VikMajra- Research and Reviews Platform for IT Companies


VikMajra- Research and Reviews of Top IT Companies

VikMajra is an online review and research platform that helps services seekers to find the best services provider company in the world. Similarly, Our platform also helps the IT services companies to increase the overall client’s base and website traffic, market share, branding, online reputation, and finally generate business leads and sales. VikMajra is a boon for those IT companies who wants to deliver high-quality services to the end services seekers, i.e. clients. We do extensive reviews & research and only list the top-rated company in different categories.

Service Categories Listed on VikMajra

Below we have written down a complete list of services categories listed on the VikMajra platform for the end-user. Browse through each of these categories to find out the right services provider agency that fulfills your project requirements and further helps in growing the business globally.

1)Mobile App Development Companies

2)Software Development Companies

3)Web Development Companies

4)E-Commerce Development Companies

5)Blockchain Development Companies

6)Digital Marketing Agencies

7)Web Designing Companies

8)Big Data Analytics & Business Intelligence (BI) Companies

9)Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) Companies

Deep Learning Companies Machine Learning Companies

10)IoT (Internet of Things) Development Companies

11)Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR & VR) Development Companies

12)Software Testing Companies

13)Cloud Computing Companies

14)Business Services Provider Companies

15)Translation Services Provider Companies

Legal Translation Services Provider Companies Medical Translation Services Provider Companies Technical Translation Services Provider Companies

16)IT Services Provider Companies

17)Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) Services Provider Companies

18)Admin Services

Admin Support Web Research

19)Writing Services Provider Companies

20)Law Firms

Bankruptcy Law Firms
Contract Law Firms
Corporate Law Firms
Criminal Law Firms
Family Law Firms
Intellectual Property Law Firms
Paralegal Services Provider Companies

21)Engineering Services Companies

3D Modeling & CAD Companies
Architecture Companies
Civil & Structural Engineering Companies
Contract Manufacturing Companies
Electrical Engineering Companies
Industrial Design Companies
Interior Design Companies
Mechanical Engineering Companies

22)Animation & Multimedia Companies

2D Companies Animation Companies Photography Companies

23)IT Implementation Services Provider Companies

24)DevOps Services Companies

25)Bot Development Companies

Chatbot Development Companies

 26)Web Hosting Provider Companies

27)Game Development Companies


Why Should Every Business Trust on VikMajra?

VikMajra is one of the fastest growing online platforms for IT companies and IT services seekers. On a daily basis, hundreds of new companies list their website on VikMajra to increase their business revenue. So, go ahead and explore top services and solutions across different industries to find the right company for your project requirements and in a cost-effective manner.

1)Verified Client Reviews

VikMajra has thousands of reviews from different authenticated customers on top-rated companies. 


VikMajra has 1849+ services companies (and still counting) listed with detailed information, i.e. portfolios, address, technology stack, establishment year, past clients reviews, clients list, etc.

3)Research and Surveys

VikMajra regularly conducts research and surveys on the industry’s latest trends, tools & technologies to help you in making a wise decision according to your business requirements.

How Does VikMajra Work?

Below is written a detailed working procedure about how does VikMajra work for you.

1.Select the Necessary Category

Choose the required Category according to the type of services you required.

2.Browser through the Given Options

Check the detailed list of top IT services provider firms.

3.Reviews and Rating of Services Company

Check out the complete reviews and rating of the company before finalizing.

4.Finalize the Best Company

Choose the best services company out of hundreds of available options that suit your requirements.

5.Give Your Reviews

Finally, give your valuable review about the company you hired in the past so that other customers can take benefits from it.

What VikMajra can Do for Your Business?

On a daily basis, millions of IT service seekers browse VikMajra to find out the best business services provider company that fulfills their project requirements and further growth of overall sales volume. Below are some of the key points that VikMajra can do for you and gives you maximum advantages in terms of the below key points. So, move ahead and list your company to thousands of service seekers all across the globe.

1.Build Your Company Reputation

Positive feedback from past customers on VikMajra will further increase industry-wise presence, value, trust, and the complete online reputation of your company.

2.Get Qualified Leads for Business Growth

A high-ranking and proper online profile on a popular review and research online platform like VikMajra will boost your company’s online lead generation. This will only increase business growth.

3.Increase in the Overall Conversions

A positive social proof about your company on our VikMajra platform will further help in driving the overall business conversion and sales.

4.Improve Service and Business Operations

Monitoring the regular customer reviews on VikMajra will give you actionable insight into those areas of your services company that require improvement from the end customer point of view.

VikMajra Research Process

VikMajra’s research process aims to help every service seeker in identifying the right company for their project that provides the best possible results for the final business growth. We follow an in-depth research process using the help of our experienced and talented team who have more than a decade of experience in the industry. Our research process involves the use of the 3 most important parameters, i.e. reliability, quality, and ability. Using these 3 key metrics, we help millions of service seekers from different categories across the world in choosing the best company.

#1)Quality of the Services Company

VikMajra in-detail research process is primarily meant to help the services seekers in finding the best company that fulfills its project requirement. We find out the quality of any company after getting past clients’ feedback via different communication mediums.

Besides checking the past customer’s reviews, we thoroughly check the client’s past portfolios of previously developed projects. That includes both simple and complex projects according to the different categories. The portfolio helps us in determining the quality of the services provided.

#2)Reliability of the Services Company

VikMajra reliability criteria involve the use of two most important metrics, i.e. experience in the industry and market penetration. The market penetration involves checking the company’s social media profiles, awards earned, market presence, and list of categories in which the company deals. Further, we also check the experience of software development firms in the industry while determining company reliability.

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About VikMajra

Below we have compiled a list of all the most frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) about the VikMajra platform.

#1)What Exactly is VikMajra?

VikMajra is a fast-growing and top research & review platform for service seekers and service providers. Our platform helps anyone to choose the best company or firm for their project/work. At the same time, it helps the IT services provider companies to increase the overall user acquisition, market share, branding, online visibility, customer base, etc.

#2)Is VikMajra Free or Paid Platform?

VikMajra is free for the end-users to browse/search the top-rated companies/agencies across different categories like web development, mobile app development, digital marketing, blockchain, AI, ML, IoT, e-Commerce solution, custom software development, and many more. Further, it helps the service seekers in finding out the best company according to their projects and budgets. If you are an IT company, then you can free submit or list your company and manage the overall company profile on VikMajra in the future completely free of cost. We don’t charge any money for the submission of your company.

In Short, VikMajra is free for both service seekers and service provider companies.