERS
Anemone Hug Interactive, Inc.$50-$9943-952015Video game studio based in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
Beenox$50-$99250-9992000Its In Our Blood
Artifact 5$50-$9943-952015An independent studio based in Montreal
Behaviour Interactive$100-$149250-9991992Behavior Interactive is the largest game developer
Cardboard Utopia$50-$9943-952014Indie Video Game Developer
Clever Endeavour Games$50-$9943-952014Clever Endeavor is a game development studio
Augegame Network Technology Co., Ltd.$21-$7550-2492011Let us make your games better.
Digitoonz Interactivehttp://www.idigitoonz.comIndia, United States$25-$49250-999Digitoonz
Room 8 Studio States, CyprusNA250-9992011?o-development and AAA games art production
Riseup Labs technology solution & service provider company.
Freak X Appshttps://freakxapps.comIndiaNA43-952015Freak X Apps - HTML5 Game Development
KEYART STUDIO$25-$4932-872012Full cycle of creating games and game development.
Macrobian Games$21-$7532-872016We Help Build Great Games!
BornMonkie Studioshttps://bornmonkie.comIndia$21-$7543-952018We make crazy games
XPLAI GAMES$25-$4932-872016Game Art Outsource Studio
GOGAME's First Socialized Gaming App
Double Stallion Games$21-$7543-952013Punch up, double down.
Peak Pixel Games$21-$7532-872012An independent video game studio
Zensoft Studios$21-$7532-872004Computer Games
New World Interactive$21-$7532-872010Create next-gen 3D games with fresh themes
Playbrains$21-$7532-872008Get your brain into the game
Magmic$21-$7532-872002Step into a world of Magmic fun.
Force Of Habit Kingdom$21-$7543-952012An experiment-driven indie games studio!
The Motion Monkey Kingdom$21-$7543-95Helping Businesses Harness the Power of Games.
aPriori Digital Kingdom$21-$7543-952013A computer games development studio.
Axis Studios Kingdom$21-$7550-2492000A multi award winning animation and VFX studio.
Mobile Pie Kingdom$21-$7532-872008We make award winning games and entertainment.
PQube Kingdom$21-$7532-872009A leading international creator.
Big Viking Games$21-$7543-952011We love games. We love our work.
Clipware Games$21-$7543-95Every Studio Has A Story..
Tsumanga Studios Kingdom$21-$7532-872012Game Publisher & Developer
Chunk Kingdom$21-$7543-952001We help people build brilliant digital products.
Blazing Griffin Kingdom$21-$7532-872011It is a digital entertainment company
Cohort Studios Kingdom$21-$7543-952006Small independent digital entertainment studio
No Code Kingdom$21-$7543-95(Because ‘Some Code’ wasn’t as catchy)
4J Studios Kingdom$21-$7532-872005A game development studio established in 2005
Orthrus Studios Kingdom$21-$7543-952017Reinvigorating the AA Industry
Game Doctor Kingdom$21-$7543-952015We believe in games for change.
Focus Games Kingdom$21-$7532-872004A BETTER WAY TO LEARN.
DPS Games$25-$4943-952016Indie GameDev Studio
Sumo Digital Kingdom$50-$9950-2492003Video Games
Strawdog Studios Kingdom$21-$7543-95GAMES IN THE MAKING

#1)Red Apple Technologies Game Development Company

Red Apple Technologies is the best company for Game development and providing top quality Gaming software solutions to international clients for the past 15+ years. Red Apple Technologies provides 2D & 3D Games, Android Games, iOS Game, HTML Game, and Facebook Games development services according to the client’s budgets and features.

Red Apple Technologies Game Developer uses the latest games development tools and technology stack in the completion of the client’s project on time. Their Game development clients range from startup, mid-sized firms, and large scale business enterprises. Red Apple Technologies offers different categories of games designing, development, support, and other related services at affordable prices.

Some of the previously developed games by Red Apple Technologies is awarded by many leading organizations all across the world and have been used by billions of users globally. Being one of the top game designing and development service provider company, Red Apple Technologies first understands the client business and then provide the best possible solution. 

Red Apple had a team of 400+ experienced designers, artists, developers, and architects who have previously developed plenty of gaming apps for desktop, mobile, web, consoles, and PC.

