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Top 10 Web Application Development Companies

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Best 10 Web Development Companies

Summary:- Web Development has changed a lot in the past couple of years with new technologies are coming daily. Also, more & more businesses are going online with a continuous increase in the total number of internet penetration and customers going online all over the globe. To full-fill the client’s web development projects, there come a plethora of web application development companies in the USA, UK, India, UAE, Canada, Australia, and other developing countries.

Below we have compiled a complete list of best top 10 web application development company in the world that provides Java, PHP, Asp.NET, Mean Stack, CMS, ERP, ECommerce Solutions, Node development services to the clients’ on-demand. All the below-listed web development services providers are some of the well-known names in the overall designing & development of some of the most complex web applications in the world.

What is Web Application Development?

Web application development is the process of creating web online software where the data resides on the remote server (server-side) and typically accessed on the client-side via a web browser. The web browser can by Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, etc. A web application can be written in any of the following technologies, i.e. Java, PHP, Asp.NET, Mean Stack, Databases (SQL, MySQL, etc.), etc. depending on the client projects requirements, complexity, resources, budgets.

Below we have listed top 10 best web development companies helps in the successful designing & development of web applications and helps any business enterprises to grow their business both in the local and international markets.

List of Top 10 Web Application Development Companies

These are the list of top 10 best web application development companies in the USA, UK, India, UAE, Canada, etc. and other developing countries.

#1)Appinventiv Web Development Company

#2)Comentum Web Development Company

#3)ToTheNew Web Development Service Company

#4)XBsoftware Web Development Firm

#5)ValueCoders Web Development Service Provider

#6)Praxent Web Development Company

#7)AppVerticals Web Developer

#8)Space-O Technologies Web Development Firm

#9)TechAhead Web Development Company

#10)Velvetech Web Development Agency

#11)Hidden Brains for Web Application Development

#12)Iflexion Web Development Company

#13)Angler iTech Web Development Services

#14)TechnoSIP Web Development Company

#15)Rishabh Software for Web Application Development

#16)Peerbits Web Development Company

#17)Split Reef for Website Development Company

#18)Pulse Solutions Web Development Services

#19)Fingent Web Development Company

#20)Oxagile Web Application Development Company

Overview of VikMajra Web Application Development Company

VikMajra is one of the oldest and leading web development services companies having their offices in the USA, UK, India, UAE, Canada, Australia, German, and many other countries across the globe. This top-rated development company for web applications provides all sorts of services.

1)Web Portal Development

2)Ecommerce Web Development

3)Custom web app development services

4)CMS Development

5)Enterprises web development services

6)Website/Web Application Maintenance Support & Services

VikMajra had a team of 1900+ software programmers who have rich experience in the development of rapid, secure, scalable, responsive app on demand. They have offices in the USA, India, UAE, UK and uses the latest technology stack in the development & deployment of client’s web application projects within the pre-defined period.

How to Choose the Best Web Development Company?

When you do a quick Google search for the keyword, “Web Development Companies”, thousands of results comes in the Google SERP. Out of them, finding the best web development company is a difficult process for anyone who has never prior experience in the web development industry. You need to check the company reviews, portfolios, tech stack, project cost, delivery time, etc. points.

Technology Stack Used by Top Web Application Development Companies

Top web development company in the USA, UK, UAE, INDIA uses the latest tools & technology stack as listed below.

1)Frontend Technology Stack




2)JavaScript Framework




3)Backend Technology Stack






3.6)MEAN Stack

4)Web Framework

4.1)Ruby on Rails (Ruby)

4.2)Laravel (PHP)

4.3)Spring (Java)

4.4)Django, Flask (Python)

4.5)Play (Scala)

5)Web Servers








Major Reasons Why You Must Choose a Best Web App Development Company

The need for having a robust, safe, and top-quality website application in today’s fast-growing world is a must for every type of business. Below I have written down some of the key reasons why you must have a website or application for the overall business increase.

1)Web applications are easy to use

2)The end customers don’t need to install it on their local system

3)Web applications are highly secure

4)It is easy to do business online using web applications

Final Conclusive Words About Web Application Development Companies

You can choose any one of these top-rated web application development companies for your business projects after proper research. Always check the company’s online portfolio, background, how old it is, quality of web apps, reviews, ratings, digital presence, online reputation, etc. before selecting the best development company for website and web applications. Also check their technology stack, web development team experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQ’s) About Web Application Development Companies

Below are listed some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about web application development and further.

1)What is the Best Web Development Company in the World?

The best web app development company is the one which has a global presence, provided top quality web-applications, position reviews & ratings, and an experienced team of web application coders on demand.

2)Which Latest Tools and Technology are Being Used in a Web Development Services Company?

MEAN Stack, Web Framework, Databases, JavaScript Framework, PHP, Java, ASP.NET, Node js, etc. are some of the latest tech stacks that are being used by a web development company.

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