Top 10 Best Microsoft C# Development Companies

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Overview of Microsoft C# Development Companies in Details

C#; Also known as C sharp is an object-oriented, general-purpose, simple & easy to use programming language developed by Microsoft corporation while developing the .NET framework. Anders Hejlsberg developed C# in 2000 and ECMA & ISO further approved it. C# is mainly created for CLR (Common Language Infrastructure) which is a combination of the executable code and runtime environment for using various programming languages on different platforms/ hardware.

It is strongly typed, imperative declarative, functional, and follows the component-oriented programming syntax and guidelines. Conditional Compilation, LINQ, Lambda Expressions, Standard Library, Multithreading, Generics, Indexers, etc. are some of the unique features which make Microsoft C# (C sharp) the hottest technology for developing software applications. Its official website is

In case, you are searching for an in-depth list of the top 10 best C# development companies in the world for your project; then your search will be finished here. Simply check the below VikMajra list and hire a top Microsoft C sharp (C#) developer that can help you in creating high quality, scalable apps. What are the Top C# Development Companies for the development of fully functional web and apps development?

If the answer is YES, then simply check the below listed best C# (C Sharp) development services providers companies that will help you in delivering a high-quality application for your business needs. C# is one of the most popular and widely-used object-oriented programming languages from Microsoft for every size of business solutions. 

C# is quite popular among entrepreneurs for the development of complex web applications. Further, there comes a large number of top C# application developer comes out there in the market for full-fillings the client’s requirements. Here below at VikMajra, we have only listed the top-rated Microsoft C# web and apps development services companies that give your business new dimensions after hiring its experienced and certified C# developers.

Top 10 Best C# Development Companies & Developer in the World

These are the ultimate list of top 10 Microsoft C# application development services provider which you can hire for your work and gets the business idea to be implemented.

