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Aiseesoft- Mac Data Recovery Software || Recover lost or deleted data instantly

Recover photo, video, audio, document, or any file with the help of Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery because it’s the only thing you needed for a long time to bring that smile back that almost vanished with the loss of data in Mac. Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery Software is a powerful tool that helps you to rescue your formatted, deleted, or even permanently deleted data. Even though the computer crash or hard drive problem was the leading reason behind it, Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software provides you a solution with 100% guaranteed results.

  • This tool provides seamless recovery in Mac OS X 10.7 and higher versions, such as macOS High Sierra, Catalina, Mojave, El Capitan, etc.
  • 100% smooth and secure recovery
  • Recover data from a removable drive, e.g., smartphone, zip, disks, etc.
  • Recover images, Video, Email, Audio, Documents, and other files within a second
  • Suitable for all data recovery situations
  • Comes with Advanced features and impressive functionalities, e.g., powerful search functions that track the lost data within a short time.

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Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software || Key Features

Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software is an advanced software in the industry that comes with leading-edge features stated below-

1)Recycle Bin recovery

Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery provides you with a complete recovery solution. Even if you have deleted the files from the recycle bin, you can still get it all. It appears quite unbelievable, but with Aiseesoft, it’s possible.

2)Hard Drive or Crashed Mac recovery

It really doesn’t matter if the data was lost mistakenly, or intentionally. If you want your entire images, videos, audios, files, or documents returned back in their original form, then install this Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software right now. It’s such a powerful thing that despite the crash system, you can still rescue the entire lost data.

3)Virus Attack Recovery

In most instances, you lose your files because of virus attacks, and in such cases, recovering data nearly becomes impossible. Still, it’s the specialty of Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software that even whatever the type of virus it was, e.g., boot sector virus, macro/email virus, just a few steps and lost data or files will be back into your computer.

4)Partition Recovery

Deleted or Lost Mac Partition recovery is also made possible, even if it happened because of a disk error, improper clone, virus attack, re-partition, disk accident or anything.

5)Formatted drive recovery & unexpected operations

Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery is also able to recover the data even though the reason is unknown. On the other hand, if we talk about formatted data recovery, so only trust on its power that it can recover anything.

6)Filter and preview option

It ensures quick scanning and also allows the user a quick preview of the file, so you only obtain the desired lost files.

How to Use Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software?

1)Install the Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software.

2)Open the file and choose the lost Data type you want to recover and hit the Scan button.

3)Click on the “Recover” button and get your entire data safely where you were used to seeing it before.


1)Does Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software come with a Deep scanning function?

Yes, Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software comes with both “quick scan” and “deep scan” functions, so you could rescue any data by going into the deep.

2)Can I recover data from any drive or flash with Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software?

Yes, you can recover data from flash drives, hard disk, or even from any removable drive with this software.

3)Is Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software a reliable tool?

Of course, the Aiseesoft-Mac Data Recovery Software is 100% safe to use and offers reliable features to ensure instant recovery the way you’ve ever wanted it. The software doesn’t store any of your personal data available on your hard drive or anywhere on the computer. So you can trust this fantastic software.

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