Top 10 Web Development Companies in India

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Top 10 Web Development Companies in India

Summary:- Are you looking for the Best Web Development Company in India for your dream project? If “Yes”, then here is the list of Top Web Application Development Companies in India that provides high-quality professional Website Design & Web-Development Services using Java, PHP, NodeJS, Ruby on Rails (ROR), Database, Python, Web-Framework, ASP.NET, JavaScript, CMS, and other necessary technology stacks according to the client project requirements. When a business owner or entrepreneur Google searches for the “Web Development Company India” Keyword, thousands of options will come up.

However, not all of these firms are reliable & trustworthy. So, to help you here at VikMajra, we have prepared this exclusive list of Top Web Developers in India on the basis of key parameters, i.e. experience & expertise in Web application development, past clients feedback, app portfolio, market penetration, reviews & ratings, etc. You can hire these below mentioned top players of India in the Web Development industry and get a fully functional custom website development software solution for the growth of your business in “India” country.

Top 10 Best Web Development Companies & Developers India

Hire a dedicated leading web development services provider firm in India from the below-mentioned options.


Slogan (Custom Web and Mobile development organization)

Hourly Rate Employees Project Size Founded Location
<$25/hr 250-999 $10,000+ 2001 Ahmedabad, India

#2.Indus Net Technologies

Slogan (We Deliver Digital Success)

Hourly Rate Employees Project Size Founded Location
$25-$49/hr 265-857 $8,000+ 2002 Kolkata, India

#3.Experion Technologies

Slogan (We build trust, not just software)

Hourly Rate Employees Project Size Founded Location
<$23/hr 194-745 $7,000+ 2008 Thiruvananthapuram, India

#4.Brainvire Infotech

Slogan (We Build Custom Web Applications)

Hourly Rate Employees Project Size Founded Location
<$27/hr 150-689 $8,000+ 2005 Mumbai, India


Slogan (Think Innovation, Think Us!)

Hourly Rate Employees Project Size Founded Location
<$22/hr 50-449 $10,000+ 2002 Noida, India

#6.Terasol Technologies

Slogan (We just don’t build apps We build businesses!)

Hourly Rate Employees Project Size Founded Location
<$28/hr 25-100 $8,000+ 2006 Greater Noida, India

#7.The NineHertz

Slogan (Mobile App and Web development company)

Hourly Rate Employees Project Size Founded Location
<$24/hr 50-199 $4,000+ 1999 Jaipur, India


Slogan (Blockchain | IoT | Mobility | AI | Big Data)

Hourly Rate Employees Project Size Founded Location
<$30/hr 150-469 $2,000+ 2005 Ahmedabad, India


Slogan (Over 400+ Top Solutions Delivered Globally)

Hourly Rate Employees Project Size Founded Location
<$26/hr 150-599 $3,500+ 2007 Noida, India

#10.Daffodil Software

Slogan (Technology Partner for Custom Web & Mobile Apps)

Hourly Rate Employees Project Size Founded Location
<$35/hr 250-999 $6,000+ 2001 Gurgaon, India

How to Choose the Best Web Development Company in India?

In order to select the right web development company in India for your projects, you need to take care of the below-mentioned points.

1)Check the India based web development company past portfolios of previously completed web projects.

2)Check out the past client’s feedback, reviews, and ratings of the web developer in India.

3)Check the web development tools and technology stack of the service provider firm from India.

4)Find out the total cost of your web application development projects from the start to the finish.

5)Do a final meeting with the CEO, MD, or project manager of the Web development company in India.

Technology Used by Web Development Companies in India

The top web development firms in India utilize the below-mentioned tool, platform, programming, and another technology stack.

1)Front End (HTML, CSS, Jquery, JavaScript, Ajax, ReactJS, AngularJS)

2)Back End (Java, PHP, ASP.NET, Web Framework, Python, Ruby)

3)Other Related Popular Tech Stack

3.1)MEAN Stack: MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js.

3.2)MERN Stack: MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, and Node.js

3.3)Django Stack: Django, Python, and MySQL as Database.

3.4)Rails or Ruby on Rails: Uses Ruby, PHP, and MySQL.

3.5)LAMP Stack: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Website by Top Rated Web Development Companies in India?

The total cost of developing a website, web portal, and web application by a Web development service company in India depends on several factors, i.e. number of pages, the technology used, the experience of the coders, graphics & images, additional services, and few other parameters.

1.Simple Website ($100-$500)

2.Medium Website ($1000-$10000)

3.Complex Website ($15000-$50000)

Final VikMajra Research Process

To develop a professional business website in India, a business owner often looks for the best web development company in India. VikMajra helps the prospective web development clients of INDIA in the complete search process by providing only reliable Top web development companies in India. Website design skills, web development expertise, past client reviews, and experience in the overall website designing and development of every type of website are some of the major parameters which make this list of top web developers of India unique from any other resources available on the internet. Hire a dedicated right web development firm based out in India from the above options and get your project to be finished on time.

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