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Summary:– Free Download Best Data Recovery Software to Recovers Deleted Videos, Photos, Emails, Archives, MultiMedia, Documents, etc. from the Major Data Storage Devices, i.e. Internal Computer Drive and External Hard Disk. The Data Recovery Software for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iPhone Operating System Resolves All Types of Data Loss Problems & Provides 100% Recovery of Deleted Files in Safe and Secure Manner.

What is Data Recovery and How Does Best Data Recovery Software Work to Free Undelete Files?

Data Recovery is the process of retrieving deleted or lost files from any kind of data storage media. The data storage devices can be internal computer hard drive, external drive, solid-state drive (SSD), pen drive, memory card, secure digital (SD) card, etc.

In order to recover deleted or lost data from the computer hard drive, you need to use the best data recovery software and then select the desired file for final recovery. Data recovery software scans the computer hard drive and displays all recoverable files on the computer screen. After that, you can recover and save the deleted files on an external hard drive.

Key Note:– Here, one needs to know that the final data saving location must be different from the one where you are recovering the deleted/lost files. Also, stop using the computer hard drive or any other data storage devices, so that no new other files or information gets over-written it. And, further data recovery becomes possible using the help of free data recovery best software.

Top 10 Best Free Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted or Lost Files (Mac/Windows/Android/iPhone/Linux)

Below I have written a list of the top 10 best data recovery software free try to recovers any size deleted files from the user computer system, i.e. iPhone, Windows, Android, Linux, Mac.

# 1)Data Recovery Software for Windows

Windows data recovery software recovers deleted files and folders from the Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, etc. The data recovery for Windows PC helps the end-users to successfully retrieve video, audio, music files from any data storage media. Besides simply deleted file recovery, one can repair video, photo, hard drive and restore an unlimited number of deleted and lost data back successfully.

# 2)Data Recovery Software for Mac

Mac Data Recovery is a DIY Software to undelete files lost or deleted due to any kind of Mac-data loss reasons. Free download data recovery for Mac to recover files from empty Trash, corrupt hard drive, fix video/photo files. The software for Mac data recovery to retrieve documents from all the major versions of the Mac, i.e. macOS Catalina 10.15, Mojave 10.14, High Sierra 10.13, Sierra, El Capitan up to Mac OS X 10.6.

# 3)Data Recovery Software for Linux

Free download Linux data recovery software and recover deleted or lost data from Linux operating system. The data recovery software listed below will helps in the successful recovery of data from Linux OS. To get back lost data from the Linux OS, you need to choose any one of the Linux data recovery software listed below.

# 4)Data Recovery Software for Android

Download free Android data recovery software to recover your deleted message, notes, bookmarks, video, audio, photo files easily. The data recovery software for Android resolves all type of data loss problems and bring back lost Android data back to the user file-storage device. You can use any one of the Android data recovery tool listed below and restore files & folders back without any change in original data.

# 5)Data Recovery Software for iPhone

Recover deleted data from iPhone, iPad, iCloud Backup, iTunes using the help of iPhone data recovery software. The Best DIY Software for iPhone data recovery restore deleted video, bookmarks, contact, notes, calendar, call history, photos. The application for iPhone data recovery provides support with all the versions of the iPhone.

# 6)Photo Recovery Software

Photo recovery software retrieve deleted pictures/images and various other multimedia files from the computer hard disk. The software for deleted photo recovery provides support with both Mac & Windows operating system and restores the photo back to the user-selected location. Free Photo recovery best apps also fix corrupted or damaged video, photo files having different file extensions on both Windows, Mac.

List of Top 10 Best Free Mac Data Recovery Software

Check the below listed best data recovery for Mac to repair Mac drive and recovers deleted files.

# 1.Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac data recovery or Stellar Data Recovery for macOS is the best all in one data recovery software to retrieve deleted files from the Apple Mac operating system. Free try Stellar Mac-data recovery tool to bring back video, music, email, text, pictures and certain other file types like a professional. It also helps in restoring data back from the Empty Mac Trash folder. This recovery app for Mac provides BootCamp partition recovery, internal and external drive recovery, encrypted drive-recovery, etc. advanced level features using its in-built algorithms. Check the Detailed Written Reviews of Stellar Mac data recovery software.

