Adding RAM or Optimize Mac Hard Drive; Which is Best Option

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Overview of Adding RAM or Optimize Mac Hard Drive in Details

Mac-based machines certainly impress us all with their smooth operation and advanced features, especially when we compare them with other Operating System based computers. However, there occur situations when your Mac too loses its performance and becomes as slow as a snail. This situation is encountered when your hard drive is cluttered with data. A common resolution that many of you may think in this situation is to add more RAM.

What is the Better Option – Add RAM or Optimize Mac Hard Drive

Instead of purchasing a new machine or upgrading the processor, Mac users usually think to add RAM for improving the performance of their machine. Adding the maximum amount of RAM that your Mac can accept, and your budget can allow, can be a better way to get back the smooth working of your machine. However, despite this direct solution of adding more RAM to your system, if you get some better alternative without investing this much amount of money, then it would be great.

Mentioned below is the list of the tips, which you can try for Speeding up your Mac.

#1)Create and Maintain Proper Enough Free Space On Mac Startup Disk

Mac uses Virtual Memory (VM) to a great extension for which it needs some free internal Mac hard-disk space on the startup drive or boot volume. Therefore, if the startup disk or boot volume of your Mac is nearly full, then the performance of your Mac will degrade for sure.

#2)Disable the Eye Candies of Your Mac

Almost all of us get impressed with the Dock, animated backdrops, and exciting window effects of Mac. However, all these eye candies of your Mac have a performance cost. By disabling these eye candies, you can regain the speed of your Mac OS X or macOS.

#3)Maintain a Less Entertaining Dock

For this, open the system ‘Preferences’ and go to the ‘Dock’. After that, select ‘Scale Effect’ in the ‘Minimize Using’ field, and then unselect the ‘Animated Opening Applications’ option.

#4)Try Not to Use an Animated Desktop Background

If the performance is important for you, then it is suggested to avoid using the animated background for the desktop of your Mac. Try using the static picture as a desktop background and enjoy the speedy Mac.

#5)Close Unimportant Dashboard Widgets

The widgets that you have enabled on your dashboard consume both real and virtual memory as soon as you open the panel. By closing all non-essential widgets, you can get back the speed of your Mac.

#6)Clean Out the Useless Items

Monitor your computer for all the unnecessary data. Keep in mind that eventually its hard disk will be filled. Therefore, if you find any useless or unnecessary application at any stage, remove it completely from your system.

#7)Keep an eye on Activity Monitor

Keeping an eye on the ‘Activity Monitor’ of your Mac, you will get to see the CPU usage and usage of RAM and Virtual Memory by the applications. All this information helps you in maintaining and optimizing the speed of your machine. From here, you can choose to quit all those applications that are consuming many system resources despite their least importance.

#8)Clean the Cluttered Desktop

The desktop is the first screen that loads when you boot your machine. Therefore, the items on the desktop decide the time it takes to boot the system. As much as possible, keep the desktop of your Mac clean and less cluttered with items. Delete the unused items from it or keep them in folders. However, this does not ensure that the startup time of your Mac will improve, but it ensures the upgrade in performance for sure.

#9)Maintain the Login Items

A lot of programs that you install in your day-to-day working with your Mac add themselves to login items. All the articles present in the list of login items get loaded when you boot your system. The presence of such apps in this list certainly decreases the startup time and hence overall performance; thus, it must be avoided.

To delete all unnecessary login items from this list of startup programs, follow the below-mentioned steps: go to ‘System Preferences >> System >> Users & Group >> Login Items’ and uncheck all the programs that you do not want there.

#10)Clean the Hard Drive

Everything that is stored on the hard drive of your computer consumes some space on it. Therefore, it is suggested to completely clean out the ‘Trash’ of your Mac machine on a regular basis and uninstall all unwanted applications. This will save space of hundreds of megabytes on your hard drive and improve the performance of your machine, which gets degraded with time.

Mentioned above are some easy fixes for slow Mac that any Mac user can opt for. Moreover, they are better than the traditional method of adding new RAM, as there is no limit to increasing the space until you observe some steps to manage the existing.

However, if you find these methods as time taking and troublesome, then you can opt for a professional tool for cleaning up all the unnecessary items from your Mac, uninstalling all unnecessary apps from it altogether, and hence creating a lot of free space on your machine. Most of the time, Mac cleaning software is easy to use, and you can use it by yourself without involving much time and effort.

Final Words

For the convenience of users, some of the reliable tools of this category provide a free demo version of their software. The demo version of an efficient tool is complete software, but with some restrictions for using it entirely. However, after getting satisfied with the professional software, you can purchase its license and get full software for getting back the performance of your machine.

The explanations mentioned above in this VikMajra article of all the options available are for restoring the speed of your computer, and you can select the best choice according to your convenience after understanding the pros and cons of all.

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