Company NameCompany URLLocationHourly RateEmployeesEstablishment YearSlogan
IndiaNIC States, India$21-$54250-9991997Digital Product Agency with Enterprise Experience
ELEKS, United States$25-$491,000-9,9991991Your Technology Partner for Software Innovation
Simform States$25-$49250-9992010Your Extended Team of Tech Experts
Iflexion States, United Kingdom$25-$49250-9991999Custom Software. Advanced Web & Mobility Solutions
SPEC INDIA, United States$25-$49250-9991987Enterprise Software, Mobility & BI Solutions
DCSL Software Ltd Kingdom, Romania$50-$9950-2491994UK Bespoke Software & App Development
Avenga States, Germany$50-$991,000-9,9992019Transforming Industries
Zealous System, United States$21-$5450-2492008Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
Apriorit Inc. States, Hungary$50-$99250-9992002Custom Web Application, SaaS Development.
Sidebench States$100-$14950-2492012Top Product & Venture Design. 10x Engineering.
Zymr, Inc. States$25-$4950-2492012Accelerate Cloud-Native Agile Development
DOIT Software, United States$25-$4910-492014Mobile Apps, Software Development & Staffing
Roweb Development Software Development
SimbirSoft, United States$25-$49250-9992001We create world class software products & services
Vrinsoft Technologyhttp://www.vrinsofts.comIndia, United States$21-$5450-2492007Software & Mobile App Development Company
Tkxelhttps://www.tkxel.comUnited States, United Kingdom$25-$49250-9992008We Engineer Software Solutions
Aalpha Information Systems India Pvt. Ltd.https://www.aalpha.netIndia, Norway$21-$5450-2492008The Outsourcing Company
MobiDev States, United Kingdom$25-$49250-9992009We translate your ideas into software products 🚀
PixelCrayons$21-$54250-9992004Software & Mobile App Development Company
Nord Clanhttps://nordclan.comRussia$50-$9950-2492019IT turnkey solutions, MVP dev, team augmentations
Consagous Technologies States$25-$4950-2492008Helping brands by being their Technology Partner
KitRUM States, Ukraine$50-$9950-2492013We know people
Endive Software, United States$21-$5450-2492008A powerful vision is the inception of success
Brain Technosys Pvt. Ltd.http://www.braintechnosys.comIndia, United States$21-$5450-2492004Web & Mobile Apps Development Company
Technogrips Technologieshttps://www.technogrips.comIndia, United States$21-$5450-2492010Powering Innovation
The MASCC Republic, Russia$25-$4950-2492012We adapt digital technologies to your needs.
Dedicated Developershttp://www.DedicatedDevelopers.comUnited States$50-$9950-2492007Top Rated Mobile App and Web Development Company
Xtreem Solution, United States$21-$5450-2492008Perfection Delivered
NOTO IT Solutions Pvt. Ltdhttp://www.notosolutions.comIndia, United States$21-$5450-2492007The way you need IT
Existek$25-$49250-9992012Shaping Ideas Into Great Software
Agile Infoways Pvt Ltdhttp://www.agileinfoways.comUnited States, India$21-$54250-9992006Experience with Excellence
Rushkar, United States$21-$5410-492016Custom Software & Mobile App Development Company
Redwerk$25-$4950-2492005Software Development Agency
IT Path Solutionshttp://www.itpathsolutions.comUnited States, India$21-$5450-2492012Path to Deliver Solutions
KitelyTechhttp://kitelytech.comUnited States$100-$14910-492009Mobile, Web, Software & SEO Agency
SOLTECH States$100-$14950-2491998Custom Software Development
The One Technologies$21-$5450-2492010Origin Of New Era
Aryavrat Infotech Inc. States, India$21-$5450-2492007Web, Mobile, Artificial Intelligence, Embedded Dev
Nettechnocrats IT Services Pvt. ltdhttp://www.nettechnocrats.comIndia, United States$21-$5450-2492012Mobile Apps for Start-ups and Enterprise Globally
Vyshnavi Information Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltdhttp://www.vitinfotech.comIndia, United States$25-$49250-9992001VIT Infotech
iQlance Solutions, India$25-$4910-492010Leading Mobile App Development Company
Blackthorn Vision$25-$4950-2492008TOP ENGINEERS. PROVEN PROCESSES.
Aspire Software Consultancyhttps://aspiresoftwareconsultancy.comIndia, United States$21-$5450-2492007Microsoft .NET,, Dynamics CRM, Java
BEETSOFT Co., Ltd, Japan$21-$54250-9992014Faster and Better
Omertexhttp://www.omertex.comBelarus$25-$4910-492008We develop legendary ideas into reality
HQSoftwarehttps://hqsoftwarelab.comUnited States, Estonia$25-$4950-2492001IoT, AR, VR, and custom software development
TechGropse Pvt. Ltd., United States$21-$5450-2492015You Think.We Deliver.!
Dot Com Infoway, United States$21-$5450-2492000Making the Mobile & Web work for businesses

How to Choose the Best C# Development Company?

The selection of the best C# Development Company is very important for giving your business the next steps in increasing the business revenue. Below we have finalized some of the most important points which every business owner needs to know before hiring a C# Development Company or firm for their business growth.

1)Check the company’s past portfolio of the previously developed projects using the C# framework.

2)Ask the C# development services provider about their technology stack, tools, and related API.

3)Check the C# development company’s past written reviews, ratings using different resources.

4)Ask the amount of money they will take to complete a web development project on time using the Microsoft C#.

5)Carefully check and analyze the C# services agency social media profiles and other related sites.

6)Ask the firm about the total number of months or years they will take to finish your C# development solution.

7)Ask about the money-back-guaranteed, NDA, and other related resources from the C# development firm.

8)Check the experience, certification, and other expertise of the C# developer.

9)Do a proper meeting with someone most responsible in the C# development company, i.e. CEO, MD, Project Manager, Business Head, etc. before signing them for your project.

Final Words

You need to choose any one of the above listed top 10 best C# application development companies for the successful delivery of custom software applications on demand. Before selecting any company, check each & everything about the C# app development services provider, i.e. reviews, rating, online reputation, portfolio, experience, etc. on

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