# 2.EaseUS Mac Data Recovery

EaseUS data recovery for Mac is another premier application to bring back lost, deleted, and inaccessible files back to the local Mac-drive. EaseUS data recovery helps the end Mac OS X user to retrieve deleted files from all sort of data storage devices that includes both internal & external drive in minutes. Free download EaseUS Mac data recovery app and makes your valuable files to restore in a period of time.

# 3.Wondershare Mac Data Recovery

The data recovery software for Mac from Wondershare is one of the most powerful, safe, and secure apps to restore deleted files from more than 1000+ different file extensions/formats. To restore video, music, and other required files, you simply need to use the Wondershare Recoverit Mac data undelete program, and then it will regain access to all those lost files back. Data Recovery Mac from Wondershare retrieves files from encrypted or password-protected APFS, videos, offices, and other necessary documents files. Download the Free version of the top Mac data recovery tool from Wondershare and restore data back to your hard drive location.

# 4.iSkysoft Mac Data Recovery

The data recovery software for Mac from iSkySoft is another top-rated app to resolve all types of data loss situations and undelete MAC files. iSkySoft data recovery for Mac retrieves files from internal Mac HD, external drive, memory cards, and other digital devices in a secure manner. iSkysoft rescue complete Mac data with easy quick file recovery options. iSkySoft Data recovery from Mac OS X is recovering files since 2003 and provides a 100% money-back guarantee in 7 days after purchasing the software. Till now, iSkysoft has served more than 10 million customers in the USA, UK, Canada, Japan, and other countries across the world.

# 5.Data Rescue 5 for Mac

Data Rescue Mac from Prosof repair and recover Mac drive by providing both free and demo options. Mac data rescue from Prosoft is fully compatible up to macOS Catalina 10.15 and other lower versions of Apple Mac OS X up to 10.6. Data Rescue 5 provides these helpful options for the complete Mac data recovery, i.e. advanced search, file recovery previews, unlimited hard drive recoveries, Time machine recovery, etc. The Prosoft data Mac recovery support all the major file extensions of videos, music, archives, and photos, etc. For the past 20+ years, Prosoft Mac data rescue is serving data loss problems by delivering top quality products.

# 6.Kernel Mac Data Recovery

Kernel Mac data recovery from Nucleus Technologies is not so much popular, but still an effective file recovery tool for macOS users. Kernel for Mac file recovery recovers all sorts of files and folders from corrupted and damaged HFS, HFS+ file systems. It offers an interactive and easy to use interface & makes the complete data recovery process much easier than user expectations.

# 7.Aiseesoft Mac Data Recovery

Aiseesoft data recovery application for Mac undelete videos, archives, MS offices, documents, email, and other pictures files from the MacBook, iMac, Mac Mini computer hard drive. Besides that, Aiseesoft for Mac data undelete solves all the catastrophic data loss errors like virus attack, internal Mac app corruption, file system corruption and provides 100% data recovery of complete MAC.

# 8.Reneelab Mac Data Recovery

Reneelab Mac data recovery software helps in data loss issues by providing 3 quick and effective steps. It recovers deleted MAC files from local drive, pen drive, digital cards, and external drive, etc. Besides that, Reneelab Mac data rescue provides certain other unique features and make the whole data recovery process to be much easier for the end Macintosh users.

# 9.Cisdem Mac Data Recovery

Cisdem data recovery software is fully compatible with macOS Catalina and serving the MAC data loss problems for the past 10 years. Cisdem Mac data recovery tool undelete Mac files, formatted hard drive recovery, and other unique features. Additionally, Cisdem for MAC data recovery provides support with all the most commonly used data storage devices and computer file systems. Cisdem recovers files from more than 400+ different file types on MAC and also provides Empty Mac Trash folder recovery.

# 10)Minitool Mac Data Recovery Software

The Mac data recovery software from Minitool provides 5 different license types for resolving the customer’s data loss problems, i.e. Free, Personal, Commercial, Enterprise, Technician. The end Mac users need to select any one of these data recovery license categories according to their requirements and further recovering deleted Mac files and folders. The price range of Minitool Mac data recovery varies from FREE to $499.

List of Top 6 Best Free Windows Data Recovery Software

These are the most popular 5 best Windows data recovery software to bring back deleted files on PC.

# 1)Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

Stellar Data Recovery for Windows (previously known as Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery) is the best software to undelete files from Windows PC hard disk. Stellar Windows data recovery professional is a DIY software to recovers the unlimited number of files deleted due to any data loss reasons on Windows 10, 8, 7, XP, etc. Besides recovering the deleted files from the hard disk, the Stellar Windows data recovery free version can also be used for retrieving the deleted email files, optical media recovery, Recycle Bin recovery, hard disk repair & monitoring, cloning purpose.

