Overview of Data Science Companies in Details

Data Science is one of the most important computer science fields that use scientific & mathematical principles, methods, processes, algorithms, tools, technologies in order to extract knowledgeable information from both the structured and unstructured data set. Data Science principles and techniques from different fields like computer science, mathematics, statistics, domain knowledge. A wide range of technologies, techniques, and complex computer algorithms, programming languages, techniques, framework, visualization tools, platforms, API are used to analyze and further process the large data set of any organization.

Data science services are usually provided by leading companies in the industry who have prior experience in handling, analyzing data, and further making a meaningful analysis accordingly. Data science helps entrepreneurs/business owners to better understand business & customer behavior and further make well-informed decisions for business growth. In case, you are looking out for a list of the top 10 best data science services companies in the world for your next big projects; then check the below VikMajra article and hire a data science firm after proper research.

List of Top 10 Best Data Science Companies in the World

VikMajra team has analyzed the best Data Science firms on the basis of key factors. These are listed below. 

Company NameCompany URLLocationHourly RateEmployeesEstablishment YearSlogan
SPEC INDIAhttps://www.spec-india.com/India, United States$25-$49250-9991987Enterprise Software, Mobility & BI Solutions
Sigma Data Systemshttps://www.sigmadatasys.comUnited States$25-$49250-9992010Discover the world of Big Data with us!
Avengahttps://www.avenga.com/United States, Germany$50-$991,000-9,9992019Transforming Industries
Idealogichttps://idealogic.dev/Ukraine$25-$4910-492016End-to-end custom software development
7EDGEhttps://7edge.comIndia$25-$4950-2492010Software and Product Development | Dedicated Teams
Light IThttps://light-it.net/Ukraine$25-$4950-2492006Deep tech expertise for Startups and Enterprises
XenonStackhttps://www.xenonstack.comIndia$25-$4950-2492012Product Engineering and Digital Transformation
Impetushttps://www.impetus.com/United States$100-$1491,000-9,9991991Delivering on the Promise of Big Data.
Empirical Pathhttps://www.empiricalpath.com/United States$100-$1492-92002We tell the story behind your numbers.
Tiger Analyticshttp://www.tigeranalytics.com/United States, India$100-$149250-9992011Derive business value through data.
Intelliashttps://www.intellias.com/Ukraine, Germany$25-$491,000-9,9992002Intelligent Software Engineering
Pythianhttps://pythian.comCanada, United States$50-$99250-9991997Expert DBA Services
YellowFinhttps://www.yellowfinbi.comAustralia, United States$100-$14950-2492003We take you from raw data to great dashboards
ThirdEye Data Inc.https://thirdeyedata.io/United States$50-$9950-2492009Data Sciences, Analytics & Engineering Services.
CapTech Consultinghttp://www.captechconsulting.com/United States$26-$199Freelancer1970Others Talk, We Listen
Fractal Analyticshttps://fractalanalytics.com/United States$200-$3001,000-9,9992000Intelligence for Imagination
Analytics8https://www.analytics8.com/United States, AustraliaNA10-49Data and Analytics. It's what we do.
Ideas2IT Technologieshttp://www.ideas2it.com/United States, India$25-$49250-9992009Let's Innovate
GoodWorkLabshttp://www.goodworklabs.com/India, United States$50-$9950-2492013Technology Superstars
Akira Analyticshttps://www.akiraanalytics.comIndia$25-$4910-492014Bright ,Clear and Deep Insights with AI
FreezePro Softwarehttp://freezeprosoftware.com/Ukraine, United Kingdom$26-$19910-492006Excellence in Success.
Cray Inc.https://www.cray.com/United States$100-$149250-9992000Combines computation and creativity.
BluePi Consulting Pvt. Ltd.https://www.bluepiit.comIndiaNA50-2492012IMAGINEERING TRANSFORMED TOMORROWS
Consagous Technologieshttps://www.consagous.co/United States$25-$4950-2492008Helping brands by being their Technology Partner
Nexsoftsyshttps://www.nexsoftsys.comUnited StatesNA50-2492009IT Partner for Global Clients
Datapinehttps://www.datapine.comGermany$50-$9910-492012BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE MADE EASY
HoC Solutionshttps://solutions.homeofcrypto.coUnited States, Qatar$26-$19910-492017360° Solutions of Blockchain Business Initiatives
Fayrixhttp://fayrix.com/Israel$26-$1991,000-9,9992005Remote software teams & services for startups.
OrbitSofthttps://orbitsoft.com/United States$25-$4950-2492001We do software right
Broscorphttp://broscorp.netUkraine$25-$4910-492016Delivering software that helps businesses to grow
GFAIVEhttps://www.gfaive.comGeorgia$25-$4910-492018Machine learning demand forecasting for retail
SPRYTE Labshttp://www.sprytelabs.comUnited StatesNA1,000-9,9992019The right team, every time
SetuServhttps://www.setuserv.comUnited States, IndiaNA50-2492012Customized AI: Machine Power + Human Accuracy
VITechhttps://vitechteam.comUkraine$50-$9950-2492008Software & Data Engineering for Digital Health
AM-BITShttps://am-bits.com/en/UkraineNA10-492016Time to Rethink IT
CodeCoda Ltdhttps://codecoda.comBulgaria, Ireland$25-$4950-2492016Advanced Software Development Outsourcing
Aegis Soft Techhttp://www.aegissofttech.comIndia$25-$4950-2492003Software Development Expert
The NineHertzhttps://theninehertz.com/India, United States$26-$19950-2492008Mobile App and Web development company
S-PROhttps://s-pro.ioUkraine$25-$4950-2492014Strategic partner.
