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Overview of Linux Data Recovery in Details

The below article will summarize a list of the best 5 Linux Data Recovery Software which might prove helpful in recovering deleted or lost data from Linux OS. Data is always necessary both in our personal as well as professional life. Without data, we can’t-do our work properly and can’t take some of our most important decisions. So, if the data gets deleted from a Linux machine due to any reason, then it became a very horrible situation. But, thankfully there are some useful Top 5 Linux Data Recovery Software out there in the industry, which recovers deleted or lost files from Linux and proves helpful in restoring data back.

List of Top 5 Best Linux Data Recovery Software

You need to try any one of these below written Linux data recovery software for retrieving the lost or deleted files.

#1)Stellar Linux data recovery software

This data recovery program for Linux considered the best data recovery software for disaster recovery. It provides support with all the Linux version that starts from i386 to FreeBSD. Linux users have rated it as the best recovery program because it supports external data storage devices like CD/DVD, SSD. Some of the key features of Mondo Rescue include the below.

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  • A complex user interface will create initial trouble for new users.
  • A hard drive partition can easily be constructed.
  • Using the help of the Mondo Rescue program, a non-raid file system can be backed.


TestDisk is a command-line Linux data recovery tool that is completed free for all Linux users. It is open-source software that is primarily developed to recover the deleted or lost partition. The bad blocks created by viruses and other harmful malware fixes all the errors found on the Linux drive and make the entire data recovery process easier. Major features of TestDisk are mentioned below.

  • NTFS boot sector backup recovery is possible using the help of TestDisk.
  • Due to open source software, there is always a probability of bugs & errors in this software.

#3)Safe Copy

Safe Copy is another powerful data recovery tool for Linux OS that is secure and faster at the same time. Similar to its name, Safe Copy keeps the Linux user data safe from any type of power failure, operating system crash, hard drive failure, malware attack, or any other kind of problem. This Linux recovery tool comes in use to combat data loss situations and helps users to retrieve their data from external storage, CD, DVD, memory card, etc. Key features of Safe Copy includes the below.

  • Give the user an option to retrieve their deleted file from a damaged media.
  • Easy to use Linux data recovery program.
  • Not a free software.
  • Take more time in hard-disk scanning when compared to other software in this list.

#4)PhotoRec Linux Data Recovery Program

If you are searching for recovery software for your lost photos, files, videos, or any other form of data, then PhotoRec is the best available option. This Linux recovery software completely ignores the hard drive file system and scans the entire HD. It means, without a particular file system, there is a chance of data recovery from your corrupted or damaged file system. Also, using PhotoRec software is very easy both for newbie & advanced users.

#5)DD Rescue for Linux data recovery

DD Rescue is another free & open source recovery program for Linux OS. This recovery app copies all the contents of the blocks drive and saves them to the targeted HD. If during the entire process, if any problem arises then this app will make sure that complete data is backed up to the targeted drive. The key features of DD Rescue are below.

  • Reliable and most accurate data recovery tool for Linux OS.
  • Not a free software for Linux data recovery.
  • All the bad blocks that exist on the hard drive will be displayed and highlighted simultaneously.

Final Words

These are the most popular data recovery software for Linux that comes in use whenever occur data loss problems due to malware attacks, internal hard drive corruption, power failure, and many other reasons. You need to free download any one of these top 5 best Linux data recovery apps and restore access to all the digital media files. Share this VikMajra article on major social media platforms so that other Linux user can successfully retrieve their digital media files back.

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