It is a 100% safe and secure data recovery application from Stellar data recovery to bring back files from notebooks, PCs, laptops, and ultrabooks. Stellar data recovery software company is in the business since the past 25+ years and solving the data loss problems in the USA, UK, India, etc.

# 2)EaseUS Windows Data Recovery

EaseUS Windows data recovery is another popular name in the “Data Recovery Industry” for the overall recovery of any sized video, archive, and other multi-media files from the Windows machine. EaseUS for Windows data recovery provides the end-user multiple different options to rescue their files on all sorts of data storage devices, i.e. Free, Pro, Technician versions.

In order to retrieve deleted files from a PC, try the EaseUS Windows data recovery tool and regain access to lost data. For the past 15+ years, EaseUS Windows data recovery is one of the most popular names among data loss users.

# 3)Wondershare Windows Data Recovery

Wondershare has restructured its entire data recovery products and add new latest data recovery algorithms in the “Recoverit Windows data recovery app”. The Wondershare Recoverit Windows data recovery tool retrieves corrupted, formatted, deleted files from the Windows PC machine. Wondershare Recoverit Windows data recovery helps in restoring the data from deleted partition, recycle bin, multimedia files recovery, etc. Besides that, it provides support with 350+ different file extensions for recovery.

# 4)iSkysoft Windows Data Recovery

iSkySoft Windows data recovery program recovers each and every piece of information both from local computer PC disk and externally connected drives. iSkySoft for Windows data recovery is a powerful application to perform the:- “deleted Windows files recovery”, “lost/deleted partition recovery”, “Recycle bin recovery”, “PC system crash recovery”, “formatted drive recovery” etc.

# 5)Data Rescue 5 for Windows

Prosoft engineering data rescue for Windows retrieves all the priceless multimedia files and also fixes the corruption problems found in the hard disk. Data Rescue 5 for Windows is the best tool to perform:- “advanced search”, “duplicate file identification”, “Email notifications”, “free files preview” and many others. Data Rescue for Windows software works perfectly well with- SD card, firewire drives, CF cards, SSD.

# 6)Kernel Windows Data Recovery

Kernel Windows data recovery app fixes both logical and physical drive corruption errors and restores songs, pictures, and other necessary media files from Windows 7, 10, XP, 8, etc. Kernel for Windows OS recovery provides the end-users a free demo option to make sure whether the software is capable to undelete PC files or not. Though it is not the best solution for data recovery from the Windows system, but for the basic file retrieval, it is still one of the most viable available options.

List of Top 6 Best Free Android Data Recovery Software

Check the below-mentioned list of the best 6 free Android data recovery software and retrieve Android data.

# 1)EaseUS Android Data Recovery

EaseUS Android data recovery or EaseUS MobiSaver for Android OS is one of the highest-selling data recovery software for Google Android. The world 1st free Android data recovery from EaseUS retrieve deleted contact, digital media, messages, contacts, bookmarks, and other media files easily. MobiSaver for Android data recovery resolves all the major data recovery problems that happened on the user’s smartphone, i.e. malware attack, accidental deletion, improper handling of Android-phone, rooting issue. EaseUS Android recovery helps the user to hassle-free undelete Android data in 3 quick and simple steps.

# 2)Wondershare Android Data Recovery

Wondershare Dr. Fone Android data recovery is the most popular and highest selling software to recover data from Android memory. Dr. Fone for Android recovery brings back lost and deleted contacts, video, photo, bookmarks and other important files in minutes. Wondershare Dr. Fone Android data recovery tool is fully compatible with more than 5000+ major Android devices in the USA, UK, India, UAE, etc.

List of Top Best 3 Free iPhone Data Recovery Software

These are the complete list of the 3 best iPhone data recovery free download software to bring back lost data.

# 1)Stellar iPhone Data Recovery

Stellar iPhone data recovery (previously popular with Stellar Phoenix iPhone data recovery) is the best available software to retrieve deleted contacts, bookmarks, messages, notes, call history, pictures, videos and other deleted data from Apple iOS. Stellar data recovery for iPhone also rescue files stored in iTunes and iCloud data backup. The award-winning data recovery tool for iOS/iPhone from Stellar provides support with iPhone 8, 7, 6s, 6, 7, 5s, 4, 5 and other versions.

