Top 5 Mac Cleaner Software Free Download to Remove Junk Data from MAC

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Overview of Mac Cleaner in Details

Though Mac is often considered the best operating system in today’s world, it also needs regular maintenance to get the topmost performance. This because with passes of time, the hardware component’s efficiency gets decreased and it severely affects the Mac speed in normal use. However, adding more RAM, hardware components, etc. can increase the Mac performance, but one can’t ignore the importance of using a Mac Cleaner. These Mac cleaner tools are helpful in removing all the useless data from the internal Mac hard drive and hence one of the viable options to improve a slow Mac performance. And, today in this article we will share with you a complete list of the top 5 best Mac cleaner app which you can use on your Mac to improve its performance.

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List of Top 5 Best Mac Cleaner Software

Free download any one of these Mac cleaner softwares and make a slow-running Mac run faster.

#1)CleanMyMac Cleaner App

This is the most popular software when it comes to selecting the best Mac junk files removal program. Many online review websites like CNET, Trust radius, Macworld, etc. have added this software into the top 5 Mac cleaner tools. Some of the major features of CleanMyMac software are given below.

Key features of CleanMyMac Software

  • Complete system scan: Scan each sector of your Mac drive and removing all the unused data is the primary task of the CleanMyMac feature.
  • Scheduler: This Mac cleaner app also provides a scheduler option using which a Mac user can regularly clean their system at a pre-defined date and time.
  • Scanning of large files: Many other apps, take more time while scanning large-size files and some also neglect if they found any large-size file. But, the CleanMyMac app removes all the useless files and folders quickly without wasting time.
  • Safe and secure Mac cleaner: CleanMyMac software is also complete and reliable software when it comes to removing duplicate files from the computer machine.

#2)Stellar Speedup Mac Software

Stellar Speedup Mac is another Mac cleaner program that is a good choice when it comes to clean a Mac system and improve its overall performance. It removes log, junk data at a faster speed and provides good results to Mac users. Some of its salient features are written below.

  • The option of speedup other or complete Mac volume in one go.
  • Provide Mac user drag and drop option for file removal needs.
  • Provide schedule option for automatically cleaning operations.
  • Filter option for enhancing the overall results.
  • Support the latest Mac version as well as old versions.


Mac cleanse is 3rd software in this list of top and free Mac cleaner applications. It removes all the logs, cache, junk, duplicate files, and folders from the Mac hard drive. After removing all those items, it improves the efficiency of a Mac system. This software is also available at a lower price when it comes to select inexpensive Mac apps to clean the slow Mac OS X. Some of the notable features of MacCleanse software are discussed below.

  • Complete Mac history cleaner app
  • Cookies remover application
  • Easy to use and interactive user interface
  • Much faster as compared to other Mac cleaner apps


DetoxMyMac is basically Mac junk file remover software that has been designed and developed to improve the slow macOS performance. DetoxMyMac also provides the user a free version using which they can get a preview of all the files and folders removed from the Mac HD. In order to take the benefits of full features, Mac users need to upgrade to its latest version. Some of the key features of the DetoxMyMac software are below.

  • Reliable Mac cleaner tool
  • Secure software when it comes to Mac cleaning operation
  • Remove all the junk data and free up extra occupied space from HD
  • Successfully delete the web-browsing history


MacBooster is the last and 5th option in this list for Mac OS X maintenance & clean up a slow Mac system by removing the duplicate and unused data. The software provides complete data security protection, five-star services, and excellent Mac performance. Some of the key features of the Mac Booster are written below.

  • Real-time data protection
  • Privacy clean option
  • 3rd party extension manager option
  • Provide complete Mac system status 

How to Improve a Slow Running Mac Performance using Mac Cleaner Software?

1)First purchase and install the Speedup Mac Software on the Mac computer system hard drive.

2)Once you launch the software, its user interface will be displayed on the Mac screen. Thereafter, you need to click on the “Rocket” button to speed up Mac.

3)Now, choose the “Custom Scan”, “Recommended Scan” option and click on the ‘Start Scan’ to move further.

4)Here, this Mac Cleaning Software will display the total amount of junk data that exists on the Mac hard drive.

5)In the 5th step, Use Quick Look to preview a particular file. You can also double-click on any particular file to preview the contents stored in it.

6)Once the free preview of files gets completed, click on the “Speedup Now” button to speed up a slow Mac.

7)A prompt message will be displayed as shown below on the Mac screen. Here, just click on the “Proceed” button to remove junk and useless data from the hard drive.

8)Finally, to provide a hassle-free Mac hard drive cleaning, the Speedup Mac Tool will display the total number of items removed as well as total free space created on the Macintosh hard drive.

Mac Cleaner Software Specifications

Supported Versions:
Operating System: macOS Big Sur, Catalina, Mojave, High Sierra 10.13, 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7 & 10.6

Supported File Systems: HFS, HFS+, NTFS, APFS

System Requirements:
Processor: Intel

RAM: 1 GB Minimum

Hard disk: 50 MB of Free Space

Software Interface Language:
Language Supported:- English, German, French, Italian, Spanish

License Types:
Single User License: Can use only on a single system

Software License Delivery:
Electronic-Yes; Physical-Yes

Final Words

The above-mentioned Mac cleaner apps are the most widely used and popular software for performing Mac cleaning operations. Download free any one of the options and remove all the cache, cookies, junk, and other useless files from the Mac machine for improving its overall performance. In case, you know any other Mac cleaner app that deserved a place in this VikMajra list, then please feel free to add it here in the below comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) About Mac Cleaner Software

1)Can I speed up my external hard disk drive after using this Mac cleaner software?
Yes, macOS cleaner app provides supports with an external drive when it comes to removing the cache, junk, duplicate and useless data stored in the HD. To do this, simply connect your external HD with Apple macOS and run the Mac cleaner tool.

2)What features are includes in the free version of Speed Mac software?
Using the help of a free or demo version of this Mac cleaner software, a Macintosh user removes all the useless system files and thus makes a slow-running Mac to work faster.

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