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Overview of Documents Recovery Mac in Details

If you have deleted documents on Mac and want to restore them, we are going to give you some practical solutions in this article. We will discuss the different methods, and using one of these methods, you can get back what you have lost.

Have you accidentally deleted a document from Mac or have emptied the Trash folder? No matter whether you have deleted them intentionally or unintentionally, there is a chance that you can perform Documents Recovery Mac successfully using the below-mentioned solutions. But the sooner you do it, the better are the chances. 

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When a file is deleted from the Mac hard drive, it gets stored in the trash can. You can easily restore the documents from the Trash folder. However, in case the Trash can have been emptied already, the documents can be restored using various methods. It is these methods that we are going to discuss in this article.

But first, let’s find out what can cause document loss or deletion. 

1.Dragging files to the Trash Can and restarting the computer. 

2.Deleting files permanently using the keys ‘Option+ Command+ Delete’.

3.Emptying the Trash can regularly and removing deleted files. 

4.Deleting files by clicking on ‘Finder’ and choosing ‘Empty Trash’.

How to Recover Documents Files on Mac- 100% Working Solutions

Now that you know about data deletion or loss, let’s get to the topic of how to recover lost documents.

#1.Restoring Documents on Mac from Trash

No matter if you have deleted the files by right-clicking on the ‘Delete’ option or dragging them to the Trash can, all deleted files go to the ‘Trash’ folder. In case the Trash folder hasn’t been emptied recently, it is possible to recover the documents on Mac. 

For this, you have to take the mouse to the Trash can icon in ‘Finder’. You will find the deleted files listed under this section. As soon as the target files are located, drag them to the desktop or just right-click on the document and choose the option ‘Put Back’ to restore the document from Trash on Mac.

However, you should know that you only have 30 days in hand to restore the documents from the date of deletion, to recover them on Mac. After this period, the documents are deleted from Mac permanently, automatically.

#2.Restoring Deleted Documents Using Time Machine

Many people have the habit of emptying the Trash can after deleting documents on Mac. This causes the documents to get deleted permanently from the system. Fortunately, for you, the documents can be restored using Time Machine Backup. 

To recover using this method, follow the steps we are going to discuss below. 

2.1)Open ‘Time Machine’ on the Mac system. For this, just click on the icon present in the menu bar and select ‘Enter Time Machine’. You can also use ‘Spotlight’ to search for it.

2.2)Find out the documents that you would like to restore with the help of the up and down arrows present on the screen. Thereafter, you can just preview it by hitting on ‘Space Bar’.

2.3)Ultimately, click on ‘Restore’ to restore the documents. The deleted or lost documents files on Mac will be returned to their original location.

#3.Restoring Deleted Documents Using Undo Options

In case you have deleted important documents accidentally, use the ‘Undo’ option to restore them. However, the problem is, you will have to do it immediately after you remove the files. It will become invalid when the Trash can have been emptied, or the documents have been permanently deleted or lost.

Here are the steps to undo the action.

3.1)After the files are deleted, go to the option ‘Edit’ and choose ‘Undo Move’. 

3.2)You can also use the command and Z buttons simultaneously on the keyboard to undo the action. 

Put back the lost documents after the process. 

#4.Restoring Deleted Documents on Mac Using Terminal

You can use Terminal to recover deleted documents on Mac. However, keep in mind that Terminal can only recover deleted files on Mac from Trash. In case the Trash has already been emptied, you have to use a Mac recovery tool. 

Follow these easy steps to recover the files using Terminal. 

4.1)Open ‘Finder’. Go to ‘Applications’ and then ‘Utilities’. Now, double click on ‘Terminal’.

4.2)Type cd.Trash command and hit the ‘Return’ key on Mac. 

4.3)Next, type ‘mv xxx./’, and press on ‘Return’. Here ‘xxx’ refers to the deleted file name. 

4.4)Insert ‘Quit’ to come out of the Terminal window. 

This helps in restoring lost data easily. 

In case all these four methods fail, use VikMajra Mac Data Recovery to restore your lost documents. 

How to Restore Deleted Documents via VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software?

Using this software is one of the most effective methods to retrieve lost or deleted documents. No matter the macOS version you are using, the steps to recover are the same. There are no other tools that are as user-friendly as this. 

Irrespective of the reason behind a data loss, VikMajra will help you to get it back. With this, you can easily recover an emptied Trash can, a crashed operating system and a formatted hard disk. 

Check out the easy steps to recover document files using VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software. 

1)Choose the location where you have put the important document and deleted it. Now, click on the option ‘Scan’.

2)The software scans to find out as many deleted documents are possible in one go. 

3)On the left pane, you can check the scan results. Choose the documents to be recovered and click on the option ‘Recover Now’.

See, how you can restore documents in just a few minutes.

Final Conclusion

There are 5 different approaches you can take to recover the deleted or lost document. But if there is no backup of the document, use VikMajra Mac Data Recovery Software to restore lost or deleted files from macOS. It will restore the documents to Mac in no time. Moreover, it is free to download and use. Other approaches will help in restoring files prior to emptying the Trash can. In case you have created a back, use Time Machine to restore documents.

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