Top 10 Data Warehousing Companies

Summary:- Are you looking out for Top Data Warehousing Companies that can help in analyzing your organization data and then make well-informed decisions accordingly? If the answer is “YES”, then there is good news for you. Here at VikMajra, our team has done an in-depth review & research and identified the best Data Warehousing services provider company.

Today, due to the continuous increase in the volume of big data (structured and unstructured), it has become nearly impossible to process the data using traditional available tools and technologies. So, to make it easier, you need to hire the leading business intelligence and Data Warehousing consulting company that can solve your business problems and increase the overall sales volume. 

List of Top 10 Best Data Warehousing Companies in the World

VikMajra team has analyzed top Data Warehousing firms on the basis of key factors. These are listed below.

Company NameCompany URLLocationHourly RateEmployeesEstablishment YearSlogan
SPEC INDIA, United States$25-$49250-9991987Enterprise Software, Mobility & BI Solutions
Sigma Data Systemshttps://www.sigmadatasys.comUnited States$25-$49250-9992010Discover the world of Big Data with us!
Light IT$25-$4950-2492006Deep tech expertise for Startups and Enterprises
SPRYTE Labshttp://www.sprytelabs.comUnited StatesNA1,000-9,9992019The right team, every time
AM-BITS to Rethink IT
CodeCoda Ltdhttps://codecoda.comBulgaria, Ireland$25-$4950-2492016Advanced Software Development Outsourcing
The NineHertz, United States$25-$15950-2492008Mobile App and Web development company
Diceus, United States$25-$49250-9992011We guarantee delivery on time, on scope, on budget
Altar.io, United Kingdom$50-$9910-492015Product & Software Development Agency
NIX States$25-$491,000-9,9991994Mobile and Web App Development Services
Emergent Softwarehttps://www.emergentsoftware.netUnited States$150-$19910-492015Successful Software Projects Start Here
Ballard Chalmers Kingdom$100-$14910-492005software, engineered
Relevant Software, United States$25-$4950-2492013✅ Web&Mobile Apps | IoT | Cybersecurity | Staffing
Queppelin Kingdom$25-$15950-2492010AR, Mobility and custom software solutions
Volumetree, South Africa$25-$4910-492017Impact Through Technology
47Billion States, India$25-$15950-2492012Building Data Analytics & Machine Learning Product
WOXAPP$25-$4910-492011Mobile applications for startups and businesses
Innuy - Full Stack Development, United StatesNA10-492012Innuy - Full Stack Development
BairesDev States, Argentina$25-$491,000-9,9992009Powered by Technology. Driven by Talent.
Quavzenthttps://www.quavzent.comIndia$25-$4910-492019Digitally Transform Your Business
Miri Infotech States, India$25-$159250-9992003Top 1% Talent at an Unbeatable Price
Rock Your Data$150-$19910-492017Delivering Cloud Analytics that Rocks Your Data
NOETIC SYSTEMS$25-$15910-492010We Associate IT
element61https://www.element61.beBelgium$100-$14950-2492007experience & expertise - Thought-leading Analytics
Heinsohn Business Technology$50-$99250-9991977Software Development Experts
Imrozhttps://imroz.ioPakistan, United KingdomNA10-492016Smart, Cloud-native Apps without hiccups
Equinox Information Serviceshttps://www.equinox.isUnited Kingdom$25-$4910-492014Gain deeper insights. Make better decisions.
Elegant MicroWebhttp://www.elegantmicroweb.comIndia$25-$4950-2492001Delivering the Value of Technology
Kubikwarehttp://kubikware.comUnited States$50-$9950-2492003We speak digital.
TroonDx Technologieshttp://www.troondx.comUnited States$25-$4910-492019Hyperledger Fabric, Blockchain, Fullstack, Bigdata
Script All DNA Technologies, United StatesNA10-492016IT products and services providing company
Indium Software States, United KingdomNA1,000-9,9991999Make Technology Work
IntelliCompute StatesNA50-2492009Embark on a journey of intelligence to excellence
Appture Software, LLChttp://www.appturesoftware.comUnited States$50-$9910-492009Designed to Impress, Priced to Amaze.
cyberneusyshttp://www.cyberneusys.comIndia$25-$1592-92017Internet powered programming & development
Beyond Key Systems Pvt Ltd States, India$25-$4950-2492005Software delivered as promised. No Surprises!
Brewed @ The Lab Technologies Pvt Ltd$25-$4910-49IT Service
Performance Lab States, Russia$50-$99250-9992008Software Testing Company
Transcendent Softwarehttps://transcendentsoftware.comUnited States$200-$300Freelancer2009We solve problems!
Communication Craftshttps://www.communicationcrafts.comIndia$25-$4950-2492005THE TEAM NEXT DOOR!
Hir Infotech Data Mining Solution$25-$15910-492013Top Data Mining, Web Crawling services provider US
Nexential Solutions Pvt. Ltd.$25-$1592-92019Helping you design success!
Brainsmiths Labshttps://www.brainsmiths.comIndia, Canada$25-$4910-492015Enhancing Value for Our Global Clients
Indicium Tech$25-$4910-492017Data Science as a Service
Enlightenment.aihttps://enlightenment.aiPortugal$200-$3002-92018Optimize your processes using data and AI
Polestar Solutions$25-$4950-2492012Digital Transformation Partner for Enterprises
Valiance Solutionshttps://www.valiancesolutions.comUnited States, India$100-$14910-492012Driving Business Excellence Using AI & ML
Oxagile States, Belarus$50-$99250-9992005Next Gen OTT Solutions Partner
Hidden Brains InfoTechhttp://www.hiddenbrains.comIndia, United States$25-$159250-9992003Enterprise Web & Mobile Apps Development Company
NMG States$25-$4950-2492008Software, Web, App Developers 13Yrs 347 US Clients
smartData Enterprises, United States$25-$159250-9991996Scaling Expectations
DevOpsProdigy States$50-$9950-2492008DevOps, SRE and Monitoring Services
Intellectsoft States, United Kingdom$25-$4950-2492007Leading Software Development Company
Svitla Systems States, Ukraine$25-$49250-9992003Software development company and testing provider
ScienceSoft USA Corporation States, FinlandNA250-9991989Best Practices For High and Sustainable Quality
ITC Infotech, United KingdomNA1,000-9,9992000Business-friendly Solutions
Softvision States, Romania$50-$991,000-9,9991994Strategy, Design & Execution
Linker Logic Technologieshttp://www.linkerlogic.comUnited States$200-$30010-492014Innovative technology solutions for the Enterprise
Tose Tech. LTD$50-$992-92018Using data to create efficiency in SMEs.
Intellectyxhttps://intellectyx.comUnited States$25-$4910-492008A Digital Transformation Company
Dayhuff group StatesNA50-2491997BI, Watson AI
Arcadia States$25-$15950-2492002Population Health for the Enterprise
Cloudesign Technology Solutions LLP$25-$15950-2492016Innovation & Business Technology
Baltic Amadeus$25-$4950-2491998Reliable Software For Your Digital Future
JDV Technologieshttps://www.jdvtechs.comIndia$25-$15910-492018Cloud Consulting and Software Development Company
MEMOS Software Republic$50-$9910-492003Simply do more
Caciopee flexible, completely agile
Preezmahttps://preezma.comArmenia, Germany$25-$4910-492013Custom Software Development | Top Rated Company
Futran Solutions StatesNA50-24920121 VISION - EXCELLENCE
OTS Solutions States$25-$15950-2492002Digital Solutions, CRM, Custom Application
Sysquo Innovation Pvt Ltdhttps://sysquoinnovation.comIndia$25-$15910-492019Empowering Business with Technology
RavStackhttps://ravstack.comIndia$50-$9950-2492011We design, build, scale your vision.
Teksun Inc StatesNA50-2492009Embedded system & PCB , IoT Development - Teksun
Anika Technologies$25-$1592-92016Your Transforming Partner
BriteCorehttp://www.britecore.comUnited States$50-$9910-492004A flexible path toward ongoing INNOVATION
Arkano Software, Chile$25-$4950-2492006Seeking Talent & Inspiration Across The World
Shopdev Technologieshttps://www.shopdev.coUnited States, United Arab Emirates$25-$4950-2492012We Strategize, Design, and Build Digital Products.
Ninestack$25-$4950-2492017A Perfect Match to Grow Your Business
ScaleFocushttp://www.scalefocus.comBulgaria, United Kingdom$50-$99250-9992012European IT solutions delivery center.
EGIDhttps://www.egidegypt.comEgypt$25-$4950-2491999Make IT Works
Aelius Venturehttps://www.aeliusventure.comUnited States, India$25-$4910-492014New ways to developer your idea
NetLS LLC$25-$4910-492007Software Development Company
Virtual Force Inc. StatesNA50-2492010Advisory, Innovation, Design & Engineering
QStride, Inc. States$50-$9910-492012WE ARE FAST, FLEXIBLE, AND AGILE.
Dakota Analytics Inc.$25-$4910-492000Spend time analyzing data, not compiling it
Blue Bridge$100-$14950-2491993ALL IT INFRASTRUCTURE SERVICES
Satori, United KingdomNA10-49The moment of clarity
Pernix$25-$15910-49UNLEASH YOUR DATA.