#2)Quy Technology Game Development Services Provider

Quy Technology is a popular game development solution company that helps the clients in the overall design and development of world-class and most popular Games for 2d, 3D, Facebook, iOS, Android games on demand. Below is the complete list of Game development services provided by Quy Technology in the USA, India, UK, Canada, and other countries clients according to their requirements. You can hire a Quy Game developer on a part-time, full-time, and hourly basis according to the platform or OS.

#3)RV Technologies Software Game Development Services

RV Technologies is a leading mobile game development services provider that offers reliable and top quality gaming software solutions using all the available latest tools and technologies. The mobile games developed by the expert team of RV Technologies have been downloaded 20,000+times. Being a leading and 15 years old company in the market, RV Technologies utilize the latest technology stack and provides world-class gaming solutions that run error on the different platform, i.e. mobile, tablet, desktop, social media, etc. If you have an idea and want to turn it into reality, then hire RV Technologies game development services at an affordable rate.

#4)FuGenX Technologies Game Development Agency

Founded in back 2008, FuGenX Technologies is one of the oldest and top game development agency having its offices spans in the USA, Canada, Australia, India, and UAE. The company has a team size of 450+ that includes business analysts, tester, developer, designer, and project managers. FuGenX’s global presence is strengthened through its long-established partner network in all the developing countries across the globe.

Till now, FuGenX game development agency has successfully delivered 568+ Web Apps and 5752+ Mobile Apps and Games for Android, iPhone, Social Media, 3D using the latest tools & technologies. FuGenX is a CMMi Level 3 award-winning web and mobile app development company, with an ISO 9001:2008 certification and one of the regular winner of Deloitte Tech Fast-50 and Fast-500 awards.

#5)Capermint Technologies Game Development Firm

Do you want to transform Your Ideas Digitally with a top game development company, then hire Capermint technologies for the design & development of your next gaming app solution?  Capermint was started back in 2014 and since then successfully delivered 856+ projects for different industries with the sole motto of keeping its customer happy. The team of the experienced business analyst at Capermint first understand the client game development project requirements and then provides the best possible software engineer to turn their idea into reality.

#6)BR Softtech Game Development Company

BR Softech is another popular mobile game development company that provides interactive mobile game development solutions for major platforms that include, iPhone, Android, iOS, iPad, Windows. BRSofttech is having a team of experienced game coders who build unique, powerful & secure game applications for different platforms.

We have software developers having an average experience of 6+ years in the overall design & development of stunning and most popular animated game solutions for education, e-Commerce, healthcare, retail, etc. industries. BR Softtech being one of the leading game development services provider company in the world bring the clients ideas into ground reality and provides the best possible consulting services according to their business requirements.

#7)Juego Studios Game Development Services Provider

Juego Studios provides a comprehensive and wide range of game app development solutions to the clients from the initial consulting to the final deployment. Juego highly specializes in offering world-class software solutions for different platforms and often counted as the most popular game development company in the industry.

Being a top mobile game design and development company, Juego Studio has a team of certified 150+ artists, designers, developers, business analysts who have previously worked with leading brands across the globe. You can hire & finalize the Juego Studio games development company after checking its reviews, rating, hourly cost, project completion time, and a few other parameters.

In the last 10 years, Juego Studio has successfully completed 584+ projects with a 90% client retention & success ratio. The team of experienced 190+ employees is making Juego the best company in the world for every type of game app development projects.

#8)INORU Gaming Application Developer

INORU is a premier web and mobile application development company having 14+ years of experience in the design & development of every type of gaming software solution for different industries across the globe. The company has a global presence all over the world and deliver top quality results via its inhouse team of 289+ expert developers. You can hire INORU game development services for white label solution, bitcoin gaming solutions, turnkey gaming software solutions on demand. Besides that, INORU provides clients world-class game development projects for Web, HTML5, 3D, AR, VR game development.  

#9)AppIngine Game Development Company

AppIngine is another popular Game development company that provides startup, SME, and fortune 500 companies every kind of gaming software solution by fulfilling their requirements. AppIngine has a presence in 25+ countries and during the last 8 years successfully completed award-winning 6864+ projects for web, game, and mobile application development for major industries. 100% of customer satisfaction is the final priority of AppIngine. 