#2)EaseUS iPhone Data Recovery

EaseUS iPhone data recovery provides both free and professional versions for recovering the deleted contact, bookmarks, call history, messages and other related content from major Apple iPhone versions. Full support for data recovery is available in iOS 13 and iPhone 11/XS Max etc. EaseUS iPhone data recovery app provides recovering of an unlimited number of files from iPad, iPod, iPhone. Free Download iPhone recovery from EaseUS and undelete files on both Windows, Mac.

# 3)Wondershare iPhone Data Recovery

Wondershare iPhone data recovery or dr. fone is the highest rating software in the entire “iPhone data recovery industry”. Dr. Fone undeletes files from iCloud, iPhone, and iTunes. Free download Wondershare Dr. Fone iPhone data recovery software and regain access to all your deleted photos, audio, video, contacts, and other lost data from iOS memory.

List of Best Top 3 Free Photo Recovery Software

Free try any of these best 3 free photo recovery apps to restore digital media files.

# 1)Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery

Stellar Photo Recovery (Previously known as Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery) is the best software to undelete pictures/images/photos from any kind of data storage device. Stellar Photo recovery provides support with both Mac and Windows operating systems. When one does a quick Google search with the keyword “Photo Recovery”, this program comes on the 1st position in Google SERP. Stellar recovery for the photo also repairs corrupted or damaged photo, video, audio and bring back every sized media files. Stellar photo rescue program works well with USB flash drive, drones, SD cards, memory cards, and other commonly used media drive.

# 2)Kernel Photo Recovery

Kernel digital media recovery is the 2nd option in this list of best photo recovery software for Windows and macOS. Kernel for photo recovery program repair corrupted digital media files (i.e. video, audio, photo) and also retrieves deleted media files. Kernel photo recovery app undeletes media files from Windows 10, 7, XP, 8 and macOS 10.15 (Catalina), 10.14, and other lower versions of Apple Mac OS X.

# 3)Hetman Photo Recovery

Hetman free photo recovery is an easy to use photo repair & recovery software to bring back lost or deleted digital memories. Hetman recovery for photo provides a step by step user documentation on how to recover deleted photos and regain access to it? In case, you are looking for a reliable & secure photo recovery app, then Hetman photo recovery is the best available solution for that.

List of Top Best 2 Free Linux Data Recovery Software

Download Free below written Linux data recovery and restore files.

# 1)Stellar Phoenix Linux Data Recovery

Stellar DATA Recovery for Linux (previously known as Stellar Phoenix Linux data recovery) is one of the most popular data recovery application for Linux users. Stellar Linux data recovery retrieves files and folders deleted, lost, formatted from FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, ExFAT, Ext2, Ext3, and another Linux based file system. Stellar Linux file undelete provides plenty of advanced level features and makes sure that the end-user retrieve their 100% data in a quick period of time.

# 2)Kernel Linux Data Recovery 

Linux data recovery software from Kernel is another popular utility to bring back deleted data from Red Hat, SCO, Turbo, Ubuntu, SuSe, and Debian. Kernel Linux file recovery app offers plenty of helpful options to seamlessly restore data back.

How to Choose Best Data Recovery Software (Applicable for Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iPhone)?

Selecting the best data recovery app is one of the most difficult tasks for anyone who has never experienced data loss problems. However, after reading the below points, one can easily find the best software for data repair and recovery.

1)Always choose the data recovery software from a good company that is in the data recovery industry for the past many years. Stellar Data Recovery and EaseUS Data Recovery are 2 good names in the data recovery industry and both of them are in this business for the last 15 years.

2)Always avoid using any Free Data Recovery Software since they are more prone to viruses and hacking attacks.

3)Always check the data-recovery-software minimum system requirement according to your operating system, i.e. Windows, Mac, Android, iPhone, Linux, etc. and then take a final wise decision.

4)Check the Data Recovery Software online reviews on technology forums, software submission sites, blogs, press releases before finally using it.

5)Check the data recovery tool customer support and whether there is any money-back guarantee or not; in case the software fails.

How to Recover Deleted Data from the Hard Disk (Or Any Data Storage Devices) using Data Recovery Software?

Data recovery from the hard drive is possible after following the below-listed steps on your computer screen.

1)First, buy data-recovery-software for Windows/Mac/Android/iPhone/Linux/Photos (according to your operating system) and install it on the computer drive.