How to Choose the Best Company in the World for Data Warehousing Services?

Are you looking for the best Data Warehousing services provider firm to increase the business sales volume, then there comes a number of points which you need to follow. Below we have compiled all the most important suggestions & tips which a business owner needs to know before hiring a top Big Data consulting company for their project.

1)Find out the Big-Data-Analytics company establishment year.

2)Check the total number of employees and the strength of Data Warehousing Company.

3)Find out the hourly rate of Big Data developers.

4)Ask the amount of time period they will take to complete your project according to the given business requirements.

5)Ask the total cost of the entire big data & analytics project from the start to finish of the services provider.

6)Check the Big data company portfolios of previously completed projects and apps.

7)Check the big data agency social media profiles to know more about them before making the final decision.

8)Check and read the reviews of the Data Warehousing Services Firm on major IT Services Review Websites.

9)Check the experience and certifications of the Analytics team before hiring the best big data developer.

10)Find out the customer support of the firm once the development of your mobile app gets complete.

11)Check all the tools, technologies, API, programming language, framework, and other tech stack used by the top Big Data company.

12)Find out the business application security and deployment before selecting any firm for your project.

13)Check the big data firm’s past client’s industries they have worked with.

14)Do a final meeting with someone senior in the Data Warehousing services provider, i.e. CEO, MD, Project Manager, Business Manager, etc.