XongoLab Technologies LLPhttps://www.xongolab.comIndia$26-$19910-492011Turn your startup business ideas to reality.
Quantum IT Innovationhttp://www.quantumitinnovation.com/United States$26-$19950-2492010Mobile App, AI, RPA & Digital Marketing Company
Clavax Technologies LLChttp://www.clavax.comUnited States, Australia$25-$4950-2492011Transform Your Ideas into Innovative Solutions
AB4 Systemshttps://www.ab4.systemsSingapore, United States$50-$9910-492015Build impactful software products with us
Diceushttps://diceus.com/Ukraine, United States$25-$49250-9992011We guarantee delivery on time, on scope, on budget
Maxilecthttps://maxilect.com/Russia$50-$9950-2492015Martech, Ad Tech, Fintech, Blockchain
HashCash Consultantshttps://www.hashcashconsultants.comUnited States, Australia$50-$9950-249Global Software Company
Altar.iohttps://altar.io/Portugal, United Kingdom$50-$9910-492015Product & Software Development Agency
Burning Buttons LLChttps://burningbuttons.com/Russia$25-$4950-2492009Digital boost for your business to succeed!
Fingenthttps://www.fingent.com/United States, Australia$50-$99250-9992003Enterprise Software , Web and Mobile Solutions
DigiPrima Technologies Pvt. Ltd.https://digiprima.com/India, United States$26-$19910-492016Trusted Partners for Software Solutions
StarTele Logichttp://www.startelelogic.com/India$26-$19950-2492011Mobile Application Development Company
NIXhttps://nix-united.com/United States$25-$491,000-9,9991994Mobile and Web App Development Services
Bacancy Technologyhttp://www.bacancytechnology.comIndia, Canada$25-$49250-9992011Full Stack Agile & Lean Development Partner
SumatoSofthttps://sumatosoft.com/Belarus$25-$4950-2492012Go Through Digital Business Transformation with Us
Ballard Chalmershttps://ballardchalmers.com/United Kingdom$100-$14910-492005software, engineered
Relevant Softwarehttps://relevant.software/Ukraine, United States$25-$4950-2492013✅ Web&Mobile Apps | IoT | Cybersecurity | Staffing
Unicsofthttps://unicsoft.comUnited States, Ukraine$50-$9950-2492005Software development partner for startups
DOIT Softwarehttps://doit.software/Ukraine, United States$25-$4910-492014Mobile Apps, Software Development & Staffing
Napollo Software Design L.L.Chttp://www.napollo.netUnited Arab EmiratesNA50-2492015Best Software Design Agency in Dubai & New York
X-Byte Enterprise Crawlinghttps://www.xbyte.io/India, Germany$25-$4950-2492012Web Scraping and Data Extraction Services Provider
Space-O Technologieshttps://www.spaceotechnologies.com/India, Canada$25-$4950-2492010[Mobile, Web, BigData, Ruby, Python Expert]
Dinarys LLChttps://dinarys.com/Ukraine, Germany$25-$4950-2492014dinarys.com
Welby Consultinghttp://welbyconsulting.comCanada$100-$1492-92015The Future of Digital
Focaloid Technologieshttp://www.focaloid.comIndia, United States$25-$4950-2492012Digital Solutions. Simplified.
Queppelinhttps://www.queppelin.com/United Kingdom$26-$19950-2492010AR, Mobility and custom software solutions
Damco Solutionshttps://www.damcogroup.com/United StatesNA1,000-9,9991996Ensuring Success Always
Serokellhttps://serokell.io/Estonia$50-$9950-2492015YOUR EXPECTATIONS, LIFTED.
Volumetreehttps://www.volumetree.com/India, South Africa$25-$4910-492017Impact Through Technology
winklix llchttps://www.winklix.comUnited States, India$25-$4950-2492014It Solution Simplified
BairesDevhttps://www.bairesdev.com/United States, Argentina$25-$491,000-9,9992009Powered by Technology. Driven by Talent.
N-iXhttp://n-ix.com/Ukraine, Sweden$25-$49250-9992002Software development company
47Billionhttps://47billion.com/United States, India$26-$19950-2492012Building Data Analytics & Machine Learning Product
ISS Arthttps://issart.comRussia, United States$25-$4950-2492003Machine learning, Computer vision, IoT
Starkflowhttps://www.starkflow.coUnited States, UkraineNA2-9We build global remote teams.
WOXAPPhttps://woxapp.com/Ukraine$25-$4910-492011Mobile applications for startups and businesses
Jellyfish Technologieshttps://www.jellyfishtechnologies.com/India, United States$25-$4950-2492011Transforming ideas into applications
Endion IThttps://www.endionit.comArgentina$25-$4910-492017Web & Mobile App Development
Softurahttps://www.softura.com/United States, India$50-$99250-9991997Enabling Innovation in a Business 4.0 World
ConvergeSolhttps://www.convergesolution.com/United States, India$25-$4910-492010Solutions Focused On Your Business
Chetuhttps://www.chetu.comUnited States, Netherlands$25-$491,000-9,9992000World-Class Software Solutions
Innuy - Full Stack Developmenthttp://www.innuy.com/Uruguay, United StatesNA10-492012Innuy - Full Stack Development
Acropolis Infotech Private Limitedhttps://www.acropolisinfotech.com/India, United States$25-$4950-2492016An Award Winning Custom App Development Company
Miri Infotechhttps://www.miritech.com/United States, India$26-$199250-9992003Top 1% Talent at an Unbeatable Price
WebClues Globalhttps://www.webcluesglobal.com/United States, India$26-$19950-2492014Mobile & E-Commerce App Development Company India
Cloud Peanutshttps://www.cloudpeanuts.com/United States$25-$4910-492012Helping good brands become great
SunTec Datahttps://www.suntecdata.com/United States, IndiaNA250-999Turn Data Into Sight
element61https://www.element61.beBelgium$100-$14950-2492007experience & expertise - Thought-leading Analytics
Clairvoyant LLChttp://clairvoyantsoft.com/United States$50-$9950-2492012We power Digital Disruption
BrookeWealth Global, LLChttps://brookewealthglobal.comUnited States$100-$1492-92019Business Consultants. Creating Value.