2)Now, select the data storage devices (internal or external drive) for further recovering the deleted files.

3)Further, choose the desired file extensions from “Videos”, “Photos”, “Audios”, “Email”, “Archives” for further deleted data recovery. You need to choose “Select All” if you want to retrieve all the files from the hard disk.

4)Finally, click on the “Start Scan” option button to begin the scanning process of the hard disk drive or volume.

5)Here, data recovery software will automatically begin the hard disk scanning process for recovering the unlimited number of files deleted due to any reasons.

6)After the completion of the hard drive scanning process, the Data repair and recovery tool will display complete results on the user’s computer monitor screen. From thereon, select all necessary files for further recovery. Or “select all” to undelete each & every file for ultimate recovery purpose.

7)Finally, the data recovery software retrieves all your deleted video, archive, photos, music, email, and other required files. 

Note:- Here, one needs to make sure that the final location or hard drive where you are saving the recoverable files must be different from the original one (i.e. from where you are performing deleted files recovery).

Data Loss Causes and Free Best Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files

Data can be lost, deleted, formatted, corrupted or become inaccessible for the end-users due to different reasons. Some of the most common reasons responsible for the data loss are listed below.

1)Deleting Files or Folders Accidentally

2)Malware or Virus Attack Can Results in the Data Loss Problems

3)Mechanical Damage to the Computer Hard Drive Lead Data Loss Issue

4)Power Failures Gives DATA LOSS Errors

5)Theft of Computer or Data Storage Devices Results in the Loss of Files

6)Spilling Tea, Coffee, Drink, Water on the Computer Hard Drive

7)Fire Accidents and Other Explosions Give Data Inaccessibility Issue

8)Internal Software Applications Corruption Problems for Data-Loss

9)Formatting of Hard Disk or Volume

10)Many Other Unknown Issues for Data Loss

Benefits of Data Recovery Software for Solving Data Loss Errors

There comes plenty of benefits of using reliable, professional, and secure data recovery software. Some of the key advantages of data recovery tools are listed below.

1.They are Cheaper.

2.Data Recovery Software is safe, secure, and provides unlimited file recovery options of video/archive/photo/music/emails.

3.They resolve data loss problems.

4.They provide proper customer support to combat all kinds of data loss problems on Mac OS X, Windows PC, iOS/iPhone, Linux, Android.

5.Using data recovery software can save a lot of valuable data back.

6.Data recovery apps undelete files from all the most commonly used data storage devices in the world.

Data Recovery Software Prices

Each of the data recoveries software discussed above has different prices according to the features provided by each of these data recovery apps. However, at the end of using a professional and top-rated data recovery tool, you will have to pay anywhere between $50-$99. After buying the data recovery software, you can easily rescue the deleted pictures, video, music, archives, email, MS office files from the data storage devices in minutes on Windows, iPhone, Mac, Linux, Android OS.

Data Recovery Software Vs. Data Recovery Services

Data recovery software Vs. Data recovery services; which is the best option when it comes to performing the deleted files recovery? This is one of the most commonly asked questions once the data loss trouble anyone. The short and simple answer to this problem is “Both data recovery software and services are equally important.” In case, if your data is business-related and of utmost importance, then choosing data recovery services is the best possible solution for resolving this problem. However at the same time, one can’t ignore the importance of using data-recovery-software.

List of Data Recovery Software Company

Below we have listed some of the most popular and award-winning data recovery software companies in the world. You can choose data -recovery-software from any of these data-recovery-companies and resolve all the data loss problems. These data repair and data recovery software companies are serving data loss problems of the USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Australia, India, Singapore, China, Japan and other top countries in the world.

#1-Stellar Data Recovery Company

#2-EaseUS Data Recovery Software Company

#3-MiniTool Data Recovery Company

#4-Alsoft DiskWarrior Software Company

#5-CleverFiles Data Recovery Provider Company

Data Storage Devices Supported by Top Best Data Recovery Software in the World

Some of the most commonly used data storage devices supported by data recovery software are below.

1)Hard Drive Recovery

2)USB Drive Recovery

3)Pen Drive Recovery

4)Floppy Disk Recovery

5)Solid State Drive (SSD) Recovery

6)Memory Card Recovery

7)Music Player Recovery

8)Video Player Recovery

9)Digital Camera Recovery

10)Drone Camera Recovery

11)External Disk Recovery

12)Android Phone Recovery

13)Camcorder Recovery

14)CF/xD Card Recovery

15)ZIP Drive Recovery

What is the Importance of Data Recovery Software?

