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Overview of Archive Recovery Mac in Details

Have you deleted a few important archive files on Mac and don’t know how to restore them? Well, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you how to recover all the deleted archived files back on your system.

There are mainly 3 different ways to do that,

1.Restore Deleted Archived Files from Trash Can.

2.Restoring Deleted Archive Files from Time Machine.

3.Using a Mac Data Recovery software to perform Archive Recovery Mac.

In Mac, you can compress files. Just choose the file, control-click, and select Compress from Mac’s shortcut menu. You will see that the compressed file has the same name as the actual one with only ZIP extension.

While emailing or creating a backup, archiving the file is the best option due to its reduced size. Just double-click on it to open. In case you mistakenly delete the archived files, you can easily recover them using the options we have discussed below.

But, before you move on to the methods to recover the deleted archived files, it is important to know how it gets deleted in the first place.

  • By using Command and Delete key together
  • Trashing the file and then clearing the Trash Can. 
  • By using Option, Command, and Delete key together
  • Using the Terminal command rm for removing the archive file. 

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Archive Files on Mac-100% Working Solutions

Now, it’s time that we move on to the methods to recover the deleted archived files on Mac.

#1)Recover the Deleted Archive Files from Trash

Trash is the place delete files are stored temporarily. Hence, if you find that you have deleted archive files, you can check the Trash folder on Mac. 

Here are the steps you need to follow. 

1.1)Open the ‘Trash’ option from ‘Dock’. 

1.2)Look for the archive files that you have lost or deleted.

1.3)Hit on ‘Control’ for selecting multiple files from Trash. 

1.4)Click again to choose ‘Put Back’. This will restore the files to its original location. You can also drag and drop the files on the Desktop.

#2)Retrieving Deleted Archive Files Using Time Machine

Time Machine is the built-in backup and retrieval app of Mac. So, if the system has Time Machine backup, restore the deleted files from the backup drive. The steps to do so are discussed below. 

2.1)Check if the external Time Machine backup drive is linked to Mac. 

2.2)Next, go to the Menu Bar’ to open ‘Time Machine’. Ultimately click on ‘Enter TimeMachine’.

2.3)Cover every backup date using the up-down arrow buttons or Timeline.

2.4)Choose the archive files you would like to restore and then click on ‘Restore’ to put them back in their original location.

#3)Retrieve Deleted Archive Files with Mac Data Recovery Software

You need a Mac data recovery tool to recover the archive files when TimeMachine and Trash prove to be of no avail. 

To recover using a good tool like VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software, you just have to follow a few easy steps.

Buy Now Software

3.1)Download and install the free version of VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software on macOS. 

3.2)Open the software and go to the toolbar. Now, click on the icon for preferences and click on ‘Settings’.

3.3)In ‘Settings’, click on the icon for advanced options and then go to the ‘Filter’ tab. 

3.4)Under the ‘Specify file filter…’ option, choose the  ZIP file format from its drop-down menu. 

3.5)Next, click on ‘Add’. This will list the file type. Click on ‘Include these files only’.

3.6)Under the ‘Select What to Recover’, toggle on the option ‘Documents’. Then just click on ‘Next’.

3.7)Under the ‘Select Location’ screen, mention the storage drive from where the archive files had been deleted. 

3.8)To perform a scan, toggle on the option ‘Deep Scan’, and click on the option ‘Scan’. Make sure you preview the archive files you want to recover on Mac.

3.9)Choose the required archive files and click on ‘Recover’. 

3.10)Choose the archive files you need and click on ‘Recover’.

3.11)Insert the drive location. It is better to save it in an external drive. After choosing, click on the option ‘Save’. 

3.12)The software undeletes the archive file to a specified location or hard drive. Make sure you verify the files to ensure their integrity. 

Using the free trial version, you can scan and preview the archive files you want to recover. However, in order to save them, you will have to activate the software. Activating the software will enable you to enjoy many more features. 

Apart from recovering deleted archive files, you can also recover photos, music, videos, documents, emails, and multimedia files. This is an advanced-level application that can retrieve all types of deleted documents and files from Mac. It is 100% safe and secure.

Final Words

An archive file contains multiple files in a compressed format on the macOS system. Just like any other file, you might end up deleting the archived files. If you deleted it accidentally, check Trash and put them back from the Trash folder. However, if you emptied the Trash folder, you can use Time Machine for restoring the archived files. 

In case these two methods fail, use VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software to recover the deleted files in macOS. The software helps in case of an unexpected data loss scenario such as storage drive corruption, emptying Trash, or disk deletion.

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