How to Choose the Best Company in the World for Data Science Services?

Are you looking for the best Data Science services provider firm to increase the business sales volume, then there comes a number of points that you need to follow. Below we have compiled all the most important suggestions & tips which a business owner needs to know before hiring a top Big Data consulting company for their project.

1)Find out the Big-Data-Analytics company establishment year.

2)Check the total number of employees and the strength of the Data Science Company.

3)Find out the hourly rate of Big Data developers.

4)Ask the amount of time period they will take to complete your project according to the given business requirements.

5)Ask the total cost of the entire big data & analytics project from the start to finish of the services provider.

6)Check the Big data company portfolios of previously completed projects and apps.

7)Check the big data agency social media profiles to know more about them before making the final decision.

8)Check and read the reviews of the Data Science Services Firm on major IT Services Review Websites.

9)Check the experience and certifications of the Analytics team before hiring the best big data developer.

10)Find out the customer support of the firm once the development of your mobile app gets complete.

11)Check all the tools, technologies, API, programming language, framework, and other tech stack used by the top Big Data company.

12)Find out the business application security and deployment before selecting any firm for your project.

13)Check the big data firm’s past client’s industries they have worked with.

14)Do a final meeting with someone senior in the Data Science services provider, i.e. CEO, MD, Project Manager, Business Manager, etc.

What are the Key Benefits of Data Science?

Today, big data is helping the business organization in achieving their business targets in a much simpler manner. Some of the major advantages of Big data in modern days business is listed below.

1.Decision Making


3.Targeted Marketing

4.Better ROI and Less Spend of Marketing Budget

5.Competitive Edge

Which Are the Most Prominent Data Science Technologies?

Just check out the below written 5 most demandable and widely used big data services and technologies. Businesses of all sizes are utilizing them for increasing their sales volume.

1.Data Analytics

2.Data Science

3.Data Mining

4.Data Warehousing

5.Edge Computing

Which Are the Most Popular Big Data Tools?




List of Big Data & Analytics Services Provided by Top Companies in USA, UK, India

Here at VikMajra, we have written down a list of Data Science services provided by top companies for their business growth. You can choose any one of these big data services from the below options.

1.Data Analytics

2.Data Discovery

3.Data Migration

4.Data Mining

5.Data Quality

6.Data Science

7.Data Visualization

8.Data Warehousing

9.Edge Computing

10.Marketing Analytics

11.Predictive Analytics

12.SM Analytics

13.Text Analytics

14.Video Analytics

Final Conclusion

The ultimate goal of VikMajra is to connect the top Data Science & consulting companies with the services seekers in a targeted manner. This list has been prepared after doing proper reviews and research W.R.T. company background, client testimonials, technology, and other metrics. However, to get the right company for Big Data, first, you need to identify your business requirements and then need to finalize any one of these firms that full-fills your business needs and is also cost-effective. Meanwhile, in case if we missed out on any Data Science company from this list, then please let us know about them via the comment section.