In today’s fast-growing technology world, there has been a growing demand for using data recovery software that can undelete files from any type of data storage media or devices.

1)Data recovery software is less costly when compared with the overall value of the deleted or lost data.

2)Data recovery apps from top & award-winning companies are safe, secure, and trustworthy. Using them will definitely save your money and business.

3)Data recovery tools can resolve all kinds of data corruption and loss errors happened due to any reasons.

4)Data recovery programs retrieve files deleted both from internal and external hard disk or drive in a quick period of time.

5)Majority of the data recovery utilities available in the market and mentioned above support FAT, ExFAT, APFS, HFS, HFS+, and other most commonly available file systems.

Final Conclusion

All these data recovery software listed above are some of the most popular and professional applications to bring back files and folders. However, one needs to carefully check the best data-recovery -software for Mac, Windows, Android, iPhone, Linux after checking all the necessary details. That includes your “data recovery” requirements, OS support, prices, compatibility, level of hard drive corruption, support, money-back guarantee, the company background, and other important parameters. In case, you have used any one of these above-listed best free data recovery software, then please share your experience with VikMajra Company via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Best Free Data Recovery Software

Please check the below most frequently asked questions about “Data Recovery”, Software, Services.

1)What is Data Recovery?

Answer:- Data Recovery is the process of recovering deleted video, photos, music, documents, archive files from the hard disk or data storage device. Data Recovery Software helps the user in the successful recovery of deleted data on Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android.

2)How to Recover Deleted Data?

Answer:- In order to recover deleted data, you need to choose some professional and top-rated data recovery software as listed below. These data recovery software scan the computer hard disk and retrieve all the deleted files on the user’s computer screen.

3)Which is the Best Data Recovery Software?

Answer:- Stellar Data Recovery, EaseUS Data Recovery, Wondershare Data Recovery, CleverFiles (DiskDrill) Data Recovery, etc. are some good names in the complete data recovery industry. You can use the best data recovery software of any of these companies and restore deleted files back.

4)How to Choose  Best Data Recovery Software to Retrieve Deleted Files?

Answer:- To choose the best data recovery software, one needs to check the software features, online reviews, price, security, company behind the data-recovery-software, customer support, money-back guarantee, data recovery algorithms, etc. Only after checking each of these details, one needs to finalize the data-recovery app.

5)How Much Data Recovery Software Cost?

Answer:- The overall cost of buying top quality data recovery software range between $50-$99. Always choose a professional, award-winning, safe, and highly popular data recovery software.

6)Difference Between Data Recovery Software Vs. Services?

Answer:- Data recovery software is less costly when compared with data recovery services. Data security and integrity can be comprised in case you are using the help of data recovery services companies over software. Data recovery services companies can retrieve deleted or lost data at one time only after spending money. However, data recovery apps provide lifetime support after buying it.

7)How to Recover Deleted Video Files?

Answer:- Video files, i.e. MP4, AVI, FLV recovery is 100% possible using the help of data recovery apps. Use a data recovery program from the above option & restore deleted video files back to drive.

8)How to Recover Deleted Music Files?

Answer:- To rescue deleted music/audio files, i.e. MP3, AAC, WAV, etc., one needs to take the help of the best-audio file recovery tool listed above.

9)How to Recover Deleted Photo Files?

Answer:- You can retrieve deleted photos files, i.e. JPEG, PNG, GIF, JPG, TIFE, etc. using the help of photo recovery apps as listed above.

10)How to Recover Deleted Email Files?

Answer:- The recovery of deleted email files, i.e. OST, EDB, PST, EML, DBX, MSG, etc. is possible using the help of file recovery apps. You need to choose a reliable email file recovery program and then data recovery software will do its work successfully.

11)How to Recover Deleted MS Office Files?

Answer:- Recovery of Deleted MS Office files, i.e. MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, MS Access, and other related file recovery is possible after using the help of data repair and recovery solutions mentioned above.

12)What is Data Loss?

Answer:- Data Loss is any process wherein the data (i.e. files, folders, or both) become lost, deleted, unreadable, corrupted for the end-user or any software/application due to any reasons. Data loss is one of the most commonly faced problems by iPhone, Mac, Windows, Linux, and Android users from all around the world. The problem of data loss can easily be resolved either using data recovery software or services.

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