Top 12 Best Website Builders

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Top 12 Website Builder for Making a Website

The website builder is the software that is mainly used for making an amazing website very easily within a few hours. If you are a beginner who doesn’t have any coding knowledge and want to make a website, then there are plenty of free website builder that helps you in making an efficient website very quickly by yourself. I have compiled a list of some of the best and popular website builders that help you in making a website very easily. You can select any one of them as per your requirement and make a website by yourself.

Top 15 Free Website Builder


WordPress is the most popular and widely used free website builder for making a stunning website within minutes. Though, in the free version, you have some limitations like you can’t upload plugins and themes. It is one of the CMS which exist for 10+ years.


BlogSpot is another well-known name as a free website builder for making a website easily. You don’t need any extra knowledge for using and making your website using BlogSpot. It is owned and powered by the search engine giant, i.e., Google.


Weebly is the easiest of all of them. It provides the user drag and drops feature through which users can easily create websites and publish online. Though, for getting the maximum benefit from Weebly, you should have to upgrade to the premium plan.


If you are a coder and want to host your source code online, then GitHub is for you. GitHub also provides custom domain name option to the users.


Microweber is a newcomer on this list. It is somewhat similar to WordPress and BlogSpot, and also provides drag and drop feature to the users. Microweber is search engine optimization friendly and very helpful for the entrepreneur.


IMCreator website builder is another well-known name when it comes to selecting the best online website builder for making a website. It is easy to use and provides drag-drop options to make it possible for nontechnical users to make a stunning site. If you are looking for a website builder with less learning curve, then go for IMCreator.


Initially, Weekly has stuck for some time due to the continuous increase in the popularity of website builders. But, it finds a place due to its rapid website building capability. Similar to any other modern website maker, Weebly provides drag-drop functionality to make a website from scratch.


Wix is another in this list, for building a website in a quick period. Its major features lie in creating the flash website. Wix also offers site customization options to the users.


Squidoo is a simple option for creating a website. It allows users to create lenses as per their interests. Nevertheless, it is a blogging platform developed by Seth Godin.


I hope you have heard about Google sites once in your online life. If not, then Google Sites is a free blogging option from Google Inc. to users for showing their blogging skills without spending money on hosting and domain name.


Yola is a free to use e-commerce website builder. It provides features similar to e-commerce sites like Amazon, eBay, etc. Yola also provides some layouts and personalized options for the users to customize their site as per their requirements. To use Yola’s additional features, you need to get its paid version.


Jimdo is a website builder software suitable for newbie bloggers. It involves zero coding knowledge and available for Mac OS X users also.

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