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Do you need an all-in-one solution IT service provider? VikMajra kickstart quick research on your behalf!

VikMajra review and research platform filters out the best service providers worldwide based on your budget timeline, first-line requisites, and stint target. You can now review top IT Firms, their end-user testimonials and make the right choice in our single unit package!

VikMajra Process

#1)Specify Project Details

You can framework project details such as type of service, budget timeline, and project interval, to find the best matches, both nearby or globally.

#2)Interpretation and Negotiation

VikMajra team of interpreters reaches out to the service providers on your behalf and makes an offer successfully. We create a match between buyers and sellers through a comprehensive understanding of products and services’ trade.

#3)Create a Shortlist

Within 24 hours of research, VikMajra informs its customers about the maximum of four shortlisted service providers who are experienced in every aspect (that the customer requests).

#4)Final Call

After the successful selection of a service provider by the customer, VikMajra permits both parties to connect directly and exchange agreements. Our platform does not play any role once both parties agree to their terms and conditions.

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