#10)GameAnax Game Development Services Provider

GameAnax is a 9 years old leading Game development service provider firm having its offices in the USA, India, and a client base of 450+ for major categories. Being counted as the best game development company on popular tech magazines and IT service reviews websites, GameAnax helps the clients in providing bespoke games for desktop, mobile, laptop, HTML5, social media, etc. GameAnax is a well know firm and successful experience in the development of Racing Games, Education Games, Puzzle Games, Virtual Reality/Augment Reality Games, Shooting Games, etc.

#11)Codal Gaming App Developer

Codal is an enterprise-level Game developer firm having its offices in the USA, England, India and solves the most complex real-world problems via digital solution in a lucid manner. The 485+ experienced team of Codal software programmers follow a result-oriented game development process that ensures the client gets an error-free game. You Can hire Codal game development services for HTML5, Web, 2D, 3D, the Mobile platform with 100% safety & security.

#12)RNF Technologies Game Development Company

RNF Technologies was established in 2009 and a top mobile game development company that provides end to end game application development software solution to clients. It includes the gaming application project requirement analysis, designing, development, testing, deployment, etc.

RNF technologies have its head offices in Houston, USA, and an ISO Certified company in the world. Besides offering game development services, you can hire RNF Technologies for regular mobile game maintenance and support services. The RNF Technologies uses the latest frontend, backend, IDE, Testing tools to provides an error-free highly functional gaming solution.

#13)Tintash Game Development Services Provider

Tintash is a tech design and dev studio established back in 2007 by a well-experienced team of Stanford University, Apple, and Paypal Alumni to fulfill the end customer needs. Tintash is a well-funded game development services provider firm having a team of 125+ developers and successfully completed more than 5756+ projects by maintaining a high level of coding standards. 

#14)The NineHertz Game App Developer Firm

Ninehertz is a top-rated custom software solution development company that has been churning out mobile game apps for the last 12+ years. The NineHertz has an experienced team of the best mobile game developers in the industry and successfully delivered 196+ projects for different industries that include healthcare, education, e-commerce, retail, etc. to name a few.

You can hire NineHertze for Facebook, Social media, iPhone, Android, 2D, 3D game development services. NineHertz primarily deals in Action/Sports/Board/Racing/Casual/Arcade gaming app development solutions after checking the hourly rate, location, reviews, social media profiles, etc.

#15)Chop Dawg Game Development Services Provider

Chopdawg is a top mobile app and software development company founded in 2009 that provides a wide range of game application development solutions by full-filling customer needs. Chopdawg specializes in mobile game development but also works with blockchain, IoT, and artificial intelligence technology. In the past, ChopDawg has worked with both startups and established companies in the USA, India, UK, UAE, Canada, etc. countries.

#16)Hyperlink Infosystem Game Development Company

Hyperlink Infosystem was established back in 2011 by Harnil Oza to provide web and mobile application development software to clients in a safe & secure manner. Since its inception, Hyperlink Infosystem has successfully completed more than 2736+ mobile games for different industries across the globe. With every passing year, Hyperlink Infosystem is achieving new heights in solving customer problems using the help of its 575+ experienced & certified software engineers.

#17)Cubix Game Development Services Provider Company

Located in Washington (the United States of America), Cubix is the best mobile app and game development company with over 13+ years in the entire gaming software development industry. Having worked with both startup and fortune 500 companies, Cubix has established itself as one of the market leaders in the industry.

Cubix has launched 585+ game applications and they have an experienced staff of more than 105+ software engineers. The team of experienced designers & developers at Cubix utilizes the available latest game development technology stack to create top-quality isometric, 2D/3D (dimensional), Unity, PhoneGap, and HTML5 for iPhone, Android.

#18)Kmphasis Infotech Game Development Firm

Founded by Mr. Kalpesh Kotadiya in 2012 at Gujarat, Kmphasis has become a trusted name in the mobile and game development industry during the last few years. Since its inception, Kmphasis has been providing world-class gaming software solutions via its highly experienced and professional team. You can hire Kmphasis for 2D/3D, iPhone/Android gaming development according to your project requirements and budget carefully after checking all the necessary details.

#19)VironIT Game Development Services Company

VironIT game development company is another well-known name in the industry and has a global presence in the USA, India, UK, etc. countries. VironIT specializing in game software development solution for desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. Broad experience, the team of 55+ full-time software developers, 14 Unity developers, and 7 artists on board make VironIT game development as the #1 company in the entire industry. VironIT is in the business for the last 10 years and has delivered projects to 2844+ clients globally. The company provides gaming app development solutions to healthcare, education, and many other industries.

