Refund Policy

Refund Policy of VikMajra Data Recovery Software

If you need a refund on a product that you purchased from VikMajra’s official website, kindly read through the points mentioned below thoroughly.
1.Any claims that you file for the return of purchased software must be sanctioned by VikMajra Pvt. Ltd.
2.To obtain a refund, you must raise a request for the “Return of Purchased Merchandise” within 30 days of the ‘Date of Purchase’ of the software from VikMajra. Such a request must be received ‘in the physical form’ by the data recovery company at its office within a formal and duly signed ‘Letter of Destruction’ within 30 days of the software’s purchase date.
The ‘Letter of Destruction’ must be created in the form of an “Affidavit” which details the proper reason for your request for a refund.
Note: No refund will be made until VikMajra receives the affidavit within the time requirements as mentioned above. We are not responsible for delayed, misdirected, or lost emails or any other communication system glitches.
3.VikMajra products that have been purchased from any third-party websites (e.g., online web-stores) must be returned to them and will be subject to the return policies followed by them.
4.Unless explicitly indicated VikMajra will make a refund of the purchase price only:              
a) If the client was able to preview recoverable data with the demo version of our software but was unable to recover it after purchasing the license                    
b) If our Technical Support Team failed to assist the client in recovering their data due to software limitations
5.If you purchased a CD of our software and want a refund on it, the CD must be returned to VikMajra in a resalable condition along with all components of the purchase package which include documentation, warranty cards, manuals, packaging, hardware lock, and any other accessories included in the box. If you do not have any of these components at the time of return, an appropriate fee will be charged as part of the ‘restocking’ fee. Freight charges incurred for sending back the CD, if any, should be paid by you. We will not bear any such expenses.
6.If you are requesting for a refund from VikMajra or returning a CD of our purchased software, you must uninstall all copies of our software that you may have installed on your system as well as destroy all its copies stored on any computer system or any other place.
Once the refund procedure has been completed, your software’s license will be terminated with immediate effect, and any further use of the software will be counted as an infringement of copyright.
7.While making a refund request, you must provide sufficient information for VikMajra to identify your transaction. Such information must include your order number, invoice number, and date of purchase.
If we can locate your order, and your request is made within the described time frame, and you file all necessary documents, and you return all components/copies of the software you purchased from our data recovery company, you will be granted the refund you have claimed.
VikMajra will not refund any shipping or handling charges that you may have borne.
We will make the refund in the same manner as the one used by you to make the purchase. If you purchased by cheque, we would send you a check on the mailing address you provide on your affidavit. Therefore, kindly ensure you provide the correct mailing address.
If you purchased by credit card, your credit card account would be credited. Please allow at least 28 days for the refund to be processed.

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