Mobile App Maintenance & Support Services Company

Mobile App Maintenance and Support Services Company

Mobile Application Maintenance and Support Services Company

VikMajra is one of the prime and leading Mobile Application Maintenance and Support services companies in the world. We provide unique and advanced level Mobile App maintenance and support services to our clients from all across the globe.

We provide Mobile App Maintenance and Support services that keep your Apps completely stable, competitive and further optimize the overall business process. We are the #1 Mobile Application Maintenance &Support providers who improve Solution Response & Uptime, redefine the Mobile Apps, etc.

It requires a specific skill set, years of experience, and vision for maintaining mobile applications. VikMajra is an expert in all these and possesses the ability to provide the best mobile Apps Maintenance and Support services to our loyal clients. We serve our clients well with their requirements based on the Mobile Apps Maintenance Services agreement.

We provide maintenance and support services across the world having its maximum clients in the USA, UK, and India. Our approaches towards providing such services are holistic & that is why our standard of maintaining mobile applications is constant since the past 10+ years.

Mobile App Maintenance and Support Services Provided by VikMajra Company on Demand

Our entire Mobile Apps Maintenance services irrespective of platform, category, and scope have been discussed below: –

  • Extension of existing features
  • Addition of new features
  • Monitoring of Client Application
  • Upgrade facility in the Mobile App
  • Operational life extension in the mobile apps
  • Improvement in the UX and UI of mobile apps

Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Companies

These are the list of top 10 mobile application development services provider companies in the USA, India, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, and many other countries across the world. You can choose any one of these according to your business project requirements, features.

Our Complete Mobile Application Maintenance and Support Services Working Procedure

#1)Mobile Application Monitoring

  • Auto Backup
  • Server monitoring
  • App crash monitoring
  • Analytics monitoring
  • Renewal Monitoring
  • App feedback monitoring
  • Performance monitoring
  • Security reviews
  • Usability reviews
  • Third-party integrating reviews
  • Operating System and device update reviews
  • App store management and monitoring
  • Hosting and third-party payment monitoring
  • Source code repository and versioning

#2)Mobile Application Upgrading Services

  • Error removal
  • Operational level support
  • Refactoring deprecated code
  • Major upgrades and additions
  • Improvement of existing acceptable functions
  • Support of new and latest library versions
  • Mobile Applications performance optimization
  • Improving interfaces and interactions of Apps
  • Upgrade to support upcoming OS and devices
  • Data model migrations between updates
  • Maintaining control over everyday functions and system modification of Mobile Application

#3)New Features and Mobile App Maintenance and Enhancement Services

  • Feature Extension
  • App porting
  • Continuous testing
  • Usability enhancement
  • Performance enhancement
  • Security enhancement
  • Release plan and management
  • Backend server and modification of migration script
  • Minor and major improvement service

#4)Mobile Application Support Services

  • Response to clients’ queries
  • Providing Enterprise training programs
  • Deployment of the Apps to Enterprise Stores or App Stores
  • Integration of complex and corporate systems

Why Mobile Apps Maintenance and Support Services?

  • To attract prospective clients towards your business
  • To hold users of Mobile Apps
  • To increase the growth rate of business
  • To stay ahead of the competitors
  • To prevent losing existing mobile App users

Model of VikMajra Mobile Application Maintenance and Support Services

VikMajra’s mobile application support model ranges from fixing bugs to making the Apps scalable. Our Android, iOS, Windows, Blackberry, Custom, and Hybrid Apps maintenance and support services model is such that it increases the App productivity, enables better and faster maintenance of Apps, and results in the higher ROI (Return of Investment).

  • Annual Maintenance Model – In this model of VikMajra; services are being provided for a year. The services comprise of bug fixing & corrective maintenance, technical support, minor and major version upgrades, etc.
  • Part/Full-Time Technician Model – In this model of VikMajra Mobile Apps Maintenance-Support services, there is an option of hiring part-time and full-time technicians to provide Mobile Apps Maintenance & Support services. The services that our technicians provide include everything from App monitoring, App upgrades to the final enhancements.
  • Scope-based Model – In this model of VikMajra Mobile Application Maintenance and Support services, the clients define the scope of the task they wish to get done. It is then that our technicians provide services by Mobile Apps maintenance agreement upon scope that may be based on either hourly or fixed cost.

Why Choose VikMajra for Mobile Apps Maintenance and Support Services?

Several reasons to choose VikMajra Mobile Apps Maintenance and Support services are:-

1.Highly Experienced

With 7+ years of experience in providing Mobile Apps Maintenance services, VikMajra is the company that leads in this market. Also, VikMajra provides highly knowledgeable and experienced technicians to deliver Mobile Apps Maintenance and Support services.

2.Profound Research

The technicians at VikMajra conduct profound research before providing the Mobile Apps Maintenance and Support service. They do so to gain knowledge that is imperative to provide the requisite Mobile Apps Maintenance and Support services to clients.

3.Dedicated Team of Qualified Technicians

VikMajra has a dedicated team of qualified technicians to provide mobility Mobile Apps Maintenance and Support services. Industry experts acknowledge the services provided.

4.Multiple Mobile App Maintenance and Support Services

We provide Mobile Apps Maintenance and Support services for multiple applications irrespective of OS. It provides services for Windows, iOS (iPhone/iPad), Android, Hybrid, and Custom mobile applications.

5.Cost-Effective Services

VikMajra provides Mobile Apps maintenance and Support services that are cost-effective without hampering your budget. It helps its clients save money to a large extent.

6.24*7 Maintenance & Support Service

VikMajra provides round-the-clock maintenance and support service without compromising on quality.

7.Multiple Maintenance & Support Model of Services

VikMajra can choose from multiple service models, such as the Annual Maintenance Model, Part/Full-time technician model, and Scope-based model. These models ensure that you have to pay only for what you need.

8.Pro-active services

Proactively identify and address issues before they become problems.

9.Prompt Response

The Mobile Apps Maintenance and Support service providers of VikMajra respond promptly to clients’ queries. They provide Mobile Apps maintenance and support services quickly and within a stipulated time.