#20)GoodWorkLabs Game Development Company

GoodsWorkLabs Game development services provider is the last company in this article of the top 20 best Game development companies that provides all sorts of gaming solutions according to client needs. GoodWorkLabs is a premier and fast-growing game application development company that provides advanced solutions to SME and fortune 500 companies.

GoodWorkLabs provides top quality gaming software solutions at a scalable and in a cost-effective manner. With the help of a highly talented development and marketing team, they have been an industry leader in the last 2 decades. GoodWorkLabs have over 18+ years of experience in the industry and successfully delivered 575+ projects with a 98% client retention ratio.

How to Choose the Best Company in the World for Game Development Services?

Are you looking for the best Game application development services provider firm in the world to increase the business sales volume, then there comes a number of points which you need to follow. Below we have compiled all the most important suggestions & tips which an app entrepreneur needs to know before hiring a top Game developer.

1)Find out the Game-development company establishment year.

2)Check the total number of employees and the strength of the Game app developer.

3)Find out the hourly rate of Game app programmers.

4)Ask the amount of time period they will take to complete your Gaming application according to the given app project requirements.

5)Ask the total cost of the entire Game development project from the start to finish.

6)Check the Game-app development company portfolios of previously completed projects and applications.

7)Check the app development agency’s social media profiles to know more about them before making the final decision.

8)Check and read the reviews of Game development companies on major IT Services Review Websites.

9)Check the experience & certifications of coders before hiring the best Game app development company for your projects.

10)Find out the customer support of the firm once the development of Game app gets finished.

11)Check all the tools, technologies, API, programming language, and other tech stack used by the top Game development company.

12)Find out the Game app security and deployment before selecting any firm for your work.

13)Check out the Game app development firm’s past client’s industries they have worked with.

14)Ask whether they also provide Games app store optimization services or not before finalizing the right Game-developer for your work.

15)Ask the Game app development agency to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) so that they will not share your app idea with other 3rd party people/companies.

16)Do a final meeting with someone senior in the Game application development company, i.e. CEO, MD, Project Manager, Business Manager, App Delivery Head, etc.

Game Development Companies List- CategoryWise

Just check out a complete list of top Game development services companies category-wise.

Game Development Companies 2D Game Development Companies
3D Game Development Companies Android Game Development Companies
Augmented Reality (AR) Game Development Companies Cross-Platform Game App Development Companies
Facebook Game Development Companies HTML5 Game Development Companies
iOS Game Development Companies Online Game Development Companies
Unity 3D Game Development Companies Virtual Reality (VR) Game Development Companies

Technologies Stack Used by Top Game Development Companies

Top game developers in the world utilize a combination of the latest tools, technologies, and other related apps in the successful development of Gaming solutions.

C C++ Java
HTML5 JavaScript Flash
ActionScript WebGL OpenGL
Scripting Unity 3D/Unity 5.0 Unreal Engine
CRYENGINE Riot Engine Gesture Recognition
Embedded Sensors Camera Functions 3D Motion Tracking

List of Services Provided by Game Development Companies

A complete list of essential Game development software solutions provided by top-rated companies includes the below. These services providers offer the entire design & development of world-class Gaming applications for the end clients’ needs using the right tools and technology.

1)Mobile Game Development Solution

2)iOS Game Development Services

3)Android Game Development

4)Unity3D Game Development Services

5)AR Game Development Solution

6)Desktop and PC Game Development

7)Windows Game Development Services

8)Online Game Development Solution

9)2D (Dimensional) Game Development

10)3D (Dimensional) Game Development Services

11)Cross-platform Game-Development

12)HTML5 Game Development Solution

13)iPhone Game App-Development Services

14)iPad Game Development Solution

15)Facebook Game Development Services

16)Oculus Rift Game Development

Final Conclusive Words

These are some of the most popular and top game development service companies that are in the business for the last 10+ years. You need to finalize and hire the best Game developer after checking all the key metrics that include:- company reviews, ratings, pricing, tech stack, team size, experienced & certification of developer, location, etc. In case, you know any other firms that deserved a place in this list of Top 20 Best Game Development Companies, then please let us know.